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Thread: The Q Link- Theory

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    Re: The Q Link

    Oh well. I found it. It was a very very tiny text in the middle on the back. It seems no reproduction is allowed. It's sad because it was a very good magazine. Personally I just made a backup because I don't like paper. The paper one goes in my recycle.

    This is from the top of the magazine:

    21st century Health Breatkthroughs
    New Discoveries From The Next Generation Of Health Science
    Fall 2006 Vol. 2 No. 1
    El Shaddai

  2. Re: The Q Link- Theory

    I can't talk about Q Link but I've seen a few other protection necklaces. Some were metal spirals, some were stones.

    Some stones such as Iron Pyrite or Obsidian protect against negative energies and they are great.

    Some spiral metal necklaces also protect against negative energies. With the one I had, I also noticed it also made it harder to connect with people, so I started using it only when I felt I really needed it.

    Overall, learning protection with your own spirit is always the most powerful, but I also like to use some stones.
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    Hello, I've been waiting for weeks to hear back from you about a refund. Please reply.

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    Re: The Q Link

    Quote Originally Posted by mrsreginac View Post
    Hello, I've been waiting for weeks to hear back from you about a refund. Please reply.
    Who are you addressing? As far as I'm aware, nobody here sells Q-Link products, although Robert was an affiliate at one point. He doesn't manufacture them, however, and cannot give a refund. If you're looking for a refund on a Q-Link product, you need to go to the Q-Link people:

    Other than that, I don't think anyone here can help you. Sorry about that.
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    Re: The Q Link- Theory

    Hi Regina, I notice you have asked for a refund earlier on the Program Help forum and Robert has replied with advice.
    Maybe if you go there to continue with your request as I never see Robert in this area.

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    Re: The Q Link- Theory

    I bought mine years ago and when I didn't experience any positive or negative effects from it, I took it off and left it in a cupboard until several months ago. My gut told me to put it on, and since I didn't want it hanging around my neck or my wrist, I decided to tie it on around my ankle. It's tucked into my sock. I still haven't noticed any positive or negative effects from it, but I've been wearing it constantly anyway.

    Judging from what others have said, it seems I might notice some kind of effect from the Q-Link if I had a clear and whole energy body (mine seems to be blocked, sluggish, etc). I guess Robert's energy body must be in excellent condition so maybe that's why he gets a benefit from the Q-Link. I intend to return to energy body work soon, but only when I can book Robert for some one-to-one because so far I haven't been able to get his method working.
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