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Thread: Deverry Cycle

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    Deverry Cycle

    This is a really cool series of fantasy novels by Katherine Kerr. I've only read the first 4, and was quite a few years ago (apparently there are 14 or something now - yoiks!) but they are full of themes of astral travel, planes, reincarnation.

    Which makes for a really fun story that takes place across numerous lifetimes and on several planes. cool...

    here's a link to a wikipedia article about dweomer, which is the system of magic described in the book. (it's a fictional system, but full of lots of familiar themes) ... y_Cycle%29

    Also, haven't seen Shirley MacLaine's stuff mentioned on here - she's written loads about her out-of-body adventures, and made a film (Out on a Limb) about her spiritual journey. (Not that great a film unfortunately, but still an interesting story. Brave of her to come out publicly about her beliefs too).

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    Re: Deverry Cycle

    Thanks. Those sound interesting

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