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Thread: Casting Love

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    Re: Casting Love

    My goodness. I hadn't thought of this thread in a very long time.

    I still practice this, though possibly not as often as I should. It's still a nice thing to do, to feel, to be.

    But my reality has changed and altered so much in these past years, I read some of what I wrote and I just can't agree with it. By "agree with" I mean, I can't get into that mindset, that worldview, where things were so... I don't know, concrete? The way I experienced things years ago, while valid at the time, seems so arbitrary to me now. I can see all these beliefs and opinions and interpretations about "how things are" and now I see that things are only what they are, and these were just my interpretations of them...

    Still, casting love is a good thing to do, IMHO. It was extremely healing for me, and part of what contributed to the shift in reality paradigm I experienced and now live. Pretty good.
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.

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    Re: Casting Love

    Indeed. I often recommend this practice to clients of mine...and i still practice it from time to time
    "We are spirits in the material world" Sting. The Police.

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