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Thread: Qlink Users

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    Palehorse Redivivus Guest

    Re: Stones/Crystals -Qlink

    "Crutch" may be a good description in some cases -- but that may not be an entirely bad thing, in the sense of "temporary aid you use to achieve a certain goal until you don't need it anymore."

    I used a combination of amethyst for its purported calming / focusing properties, and tiger iron for grounding, when I was working to overcome major issues with mental scatteredness and general ADD. There were times when I'd start feeling like my head was full of black and white TV fuzz... and then I'd realize I'd taken the stones off. Put 'em back on, and my head would clear within a few seconds.

    Nowadays, after wearing those long term along with regular meditation, energy work and grounding techniques, the effect isn't nearly so pronounced;the stones no longer make such a noticeable difference, and the feel of their energy isn't so blatant. Given my experiences with these and other stones, I'm wondering if long term wear combined with intent can cause one's energy to "learn" the traits of the stone's energy and take them onboard permanently.

    Call it what you will... but if it works, and helps overcome a problem faster than would otherwise be the case, I'mma use it.

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    Ouroboros Guest

    Re: Stones/Crystals -Qlink

    Quote Originally Posted by Palehorse Redivivus
    Call it what you will... but if it works, and helps overcome a problem faster than would otherwise be the case, I'mma use it.
    Word. I totally agree.

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    Psychonaut1984 Guest

    Re: Stones/Crystals - Qlink

    Quote Originally Posted by Palehorse Redivivus
    Call it what you will... but if it works, and helps overcome a problem faster than would otherwise be the case, I'mma use it.
    I did notice that the selenite really takes the edge off when I am out in crowds. Similar to what you said about thoughts being less scattered, clear thinking and less tenseness. I guess you answered my question, if you find that your body adapted that then its a good thing. I was worried that if you stopped using it your energy body would dystrophy or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler
    jasis, I'd really like to move your specific post to the already existing Qlink:user post, so it benefits everyone who is looking to find out about it. Is it ok with you?
    Please do, I think there will be more to post on the Q-Link topic

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    Re: Qlink Users

    I've been wearing mine for about 3 weeks now.

    I have noticed a definate inprovement in mental alertness and I also feel more calm, especially under potentially stress-inducing work situations. I have noticed a reduction in sexual libido - hopefully this will all even out as time goes on. 3 weeks is not a very long "sample time"

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    Jun 2005

    Re: Qlink Users

    My teacher told me to go ahead and reiki my q-link because doing so will improve the quality of the energy it gives back to me.

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    mreee Guest

    Re: Qlink Users

    Hello All,
    I got my Q-link yesterday and have had it on this night.
    I don't know if its a placebo effect or a real effect of the pendant; this doesn't
    matter at all though for my point of view.
    Well i had it on for the entire day yesterday, at which i didn't feel so much of a difference,
    but in the night, boy did I feel a difference .
    Well basically i felt a lot of energy body activity tingeling in the energy body, not so much
    in the start but it gradually increased in strength though out the night.
    However this was not all, at one point in the night my heart area got so hot, that i had to drop
    the covers, its winter time at my location and not very warm in my bedroom but it was simply
    too hot with covers.
    I wasn't too concerned about it as i attribute it to some "reorganisation" of the energy body.
    I didn't get much sleep, infact I dont remember sleeping at all this night, but anyway I got up
    fairly early and not to tired.

    So far, from the first night of usage, I think the Q-Link combined with the enthusiasm in which
    i took up the use of this pendant, has worked for me. The pendant has certainly encouraged me to do more
    energy work than usual, but I feel that I also get an added effect of this from the pendant.

    Thats all for me from my first day of q-link.
    Best Regards

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    Oct 2010
    washington state

    Q-link has arrived! and aborted AP...

    Today is my first day wearing my Q-link, and I have to say that almost as soon as I put it on I could feel a difference in the energy around me. My energy field feels less heavy and messed up (staticky), it feels light like I am in a cloud! I like it! That's really the only thing I have noticed so far, but it's pretty dramatic. I hope it will help me deflect other people's energy so that I wont have so much anxiety in crowded places anymore. And I hope it will keep me from soaking up everyone's negative energy when I am near them.

    Last night I almost had a projection but I stopped it. I woke up from a nightmare (which analyzing it I think I was already OUT) and I started to seperate because I felt the sensation of being seperate. But then I had this strong feeling like someone was an inch away from my face staring at me! . So since I had just had a nightmare, and I was having major paranoia issues I pulled back. I actually had to get up out of bed and go do something to keep from seperating. The feeling was so intense.

    The dream I had was a wierd one. I felt pretty physical and everything seemed real. I wasn't sure if it was real life or just a dream so I pushed the fingers of my right hand through my left hand, after that I pretty much knew I was dreaming. But it felt a lot like a projection. . it probably was. I walked through a wall and entered an unkown house, I flew around the house for a bit. I did different tasks to build my confidence up. I had a feeling it was going to turn into a nightmare and I was about to abort the dream, but I wanted to hold on as long as I could while I was lucid. In my dream I was getting ready for some sort of battle, I was getting prepared for whatever my sick little mind would throw at me! I created a weapon out of thin air and after that I can't remember much.

    I am so glad to finaly be back at home sleeping in my own bed again! I feel a projecting coming on soon for me, I have been doing some energy work and I feel like my energy field is pretty strong right now.

    night night!

    Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

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    simonlight Guest
    I bought a Qlink about 3 months ago and have been wearing it every day since.

    I have to admit, I felt a little stupid purchasing it. Was I just some fool paying $100 for some worthless trinket? But Robert Bruce was the first person I came across that was saying a lot of the same things I was spontaneously experiencing, so I figured I'd trust him and give it a shot.

    About a few minutes after putting it on, I could feel it very intensely - hard to describe, but a very intense energy phenomenon. For the next week or two I got very sick, but I left it on (day and night) because it seemed more like healing / detoxing than a something dangerous.

    Since, I've felt calmer, more energetic and healthier. I have the sense that I had a lot of negs that are no longer attached. I don't think it's a placebo, but who knows... and who cares... it works for me and I don't I plan on taking it off fwiw.

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    Re: Qlink Users

    I would like to give my report on qlink usage. I have used it for 2.5 years now and it has been an interesting ride. The first two years I couldn't use all day long and not every day. I could feel that it "disturbed" my heart chakra and made it open up painfully (had a blockage there). After about 2 years I can now wear it every day and it feels good. The blockage is mostly gone, but it wasn't just the qlink that helped me. A combination of meditation, self healing and other work helped.
    But all in all, it feels that the qlink balances me, and gives me some extra strength in life.
    BTW-regarding the "disturbance" in my heart - I consider it now to have been a strong force helping me to open up and reparing. I just couldn't handle it in that pace...

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