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Thread: Energy Work or Did My Kundalini Awake?????

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    Energy Work or Did My Kundalini Awake?????

    Hey all! I'm so happy that I found a good, reputable forum to ask questions, trade experiences, and be one with everyone over the net

    Since the start of May I have been listening to Hemi-Sync and Brain-Sync with healthy doses. A month and a half later while sharing a bowl with friends, I slapped on the IPOD and meditated on Hemi-Sync. I have no idea whether or not this was a Kundalini experience or energy work (i saw an article regarding "sub-brow storage Upper Dantien sub-heart storage Middle Dantien and sub-navel storage Lower Dantien" energy work by Robert Bruce).
    Basically, I asked Elamb the Oversoul aka god, for an experience. What happened next was amazing. I felt a hole in the middle of my chest. I knew it wasn't a physical hole but a spiritual hole simply because there wasn't any pain at all and I just "felt" it in my spirit. Then all my thoughts completely stopped. My brain started to "boil" and then started to vibrate. My breathing increased and my heart was pounding. I felt a shock go through my entire body from my head to my feet and from my feet to my head. The vibrations were cascading up and down. Then, my head (crown chakra? sub-brow storage?) started tingling and then it split open and I felt energy entering my body via the top of my head. It was more amazing than an orgasm and was the most euphoric feeling I have ever experienced. Pure energy and vibrations. I touched my friends and asked them if they felt it and they said no I was probably tripping really hard. For the rest of the session, I just sat down and experienced these amazing vibrations.

    After that I wanted more. I meditated more and more but I couldn't get it right again. Until.... I had another bowl session. This time it happened again. My mind becomes completely still, I can feel my spirit, and wam. Vibrations cascading up and down, hole in my chest, and the head splitting open. It only seemed to happen after a session. I researched the effects of green and I found out that it increases your alpha brain waves. So, I tried to get the experience again but without the bowls in fear that I would become dependent on correlating the experiences with the bowls. But I was still using the Hemi-sync every time.

    Then, I had an experience without the bowls but still with the Hemi-sync.........but instead of the hole on top of my head or on my was by my navel: a huge gaping hole that caused the europhric vibrations (sub-navel storage).

    Now, I can achieve the "vibration state" without the Hemi-sync but with the bowls OR with the bowls and no Hemi-Sync. Sometimes, I can remember how to do it and flip the switch in my mind without any outside influences but this can be really hard sometimes.

    My question to you guys: Is this energy work or Kundalini awakening???

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    Re: Energy Work or Did My Kundalini Awake?????

    A "hole" through your body at the center of the chest is the sensations I most often get from my heart chakra. This energetic center has to do with your general "connectedness" to everything.

    The stopping of thoughts is a state people try to access through meditation and is a sign of a very deep relaxation (if it happens on its own).

    Pounding of "the heart" might very well be what Robert describes as "heart chakra sensations". The heart chakra pulses on high activity, but the body perceives it as if it were the heart - because your brain interprets it that way. The heart chakra can pulse way faster than the heart can beat. This may feel alarming, but should not be a case for alarm. If worried, make a checkup at the doctor.

    Energy entering via the crown chakra is energy the Chinese would associate with "the heavens". Call it divine inspiration if you will.

    I believe this is (powerful) activation of your chakras.

    Personally, I would welcome the euphoric sensations but not get "hooked" on them. Allow them, but don't chase them. Trying to chase "Experience A" may exclude a lot of other beneficial experiences simply because you still chase after "Experience A" and nothing less will do. Allow for grace, but don't expect it. Grace enters when you make space for it. But it happens on its own terms. Not the technology makes it happen, not even you make it happen. You allow, and it will happen or not. Ain't it great that it happens?

    It may be wonderful, but from terms of meditation it is "just another thing". Learn from it, go with it, let it go, become open for the next thing.

    Take good care,

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