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Thread: Tourette syndrome & OOBE

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    zm051 Guest

    Tourette syndrome & OOBE

    Hello Robert,

    I have a strong desire to achieve conscious exit(s). I also have a Tourette syndrome making any kind of relaxation, meditation etc. very difficult for me.
    I would like to know if you could offer me some piece of advice on how to go about making this work.



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    Re: Tourette syndrome & OOBE


    I had that, too, in my youth and teens. No fun.

    My best advice is for you to put in regular 'daily' work on the basics, deep relaxation, altered state work, etc.

    My CD set, Mastering Astral Projection audio companion will talk you through these things; and will help.

    Regular practice makes the master.

    It might seem difficult given your problems, but everything is doable. And in the process of learning these things, your condition will improve.

    A raw food organic diet would greatly help your condition.

    check out for starters


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