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Thread: Psychic Protection

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    Psychic Protection

    I sent a message to Robert a while ago with some advice for neg protection, but he hasen't replied yet so I decided to post it her in hopes that he would read it or at least other people will. I've had luck with the first device, but I can't say much about the second device as I've never used it, though it may be worth giving it a go.

    "I've read a bit on your site about ways you can stop psychic attacks. I found it interesting, but haven't implemented them as I've never found I had to time to go about it. Though I've found other devices that worked well. I'm very fond of the Body Guard by Greg Plesko. My sleep hasn't been this demon free in years. I've also found a few other devices I've found on the Internet, but am yet to try them out. i thought it would be good to alert you to this as you could add it to your site with your list of things to protect yourself.

    The sonic discs like the Body Guard can be kept on you at all times, but I find if you have the prismatic discs on you for more than a few hours then it opens you up to all kind of s***. ... 153.l1262#"

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    Re: Psychic Protection


    Thanks for the links. I'll check them out.


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