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Thread: Calling all LD-ers! Lucid dreaming / kundalini study

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    stargazer Guest

    Calling all LD-ers! Lucid dreaming / kundalini study

    Hello, I received this in the TMI (Monroe Institute) newsletter. I'm tickled and amazed... in re: my kundalini dream that I posted to the dream forum. As you can imagine, I'm going to be volunteering to participate in the study.

    Call for Participants

    Information for Research Participants Considering Participating in a Study on Lucid Dreaming and Kundalini:

    If you (or someone you know) would be interested in being a potential participant for a dissertation study on lucid dreaming and kundalini please read or pass on this notice.

    Participants are needed for a qualitative, narrative research study on Lucid Dreaming and Kundalini involving the practice of dream incubation.

    Participants will be asked to do a lucid dreaming protocol involving kundalini, share their past and current dream experiences, and explain how they were affected by them.

    Potential research participants must:

    have some knowledge of and interest in kundalini and have been lucid in the dreaming state on average of 3 times a month over the last year.
    be between 21 and 64 years of age be in good physical and psychological health have not taken any psychedelic or narcotic drugs for the past 3 years.
    Potential participants do not have to reside in the Bay Area of California.

    This study is being conducted by Ted Esser, an East/West Psychology doctoral candidate, supervised by Daniel Deslauriers, Ph.D. and sponsored by the California Institute of Integral Studies. If you would like more details to decide if you want to participate in this study, please send an email to:

    Thank You!

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    Fish Guest

    Re: Calling all LD-ers! Lucid dreaming / kundalini study

    Very cool. Let us know how it goes!

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    mreee Guest

    Re: Calling all LD-ers! Lucid dreaming / kundalini study

    Sounds awesome!
    Good "luck" with it!

    Happy regards

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