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Thread: Learning using channeled information

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    Learning using channeled information

    Mr Bruce,

    Perhaps you have run into this as well, I was searching through the "souls' within my higher self, or just feeling through the higher self to try and percieve what I could, as a learning experience. I during this I experienced something that felt like an expansion of my conciousness and I started to feel and see lines intersecting into every concievable place, to everything. Without reaching into my higher self this perception greately dims, but can still be perceived on my own to some extent. Also, while channeling a 'martial artist' that I found in my higher self, I noticed that my muscles memory seemed different, and the defensive and offensive movments I made during this sparring session were smoother and at times different from the steps I had learned in the past.

    This sort of 'learning' is very interesting - and I've only just started to explore the Akashic Records - I have a question for you sir, it is: Is there anything you might suggest learning first? Or if practicing this just would be enough to further open up my senses, and ability to interact with my higher self and the entities or souls within it?

    In my experience of channeling I have had so many suprises, such as one man who would cause me to go into fits of uncontrollable laughter when I would channel him, and would refuse to be serious during the sessions. This might be a funny question, but do you think that humour is common in a line of work that involves the spiritual? Even my Higher Self causes me to crack up constantly.

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    Re: Learning using channeled information


    in answer to your first question, here's a snip from a friend.

    ......"practice alone will not get you there – neither will the most knowledgeable instructor. This is not an intellectual effort that yields deep knowledge to study and technique. It is not about doing. It is about being. If you do not change your being, modify who and what you are at a fundamental level, all the correct technique in the world will take you nowhere important. Indeed, too much focus on doing and proper technique is a detriment to your progress. Yes, a knowledgeable person can help but the technique they deliver is the small part, counseling you about how to interpret your individual experience so you can more quickly realize opportunities to grow up is the big part – but you must grab the opportunity and actualize it into a change in your being by yourself. Actualizing a change in your intellectual understanding may improve PMR communication skills but otherwise takes you no closer to your goal. Practicing meditation is simply a tool that provides simpler more obvious opportunities to grow – it is exceedingly easy to fail to actualize such opportunities – in my experience, whether they are pointed out or not by a teacher appears to make little difference. When you are ready, you intuitively grasp them; when you are not, they pass in one ear and out the other without leaving any trace that they had ever been there."...

    In a nutshell, two wise sayings spring to mind....

    "Man, know thyself..." and "An unexamined life is not worth living"

    This work never ends, but some people don't even begin.

    And I mean it never ends. If anyone takes offense at these statements, then they seriously need to start the inner work. Because by being offended they prove beyond doubt that much inner work is needed.'

    In answer to your second question, a certain level of humor or wit is normal for some people. But when humor is most or all of what you get, then the person or being is obviously frivolous. If this is a spirit, then its probably a mischievous spirit, and thus best avoided.


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