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Thread: Psychonaut1984's - Astral Projection/Kundalini Log

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    Psychonaut1984 Guest

    Psychonaut1984's - Astral Projection/Kundalini Log

    I decided to condense all my astral projection/OBE logs into one continuous post.

    First Astral Projection - July 13, 2008
    My name is Matt. I'm from northern New Jersey. I just registered on the forum. I'm on my 5th day of the 90 day Astral Projection course.

    I'm 23, I actually just had my first intentional projection in July and thats what ultimately lead me to explore this particular route. Since then I've been so intrigued by the experience I can't wait to do it again...

    Its kind of weird how I had my first experience because while I am very spiritual and into a lot of things that deal with the metaphysical, I guess I didn't really think it was something that I would be capable of doing under normal circumstances. Anyway one day I was watching this video by this Taoist guru Wan Qi and someone commented about it saying that they achieve projections very easily via sleep paralysis... This sparked my interest because I am very familiar with sleep paralysis.I'm also somewhat experienced with lucid dreaming... Around that time I found the Astral Dynamics website and continued reading as much as I could about astral projection and then by some freak chance over the course of the following few weeks I ended up waking up with sleep paralysis.

    As soon as I realized that I was having sleep paralysis I remembered what that person said. In the past sleep paralysis is almost always a horrific experience for me but for some reason because I knew I didn't have to stay in my body I just put all my focus on leaving my body and remained calm. I kind of just lifted my hands out, even though I couldn't see them, then I just "yanked" my upper body forward. I was really skeptical at first, and wasn't even sure that I was out of my body... I actually thought that maybe I just woke myself up because because I didn't experience all the lights and bells people were talking about. It actually wasn't until I was up at the top of my stairs of my room (my room in the a basement) I got stuck behind the door for a bit because I realized I had no hands to turn the doorknob. Thats when it really hit me that I succeeded. I had some problems moving around, my movements were very wobbly as I went through the kitchen. Everything was crystal clear. I just started wearing glasses last year for distance but my vision during this experience was so clear. I noticed I could also feel this dampness in the air from the humidity. I hear this is sometimes associated with being at a lower astral, but I didn't really feel like I was in danger or anything. I hovered through the kitchen and saw my mother in the dining room, she was cleaning. She was dusting all the knick knacks in the entertainment center [I did not recognize these ornaments]. I tried to move an object or get her to notice me. I was still having trouble moving about. I was hovering upright but was extremely wobbly on a 30 degree slant. The bottom part of my body drifted behind me a little. This is where I started having fun. I took off and flew up through and above the house over the back yard. I flew up and down around my property like a bird. The experience was overwhelmingly liberating. I decided to go to the moon. I started soaring very high very fast. I tried focusing on going higher and higher and tried to visualize the moon but I wasn't going as high as I wanted to. Then I descended back over my house and hovered slightly over the tallest pine tree in the back yard.

    I floated stationary for a few moments trying to think of where I wanted to go. Then I thought about going to my friend's house. I closed my eyes and tried to visualize being in his kitchen. I started soaring extremely fast. I could feel the direction I was going in. As I was soaring towards my friend's house I noticed this dark figure was trailing behind me. It was all black and looked almost like a skeleton or stick figure, it was very abstract-looking. I was uncertain of what it might be, thinking it might possibly be a demon, however I did not get any negative feelings from it. I looked away and kept on soaring forward but noticed it was trying to get my attention and talk to me. As it got closer I could tell it was a woman. She asked me to come with her. I thought "NO! I don't know if I can trust you." I started to ignore her and keep moving but then she urged me to stop moving. She told me, "Wait!, wait! I'm not going to hurt you. I'm trying to help you. Stop! Don't go any further." Her voice was very sweet and soft. I got a very warm feeling from her. I complied with her advice, and before I could think anything else I snapped back into my body.

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    Psychonaut1984 Guest

    Lucid Dream to AP - September 15, 2008

    Lucid Dream to Astral Projection - September 15, 2008

    I think I just had another break through experience last night. It wasn't entirely pleasant though. I'm pretty sure I successfully converted a lucid dream into an astral projection. The problem was that the dream before the lucid dream was a nightmare and even though when I was lucid I was feeling really happy, somehow when I ended the dream the feelings from the nightmare started coming back, and I feel like I may have went to the lower astral. I'm not sure though.

    As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I yelled a few times "I'm dreaming!!! I'm in a dream!" then I opted to stop the dream even though I was flying and I was enjoying myself. I yelled to end the dream, and ordered myself back into my body. Everything went black for a few seconds, and then I was in my old room the way it looked 7 years ago, during a traumatic period in my life. I was experiencing what felt like sleep paralysis, it was very different though, my surroundings were changing a lot. I couldn't move, I told myself to just wait it out. It felt like my bed was on this conveyer belt. I couldn't move from my bed at all during this period. I felt this pressure on my body, and a feeling as though I was being pushed downward. I passed through the wall of my old room, then I kept moving forward. I thought my bed was underneath me the whole time but it was just me, it was like I was laying on an invisible stretcher.

    The surroundings were very dark, gloomy, and unwelcoming, not quite sinister but it just had this empty weird feeling all around. I yelled repeatedly "I want to see my spirit guide! I want to see my spirit guide!" I said this over and over. I think I should have said "Show me my spirit guide" its more direct. It looked like I was surrounded by different translucent 2-D dimensions with this overall blue/purple/red plaid tone they would overlap and when they would come together a certain way it would make something, but for this entire experience it was mostly changing. I could see this room out to the side. It was the only thing with lights in this changing void, it looked like a doctors office almost, with a monitor, plugs, and an examination chair.

    It was very creepy, I felt very vulnerable, I couldn't move, I was in between dimensions, on this invisible stretcher, on a moving track. I continued yelling "I want to see my spirit guide." I eventually got pulled closer to this room, and passed through this membrane which was the wall of the room. I looked up "O, hi there you are." I said. There was an asian man standing in the room, he looked like he was in his mid 40s. He was wearing headphones next to this monitor, it looked like he was operating this whole "space" that we were in. I don't know if this was some kind of joke, like a reference to the wizard of oz or something. I just thought it was weird.

    I could finally move again. I noticed i had this numb tingling feeling in my hand. Somehow I knew this was in my physical body. I wanted to show some kind of affection, if this was my spirit guide, I was going to give him a hug but I got this stand-offish feel from him. He also talked to me in words not in my head like in my previous experience. I asked him if I could lay down for a moment. There was this examination table right there, but he kept rotating the back part. I told him I was kind of exhausted from the trip. He said "go ahead" I sat down, and then he made the chair flip on me. I fell down and hit my head. I was kinda caught off guard. I said "I forgot you can't experience pain in the astral realm" I tried laughing it off, but inside I didn't find it to be funny. Then I woke up. I noticed I had slept on my hand so that explained the numb tingly feeling.

    I don't know if that was my spirit guide. I did keep yelling "I want to see my spirit guide" I was the only person in this void. I don't know who else it could have been. If it wasn't my spirit guide, and it was some lower astral being, where was my spirit guide and why couldn't he/she hear me? I kind of felt like maybe no one could hear me, thats why I kept yelling my request over and over. I don't know what to think. I guess when I go back I'll find out who it was. Maybe he was trying to teach me a lesson or something, I don't know.

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    3rd Astral Projection - October 2, 2008

    3rd Astral Projection - October 2, 2008

    So I just had my 3rd successful astral projection. I've been a little off schedule with my M.A.P. routine due to this bout of insomnia. I took a two day break but the first day I still recited my affirmations and listened to the week 3 lucid dream mp3. The second day I was really tired and out of it the whole day because I slept terrible the previous night. When I tried going to sleep, I still couldn't sleep, so just for the hell of it (I did not read ahead) I practiced some of the energy bouncing exercises while in bed. I felt most of my body start getting numb and I felt all this static energy flickering inside my body. It kept getting more intense and I started hearing voices talking, they were saying something about how "dancing is pointless." I lost my concentration because I also had the OBE sleep programing track playing a little too loud on repeat on my stereo. (Note: I don't know if I am supposed to be using it yet, I am only in week 3. I put all the mp3s on a cd so I can play my weeks nightly affirmations while I go to sleep. I saw that one and thought it was interesting so I decided to use it this time instead my regular nightly affirmation.)

    I tried to get to the vibrations again but I had no success. I looked at the clock. It was past 12, I originally went to bed at 9:30 because I was so tired. It was almost 3 hours later and I was almost awake at this point. I didn't want to do this but this would be the second night in a row I had problems sleeping... I took 1 mg of Xanax to help me sleep. I had an old prescription laying around, and I only had a few left. I save it for times like this when I can't sleep. The reason why I didn't want to take it is because it ALWAYS gives me sleep paralysis when I sleep, especially when I sleep on my back. I've come so far with this program I felt like this would be cheating, at the same time I felt that if I was going to take it I might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a good nights sleep AND astral project. I did exactly that.

    Just to make myself clear. I really don't want to associate astral projecting with xanax. I have such a limited experience with astral projecting I just don't want to start it off with a crutch.

    Anyway... I laid on my back and proceeded doing what I did before with the energy bouncing. The first time I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later and tried again, sure enough the vibrations started coming back. Eventually I got to the exit sensations. This is the first time I have ever experienced this... It was very loud, like static electricity clicking sounds, and flashy visual noise. It actually reminded me of this procedure I had done with an eeg. It was very intense but I have done so much reading about this I expected it to be so much worse, I found it to be kind of exciting. I kept my concentration, eventually the static and flickering peaked I'm not sure what happened next... I kind of just "popped out" of my body. I thought that I had just sat up, this same sensation happened the first time I astral projected so I remembered to try to stand up and look down at myself. Sure enough I had already exited. I moved very quickly up and out of my house.

    I went through the wall of my house and reared out the front. A shadow figure popped out at me. I thought this was the same person that I met the first time but it turned out being someone else. I couldn't really understand what she was saying. I don't know exactly why I did this but I just kind of flew off. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the AP, so I kept to it. Looking back I kind of feel bad for just flying away like that. I really wanted to meet my spirit guide but it seems like every time I come back when I ask to see my spirit guide its always a different person and I don't always get the same feeling from them. The first person I had ever met I got such a warm feeling from her when I heard her voice, the time after that I got somewhat of a cold feeling from the person and he played a trick on me, this time I didn't feel anything when this entity talked to me and I couldn't really understand what she was saying.

    So I flew off, I tried again to imagine myself at my friends house to see if I could teleport to an exact place I wanted to go, but I ended up miles away in Wayne by the highway. Then I closed my eyes again and tried it again, this time I was thrown to this far away place. The entire time I was in this place I had problems staying on the ground, some of the people there acknowledged me some of them did not. My memory is a little fragmented around here. I just remember that sometimes I would try to follow someone and didn't have a ton of control moving around.

    I remember being stuck in this house, and there was this old lady crouched on the ground with her face hidden,not moving or anything. I tried to get her attention I waved my hand at her thinking that it would just go through her but her hair actually moved... She didn't seem to notice me. I wandered around this house repeatedly trying to find my way out. I noticed when I tried to fly up through the house, I got up to the highest ceiling but I couldn't pass through it. I finally met this nice woman who showed me how to get out of the house, I told her I was looking for my spirit guide and she said "come with me, I'll help you find him." I tried following her but I couldn't keep up, I kept drifting upward or to the side. I did manage to get out of the house. I wandered around outside. It looked like this whole place was this little development that was surrounded by country. It was very vacant, there were people here and there but overall it felt like a ghost town, there was no noise and not a lot of movement.

    I met up with this group of people who were younger all in their early 20s. I don't know how long I hung out with them I don't remember talking with anyone coherently. Finally I met with one girl with reddish hair I talked to her and I asked her "where are we?" and she said she had no idea. So I went with her I said good-bye to her friends and flew off with her. Next thing I knew I was in the hallway by the front door of my house. Then two seconds later I was back in my bed.

    I noticed several times I could hear the track playing on my stereo throughout the experience, and also there where times my eyes would start to open but I would shut them immediately and I was back where I was in the astral. I managed to extend the experience this way, because there where several times I felt my physical body start to wake up.

    The whole time during this experience I didn't feel like myself. I felt like I acted really immature and stupid the whole time. The last two times I projected I was myself exactly how I am right now in real life, this time I felt like a much younger, immature, version of myself, I would never act like that, I don't understand what that means. Looking back I feel a little embarrassed. I noticed when the astral projection was finished I felt like I did not sleep at all, and was completely exhausted.

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    Astral Projection 4 - Successful Attempt - October 29 2008

    Astral Projection 4 - Successful Attempt - October 29 2008

    Note: I skipped ahead with the brainwave generator, and this particular session wasn't one of my official MAP sessions. I was originally going to take a nap for an hour so I would be rested later for when I did my regular MAP routine. Lately I have been too tired by the time I do the MAP routine and have not been getting the most out of my sessions. So this was just going to be a "warm up" so I did not properly prepare for this session...

    At around 8pm I went to take a nap, but then decided last minute to listen to the 60 min Exit Training CD I had made using the brainwave generator. The CD only has an hour of sound on it so I had to continue without it once the CD ended. At the end of the CD I was in a trance deep enough that I had limited sensation in my extremities, but still full movement. It took me about another hour to strengthen the trance enough to get vibrations. As soon as the vibrations came I had no problem letting them sweep over my body. As soon at it finished its course I felt as though my energy body was sinking into the bed. When I fell out underneath my physical body I could now see and I was still in my room but I noticed some reality distortions.

    I made the mistake of doing this completely in the dark in the basement, so the ambience was very creepy. The only light was the one window which was on the other end of the basement. I wasn’t sure what to do at this point because like one of my other projections I was still paralyzed, but when I tried to make any kind of movement my energy body would just slide forward or backward, still laying flat. It reminded me of “light as a feather, stiff as a board.” I could only levitate myself forward or backward. Eventually I slide myself forward off of the bed but I still didn’t have full control of my body I was still laying horizontally. As I slide off the bed I floated lightly downward and managed to steer my body enough that I ended up at the other side of the basement facing the window.

    I felt very dizzy and uncomfortable. The fear in me continued to grow. I tried to keep myself calm, but I felt extremely vulnerable. For some reason the window was closer to the ground, normally there is a washing machine under the window but it was so dark I don’t even know if I was on the ground. I am assuming I was on the ground because the whole time I I could hear and feel my underside scrape against the floor anytime I would move forward or backward. The floor itself sounded like metal with ridges. I tried really hard to make it out of the window and then I tried to imagine myself somewhere else but nothing was happening. It was weird because when I moved forward I could feel like I was moving very fast, and I could hear /feel my underside sliding also very fast but the window stayed the same size. So I got really frustrated. I could not get out of the window or do much of anything. I was having a harder time keeping myself calm. Eventually after sliding back and forth in the dark and never getting anywhere I managed to move my physical body and it snapped me right back into the physical reality.

    Afterwards I felt extremely disoriented, almost to the point that I felt sick. I was very lightheaded, sweaty, and shook up from the experience. I have mixed feelings about this whole experience. Was I supposed to do something once I left my body to gain control of myself or did I just not have enough energy?

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    Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

    Successful Projection- December 02, 2008

    After almost a month of unsuccessful exits, I finally succeeded in projecting again. I woke up around 8am, and practiced for about an hour then fell asleep, then woke up again around 10. I started practicing again. Then after a little while I got a little tired and frustrated so rolled over on my belly to go back to sleep.
    At this point I guess I was awake but my body was nice and relaxed. It really didn't take very long at all maybe 10 minutes tops before I randomly started getting exit sensations. (Note: I was not trying to get exit sensations they just happened and I went with it) These newer exit sensations are not the major vibrations they used to be. Instead, I just notice this white TV static effect behind closed eyelids, it is accompanied by a funny tingly static feeling, which grows and grows rapidly until I leave my body. I was laying in my body for a several minutes before I actually exited. I didn't exit once the static reached its peak. I think I was still in 'the zone' because I didn't have to start over, I noticed my hearing had changed, so I carefully just continued with a couple of exit techniques until I was finally out of my body.
    I did not have a whole lot of control maneuvering myself, I think I floated backwards next to the water heater, and I kept finding all these tiny nails and screws. I'm not sure what that means but I continued toward the window across the room. The room was very dark so I finally got to try out increasing the visibility. It took a few times of me saying it but sure enough the room lightened up. I thought that was really cool. I did have some problems seeing. I was aware that my eyes were closed so I would open them but I would start seeing out my physical body. The weird thing was I don't think I was seeing out my eyes. When my other eyes would open, I would be looking at the back of my head through this weird distorted tunnel vision. So I found a way to not do this as much but my vision wasn't that great for the rest of the session, I was a little too aware of my physical body throughout the experience.
    I had some problems flying at first but eventually I got to the window across the room. My vision sort of blanked out briefly when I got there but I managed to squeeze myself out the window and through the deck. For some reason I did actually have to squeeze myself out at first but I kept telling myself there was nothing to squeeze and I slipped through pretty quickly. I saw my mom smoking on the deck with a little book. I couldn't read what she was reading, I got the feeling that she wasn't real because I expected her to be there. She didn't seem to see me. I flew away and floated around by the backyard. I tried to think of where to go. I wanted to visit some of the astral planes, so I started commanding that I wanted to go to the higher astral planes, then more specifically I remembered reading about the Buddhic realm. I didn't really know if I would actually be able to get there but everything turned white. I kept saying my intent until I was surrounded by white clouds, and some cartoony things. Then I woke up. For some reason I don't really feel like I went anywhere authentic when everything turned white, but it was so brief, literally a few seconds, that I can't tell. When I woke up I did not feel as disoriented or fatigued as I usually do after a projection.
    All in all it was a nice brief little projection, I think the whole experience might have been 5-10 minutes in real time. The major downside of the whole experience was that I extremely distracted by how aware I was of my physical body. I feel that it did take away from the experience a little bit, but I am just glad that I projected.

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    Double Astral Projection - December 09, 2008

    Double Astral Projection - December 09, 2008

    I woke up really late. I went right into meditating, I spent very little time doing the breathing techniques and all the other pre-exit training exercises. I started dreaming and was still doing exit techniques even though I wasn’t conscious. In the dream I was exit training standing up, and walking around the room to find a spot on the wall to concentrate on. I started getting deeper into the dream and onto a different topic but something reminded me I was on the bed. I was still dreaming a bit but I just imagined myself pivoting 180 degrees from my feet. I wasn’t really sure if I had just woke myself up or was out of my body. I actually was out of my body but I was still on my bed facing the opposite direction. I couldn’t fly or anything I was stuck on my bed. I took CFTravel’s advice about imagining being pushed up by bubbles inside a big pool. As soon as I remembered this I floated upwards and finished separating. As I was floating upwards I began to fully realize that I was out-of-body. This confused the hell out of me, I lost my train of thought and dropped back into my body. I started concentrating again on leaving my body. At this point my energy body was extremely loose, I did the pivot technique again and thought of being pushed upwards by bubbles. Within a short amount of time I was back out of my body.

    There were some minor reality distortions, my bed was in a different position. I felt like a fish out of water, I couldn’t really float very well so I kind of flopped onto the floor. I kept moving to the side to get around the bed but I wasn’t going anywhere. It was like my bed kept stretching or something. After a little while of trying to get around it, I thought about stepping over it. This worked but I fell back onto the floor on my belly. I was able to skid myself through my table and couch to the other side of the room. During this time I tried turning on my astral lights but that didn’t seem to work. I started reciting my affirmations, I had problems remembering them and my thinking was a little bit cloudy. I finally managed to get to the window on the other side of the room. I stopped to look at my hands. Just like I have heard they do melt. Mine distorted very slowly, I was expecting them to melt a little more quickly. Due to my previous problems flying, I was a little concerned that if I jumped I wound just fall back down. I took a minute to try to diffuse these thoughts, and went on my way out the window. I feel like all the problems I was having, have to do with being too close to my physical body, because as soon as I get to the window I can fly, think clearly, and have full control.

    Literally as soon as I jumped out the window, I didn’t just fly… I SOARED. I took off like a rocket it was really incredible. Despite it being winter, it was extremely bright this time out. I thought about where I wanted to go. I flew around the house,. Again I tried to go to the Buddhic realm. The more I thought about it the higher up I got. At a higher elevation I started noticing some other things floating around. I saw this red thing, I thought it might be another projector but when it got closer to me the more it looked like a big ribbon. I closed my astral eyes and thought about going to the Buddhic realm or anywhere in the astral. Nothing happened. I tried again and found myself back in my physical body. I was tempted to try again but I decided to end the session for today.

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    Confusing LD and/or Questionable AP - December 29, 2008

    Confusing LD and/or Questionable AP - December 29, 2008

    I had a weird experience last night involving a lucid dream possibly converted into an AP. I almost was not going to record this because I am not even sure if it was an AP or what exactly it was. I'll try to explain it to the best of my memory.

    At some point in my dream last night I realized I was dreaming. Now it seems like my default reaction to being lucid is to start getting ready to convert it into an AP. There are times when I am not even lucid in my dreams and I find myself either explaining APs or actually practicing exit attempts. This never actually triggers an AP unless I am lucid. In this instance I was lucid first and sent several commands to my subconscious to reinforce the fact that I was in a dream. I followed these commands with instructions to end the dream and bring me back to my body. At this point everything went black and I found myself back in my body in the (RTZ) Real-time zone. I completely focused my intent on exiting, ignoring everything around me. This is where it got weird.

    I think I blacked out and found myself in my old room. I think his happened the last time I converted a lucid dream into an AP, but this time it was in the morning, the room was well lit and I could definitely see it was my old room upstairs. I continued trying to exit but I was semi-paralyzed and nothing seemed to be happening. I didn't seem to notice the transition between me being my real room to my old room upstairs. I tried imagining that I was being pushed gently upwards by bubbles. When I did this I started levitating, so I may have already exited and was just floating via intent. This whole time I did not seem to realize that this was not normal that I was in my old room. During this time a figure that resembled my mom entered the room. She kept walking all over the room, rambling, coming up to me, tugging on me, and continously disrupting me from concentrating on exiting.

    This whole time I wasn't really sure of what I should be doing, if I had already exited, or I needed to exit. I just knew that I felt like I couldn't really move and I was convinced that I needed to keep doing exit teks to somehow gain control of my body. This problem seems to always happen to me when I first exit. I almost always have to fly around in my exiting position, until I managed to "slide" myself far enough away from my body or out a window.

    (Note: if anyone else reading this has experienced this, and/or has a solution on how to deal with this problem I would greatly appreciate it if you leave a comment sharing your experiences and/or suggestions. This always confuses the hell out my me and wastes a lot of my time during my projections.)

    Finally this alleged thought-form that resembled my mom, really got on my nerves, She kept disrupting my concentration with distractions and nonsense. I mostly got impressions or feelings from her, they were not actual sound. However the impressions were disruptive to me in the same way sounds would be if someone was talking in your ear. The only coherent impression that I got from her was that she was afraid about me exiting and she didn't think it was safe. So everytime I floated more than 2 feet above my body she would start start sighing, and frantically pace around, getting all nervous. Eventually I think she grabbed me around my neck and started rambling about work or something, and something just struck me and I bit her. Immediately she started "malfunctioning" like a robot, running around in circles freaking out. I apologized saying that "I was almost out! Sorry I thought this was just a dream! I wasn't sure if this was real or not!" She replied with more impressions that she was dissappointed in me but nothing really coherent.

    At some point I must have either exited or slide off the bed onto the floor. I kept questioning whether or not this was real or not because when I knocked into stuff they would move. There was all these random things all over that I kept bumping over as I slid around. I managed to slide into the hallway and into the bathroom. I tried pulling myself out the bathroom window but I couldn't actually get out. It was like I would loose my vision as soon as I got my head out the window and I could never quite get through the screen. When I pulled my head back in I noticed a dent in the screen. I ignored it and tried again but I couldn't penetrate the screen. Then I woke up.

    This whole experience was really confusing. When I woke up I felt really bad about "biting" that figure that resembled my mom. Due to the nature of this entity it seemed more or less like a caricature of my mom, rather than an actual real entity. So I am thinking this was just some sort of thought form I had manifested. I am not happy with how I reacted though, even if it was just a thought form and it was annoying the hell out of me...

    I am still not sure exactly what is was that I experienced because it felt like an AP but I didn't feel as lucid as I normally do. The whole time I was not sure whether I was inside my body or not, whether I was in the physical reality or the astral. Under normal circumstances it would be very obvious I was not in the physical reality. I feel like this was almost like a "false awakening" but in this case I thought I had exited but I really just slipped back into the dream. Either that or I was in the real-time zone and my subconscious was just cluttered with a lot of garbage, and was projecting this stuff into my experience. This would make sense because I haven't been practicing consistently since the holidays.

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    Re: Psychonaut1984's - Astral Projection Log

    It kinda made me laugh, the image of someone bothering you and then you bit her. I know you had to feel bad about it. But, sorry, its a bit funny almost. Hopefully you get to see her again next time and apologize to her.

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    Re: Psychonaut1984's - Astral Projection Log

    Quote Originally Posted by amazingjourney
    It kinda made me laugh, the image of someone bothering you and then you bit her. I know you had to feel bad about it. But, sorry, its a bit funny almost. Hopefully you get to see her again next time and apologize to her.
    Heheh, I know what you mean. It was pretty weird. I don't know why I did it either... I guess it was like a primal reaction to being "provoked"? She grabbed me around the neck and shook me while I was trying to concentrate. I don't really feel like I was totally coherent or lucid myself at the time because I wasn't even sure if what I was experiencing was real or not, and I didn't know if I was even in my body or not. It was almost like a dream. I am thinking that this might have been like a false awakening, only instead of leaving my body I had slipped back into a lucid dream? I don't know it doesn't make sense to me. I just know that once I tried to convert the lucid dream into an AP I was briefly back in my body then after few moments I was somewhere else with a lower IQ and no control of my body.

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    Astral Transference January 12, 2009

    Astral Transference January 12, 2009

    I woke up early around 9am. I went ahead and tried to induce a projection. During my exercises I believe I started to dream. I was not at all lucid in this dream, but at some point I remembered I wanted to astral project. In the dream my brother and sister-in-law were visiting with my parents in the living room. For some reason in the middle of this visit I decided I needed to lay down and project. It only took a few moments and I felt the exit symptoms briefly slide over me. The transition was very easy and I slipped out of my body very smoothly. I did notice I felt this weird sensation in my middle back like I was still attached. I do not know what this means but it did not cause any complications. From there I flew around and up to the front of my house. I remembered I wanted to meet with my higher self. I shouted this several times as I flew straight up into the dark sky. I let myself fall for a bit to see if maybe I would be guided from that point but I did start to fall so I kept flying upward. Stars almost started to resemble patterns as I passed them faster and faster. Before I could actually meet with my higher self, the water heater, which is right behind my bed and VERY LOUD, turned on and broke me out of the experience.

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