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Thread: warrior technique: Taking control of their will's

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    watrinh Guest

    warrior technique: Taking control of their will's

    So I talked about how I was able to take control of the will of the perpetrators. In this post, I would like to give all of you out there who would like to help others against possession and neg abuse the means of doing so. Hopefully this post actually counts for something. But I feel as though it’s known by many already since the concept of territory is pretty concrete already. Maybe in the occult? This gets pretty philosophical so bare with me.

    The way I did it was I oriented my psychological perception about the concept of interaction in society. The concept of crime and punishment. Now everybody believes that justice should be served on an individual if an individual committed some sort of crime.

    Now orient yourself about the perspective of the criminal. If you are the criminal, would you feel the same way as the rest of society? Even if you’re the one who committed the crime, the feeling of justice is universal and you would feel as though you should atone for your mistakes. Whether you would want to or not is a different story.

    Now think about what happens energetically. If you feel as though you should atone for your mistakes as a criminal, then there must be a corresponding energy frequency where your mind would give in to justice. Now applying this idea to the law of karma, the sinner would have a corresponding energy frequency giving in to God.

    To control your territory, all you have to do is tap into this level of the perpetrator’s being by orienting yourself about this idea and finding this level using empathy. I find that whatever you command the perpetrator to do at this level, it’ll obey, but whether you succeed or not depends largely on your abilities. People are free to sin, and even if you stop them using this method, they may continue to sin.

    Applying this concept further, if I smack my brother for no apparent reason, I’d feel as though he has the right to hit me back. This is true even if I do not want to allow him to do so. As a result, there must be an immediate energy transfer in the attack send to my brother where I give him my will to hit my being. This means that anybody who aggravates into your internal will give you their will to manipulate. You just have to tap into this energy frequency orienting yourself about the idea and finding it through empathy.

    The method to get rid of damages on your territory is either through commanding your aggravator, or targeting the love force at these levels of your perpetrator. Targeting the love aspect at the levels I mentioned will help to get rid of the damages in your internal since karma starts to balance out after you hit the perp's back.

    I suppose in the most simple terms, focus on the levels of guilty conscious. At those levels, the aggressor gives total permission to its victim based on its amount of sin.

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    watrinh Guest

    Re: warrior technique: Taking control of their will's

    I decided to split the topic into two posts, one for the technique, one more personal. This will shorten the post and not make it so lengthy.

    Although I can tap into these energy frequencies, I’m not good enough to actually use them effectively. But a person that’s really up that can shield and do visualizations can apply this concept to the energy frequencies I mentioned to increase their defense significantly if not permanently rid the assault.

    I’m pretty desperate right now, so hopefully a bright light worker out there reading this post masters it and saves my life.

    Oh and Samuel, it would be great if you can find out more about the keepers. That seems to be my only fear after all the essence absorption happened. Oh yes, and I would really appreciate it if others read my other two most recent topics I created to see if they can give some insight or help. Prayers are welcomed.

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