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Thread: Permanently paralysed projector?

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    Zodiacal Guest

    Permanently paralysed projector?

    Im going to work with a guy (as personal assistant) who´s paralysed from neck down. He doesnt speak. What are my possibilities for teaching this guy OBE and AP etc? If Id be able to do this for him, I might give him a greater reason to be alive..!

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    star Guest
    This is just a suggestion but you could try light hypnosis. Explain to him what he should be attempting and try to guide his mind through the excersises and proccesses that are needed to project.

    You could do sessions where you would talk him into a light trance then tell him he is breathing in strong energy, healing energy. attempt to pull him into a deeper trance and tell him he is feeling wieghtless, he is pulling away from his body ect.

    Maybe not the best suggestion, but Im looking to help anyway I can. :/

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    patapouf Guest
    I'm sure that this person can go in trance like anybody else, so this probably means that this person can also do an OBE like anybody else if you follow the usual steps. Of course, the relaxation of the body might only be used to the where the muscles might have some tensions; and this is the facial area. Wheter or not this person might feel the exit symptoms (ex: vibrations, fast ''heart beat''), this is a good question that somebody else might have a good answer.... Or there is always the option of having an OBE from a lucid dream; star's hypnosis appraoch might also be a good thing to try or he can listen to affirmations while he is sleeping.... (there are many things you can try). Also, the mind taming approach is probably very important; ex: if he feels that he is getting out, like anybody else, he must stay calm and go through the process. If he is commited and practice daily, he will get the results. Write back on how he is doing and what he's experiencing, it will be interesting to know.

    Take care,

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    i'd pretty much bet on the fact this guy could teach YOU a few things. definintely bring up the subject.

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    Rydel Guest
    It seems to me, like being paralysed from the neck down could make projection easier, as there is NO tension in the lower area, leaving only the head to be relaxed. I'm assuming now, that he can understand everything you say to him, and does not have any sort of brain damage. If there is brain damage present I would second Star's ideas about hypnosis. Otherwise, teaching him some simple head relaxation exercises, concentration exercises, and trance induction exercises shouldn't be much harder than teaching a fully mobile person, perhaps even easier, except for the fact that you say he can not talk back.

    Does he have any method of communication set up?

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    Quantitativefool Guest
    You might also want to consider Binaturals. At least at first because of the quick syncronization effect on the mind. It would especially help since he only has his head and neck to worry about. Hypnosis is a great idea as stated before. Keep us posted!


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    Re: Permanently paralysed projector?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiacal
    Im going to work with a guy (as personal assistant) who´s paralysed from neck down. He doesnt speak. What are my possibilities for teaching this guy OBE and AP etc? If Id be able to do this for him, I might give him a greater reason to be alive..!
    I teach a class of multiple challenged non verbal students confined to wheel chairs these are cognitively impaired children that cannot walk or talk but in the past two years that i have been at this school 3 of the 12 students i have taught have projected full colour to my home in circle . I do not have that degree of accuracy that i could project to a home i never have been to physically . I do project regularly overseas to a few homes that i can reach through human attachment . But there are other places i would like to go like to a hospital to visit a rellie overseas or to present a projection to a rellie at birthday party . So here are children that can do what i cannot as a mystic . Yes I am sure anyone can learn . I feel that the spiritual body is perfect never impaired at all . The spirit can learn if it wished and there is no harm in trying . I truly believe that there are souls who incarnate with intention into confined bodies so that they can spend the time learning about consciousness without distractions of the body but within the constraints of the human condition so that they can more accurately and efficiiently project and elevate concciousness in the next life .

    For an example in my circle of seekers aged 15 to 72 there are up to a dozen of us that meet 3 times a week to project together in meditation and to see the same visions and go to the same realms . We still get shocked to see one of these students appear in circle . Once a girl showed up projecting the chair and her fingerless glove splints and black curly hair . A lady in the circle could hear her talking and she identifiied herself all of us saw her there smiling .

    Her mum was not surprised when i told her about the experience . None of these parents are surprised at the extent of the spiritual abilities of their kids .

    Another time one appeared in my dreams he is not dead . Now I have a great deal of difficulty appearing in the dreams of others and a great deal more controlling ludidity there but this boy came without his wheelchair and presented a Scottish mort card to me and a black rose and said thank you for the love we give him . He was in hospital at the time and near death but the card was for his granddad who died that weekend . His mum told me that boy came nightly to her home while in hospital to say i miss you mum . In fact said she was always able to hear him communicate since birth though never with his mouth .

    Yeah mate give it a go . But first find out if he can already do it .
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Zodiacal Guest
    wow, theres a lot to read here. Ive got to get some sleep for work with this guy tomorrow, but thanks a lot for your posts! Ill check it out

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    Zodiacal Guest
    Alright, the thing is I cant really communicate with him.. So ill never know if I tell him about something, how much of it he gets...! Its also a bit wierd because they say he is paralyzed but yet he tense his legs sometimes. I dont know about braindamage, but he seems to have problems with concentration/being present..

    Are there tapes and stuff I can play for this guy, about fingind happiness in a disfunctional body or something like that? Might be useful!

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