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Thread: Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

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    Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

    Hello, I have felt the kundalini energy in my skull several times this year, one time with the snake, and another dragon emerged a week ago. Yesterday was special (xmas baby =) When the energy reached the skull, it had an uneasy and very intense sensation (I was aware of my physical body, maybe had an OB as well). At the same time, I had multiple powerful projections and with each breath I inhaled the crystal light illuminated in the crown and the energy intensify. This last for a long time, over 30 minutes. A sudden thought came to mind that this energy can end the physical life right now. I ask my HS, do it if I'm ready (knew I don't want to - there's much more to learn lol).

    Right after I asked, I flew into a hallway in the projection and had to turn around and fly through a glass window carry my entire body to a different world. The energy continues for a while. I even got into a meditation position and continue energy work IN the projection =| Then, it turn into a short dream and I woke up from it with a wanting to meditate.

    How should I move the kundalini energy when it reaches the skull? (I don't mean in the main even of the snake). Should I try to flow the energy back down (if so back through the spine or the chakra) or through out the body and circulate, or expand outward? Please advice.

    Thank You

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    Re: Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

    Aunt Clair describes Kundalini preparation as a twofold energy exchange- Blue cool energy going down the Sushumma to the root, and red hot energy going up it to the crown. Theoretically this balances you and clears up the path for the main event if and when it happens. I'll leave it up to you to decide what to do with this information.
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    Re: Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

    I had similar events happened to me about five years ago. At the time, I really didn't know anything about kundalini. When I shared some experiences on the internet this year, someone told me it's kundalini.

    The event was very strong energy flow that went up through my body. It was very strong. I had to grab on to my bed for minutes, otherwise I would surely be carried away. My arms were forced to bang on the bed by a force. I don't remember whether the OBE happened before or after. I got off the bed to check out the strong electrical roaring sound that sounded like TV newscast. I found myself floating. When I looked at the mirror, I could not seee myself. Then I saw this guy on the couch.....I had to yell out Budda's name for everything to get back to normal. The next day, I was so amazed to find that I was like reborn, inside and out, for three four days. I have never felt so wonderful all my life.

    I also don't remember whether this went before this event, that I often felt bubble or liquid in my spine and my scalp (or skull?) It went up each day.

    The other time, a strong energy flow went downward. Again, it was so strong that I had to grab on to the bed again. My arm was carried to another side of the bed by a force. This time, I let the energy carried me. When it was done flowing, I found myself in another realm, where there was a bright light in front of me and somehow I knew that was God's love. Again, I felt so wonderful for three four days after this event.

    I had the whole list of transformation inside and out, including bliss and awe that lasted for two years.

    Sorry I haven't been helpful in providing you any answers. These things happened to me just by meditation. But I also didn't know and still don't have guidance regarding kundalini.

    There is a very cool website that you might already be aware of too: ... troduction

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    Re: Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

    Thank you both... is helpful to look back at some of Aunt Clair's posts, other people’s experiences and even some of my own dream diaries hehe Sometimes I just forget what to do at the moment
    Is strange, I was having sort of a desperate need of finding a master/guru... but it seem impossible to find them in person. I'm now starting to think I don't need to, if I got myself here on my own (sort of a backward walk) I'll find a way somehow.

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    Re: Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

    exactly 7 days later. I think the energy just came down in a different form. When it went down, it feels like I was showered in golden light. I was in a state of bliss, swimming and laughing in pure light. This is so... ! (I don't have a word)
    Looking back in my diary, something similar happened 8 months ago with 7 days apart.

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    Re: Where to move Kundalini Energy from skull?

    Felt light headed all day and painful headache lastnight. The headache was so bad I didn't even want to project. Had many dreams and two particular were going to church gatherings (I haven't been to a church for long time)
    The first one, I follow a small group into a church and I sat in the back to learn. The male instructor start talking, a lady came up to me and told me to make sure I ask questions if I have any. First thing came to mind was the topic of rebirth, and he went into the topic. I made myself comfortable, I took the fabric that was covering my head to cover my legs. Is strange, my hair was golden and thick (I thought “huh?” I don’t have golden hair). A hair fell off to the side and I look closely, is a thick shiny golden hair. I pick it up, the root inch was dark and the rest is golden and thick, it then form into a snake. I show it to the lady and for question.

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