I wanted to share my experience of spiritual things that have happened to me. I was told to put it here, hope this is the right place. It started 3-4 yrs ago quite suddenly. I had 10 yrs of hurt & emotional pain & finally saw the back of it when I moved to here. I was extremely relieved and automatically felt extremely grateful to God for this peace(not religious in any way). So I think I opened up a bit too much. Shortly after, things started kicking off here. My cat was suddenly terrified and clearly demonstrated extreme behavior, took her to vets, given all clear. Bangs, thumps, footsteps upstairs when no-one was here apart from me. House alarm going off frequently, doors occasionally inexplicably opening, freezer lid opened and hung there, can't do this without being held. Objective voices heard saying my name, my fathers name, and the odd thing said, 3-4 words, like "some may come", probably about 12 times I heard objectively. Saw a spirit person walking down my stairs & into my lounge. Saw a video playout of 2 victorian ladies in a cellar or something. I was there, at the perimeter wall, heard them and saw what they did. They were terrified, one escaped the other was too afraid. My mother had an exact replica but hers was in a dream. I keep a journal so was able to look it up & read it out to her, exactly the same, six months apart.
Two obe's. Another time a spirit manifested and sat beside me in bed, paralysis, no crushing chest. His weight pulled the covers tight round me and the bed depressed where he sat. He then put something through me from above my chest, an energy or something, up through my neck and then straight into my ears which vibrated strongly. 3 times this was done and I broke the paralysis, got out of bed & put the lamp on, back into bed. Then the lamp started a high pitched tone which got louder & louder, woke partner up, he got up, approached the lamp and it blew.
Had a hard object like a stick bought down hard on the bed when I was sitting in the middle of it, mattress sank & sprang back up.
Stood in my kitchen an energy was put through me from above my head & rolled through my entire body like a wave, I staggered from it.
Saw spirits in dreams in a variety of different ways. Did a recording back then and heard that they were going to work with me in the astral.
That's some of it, too long to include everything. I now can hear subjectively, I haven't heard objectively for quite a while. Have had clearances carried out but more seem to arrive straight after. Haven't had an empty house since this started. Been threatened loads but I'm not worried about it, it's almost boring to hear now! Some say they just come to visit, to meet me, see what I'm like, others have been here longer and seem to be on a mission of some description. Not a good one. Heard the frustration from them about not being able to control my body, which is good!
Had a paranormal team here after the 1st yr, they were blown away by the activity, one member got shoved out of my bathroom and other things they found, confirmed I was not crazy and that they were very much here.
I've spent the last 3-4 yrs trying to understand the intent, what it's all about but have reached a point now where I'm not trying to understand anymore as I know I can't trust anything that is said and also a lot of the confusion has been deliberate. So pointless trying to make sense of it. Just an attempt to mess my head up. I don't scare easy, another point of frustration to them. Funny thing is at times some things that have been done I am fascinated by rather than being afraid, they have had to tell me "that was meant to scare you".
The clearance I recently had was done using remote viewing & magnetism by an experienced person. He confirmed I had many around me, mostly negs.
So overall I do think it is mainly negs that have been here. One of which who seemed to be obsessed, I was told he will never give up. I won't go into all of the statements I've been told as this is long enough! Oh, nearly forget, I'm clairsentient so feel whenever they come anywhere near me, not just tingling, also full on physical rubbing just like a human hand rubbing your arm.
That's about it, any thoughts would be welcomed.
Thanks for reading. Tried to condense it down!