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Thread: Water and Healing

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    Water and Healing


    I always had an idea to do the following, and I'm just wondering what others think of it, with any suggestions.

    Those of you familiar with Masaru Emoto's work understand that water structure reflects our consciousness. If not, shares Emoto's knowledge and factual evidence that "human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water".

    I've been thinking of sending energy and healing from the heart, projecting this energy into a real glass of water.

    - What are the benefits of this? Will it help develop the energy body and healing ability?
    - Can this cause the water to become charged with energy? Say, could I fill the water with explosive, long-lasting energy, and consume before a basketball match to improve my game?
    - My friend told me leaving the water out will cause bacteria to grow and suggested placing it in a fridge or similar. Will this hinder the results of the energy projected into it?

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    Re: Water and Healing

    I think Dr. Emoto actually wrote something about different temperatures causing more or less energy to be absorbed into water.

    If you are going to use it fairly quickly I don't think leaving your water out at room temperature will be a problem. You will have to let it get warm even if you want to have it in the sunlight for extended periods of time. Sunlight by itself can charge your water for you and then drinking it you take in the energy.

    It seems unlikely that you would get an immediate boost of physical abilities from drinking charged water - unless you start out very energetically drained. Be sure to put the water under your tongue and hold it there for best absorption of energy. Pay close attention to the feel and the taste of the water and think about drawing in energy. Perhaps imagine that the water is made of liquid light as you drink it.

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    Re: Water and Healing

    i've a friend who talked about this a while ago.
    she's been filling up a bottle or two every day, with "i love you" "you are complete" labels on them, keeping them in the fridge, leaving them for a while and drinking..

    almost impossible to tell if it has any effect, but judging by Emoto's photographs, certainly wouldn't do any harm.
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    Re: Water and Healing

    I can vouch for the concept of charging water for healing. I have a few experiences, but the one that stands out the most was a time when I woke up sicker than I had been in years, a few years ago. At the time I had just seen "What the Bleep..." with all its material on Emoto's work, so on a whim I got a big glass of water (which I hadn't been able to hold down a few sips of since early that morning), raised a load of energy, charged said energy with the concept of "perfect health," and sent it into the water. Not only was I able to chug down the whole glass; I was nearly back to normal within an hour. Good stuff, that.

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    Re: Water and Healing

    I just ran into this post while browsing around. In eastern traditions its normal to pray for healing or blessing and blow on some water to charge it. Im a Muslim from south-asia and my mother does this a lot. In fact she made me take a gulp of charged water this morning.

    There is also the idea of writing the message in food coloring and then washing the food color into a cup of water.


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    Re: Water and Healing

    I've been experimenting with this for the past couple of months.
    At work, i have a glass bottle, with a label on with the words LOVE AND GRATITUDE written on it, which I keep filled with water.
    i literally tell the water that i love it, and am grateful for it.

    My main intention was to see if I could shift the psoriasis which has been plaguing me for the past 7 years or so...
    I haven't changed my diet, or my alcohol intake, or any other aspects of my lifestyle.
    This being a deliberate choice so i could see if this one change - blessing the water I drink every day with these two simple words, plus a visualisation of myself in perfect health every time i drink it, would have any noticeable effect upon my health.

    Since i started this, two things have happened.
    A few weeks ago i underwent a cleansing experience in the astral realms. Now there's no way to be sure if that was as a result of my constant intention and action taken towards perfect health, but, I'm going to assume it was. No-thing is separate, right?
    Since that experience, I've been able to feel my energy field in a way I couldn't before.
    When I bless the water, or whenever i think about sending loving feelings/intention to another person, I feel the energy emanating from my heart.
    It's lovely.

    Also, since then, the psoriasis has slowly but steadily begun to clear up. The biggest/oldest patches are now becoming smoother, and "normal" skin is once again visible in the centre of each of these patches.
    I'm delighted, as the psoriasis has kept me feeling very self-conscious and rather unattractive for years now.
    I'm also now blessing all of my groceries in the same way after I've been shopping, sending love and gratitude energy from my heart, into everything I'm going to consume.
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    Re: Water and Healing

    similar thread about water,

    the great white secret thread^^
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    Re: Water and Healing

    Fascinating stuff.

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