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Thread: spheres of life

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    spheres of life

    Another short one to share, I did not get to finish because my wife awoke me to stories of big spiders.

    As I remember, I was floating once again out in space looking down at a planet, it looked like ours. I was fairly close as it took up the majority of my field of vision. I’m just floating there for some time in awe of the site before me when I see something coming up from the surface. It’s kind of blurry and I can’t make it out. As they get closer I see that they are spheres, hundreds of them. Looking at them I am reminded of migrating birds. They are passing in front of me now and are a light greenish/gray in color and semi transparent/opaque, like a jellyfish. As they pass by the stars behind them are distorted. It is truly a beautiful site, they seem alive, and I can feel their energy. At this point I think to myself “what are they?” A voice answers “spheres of life, they are leaving” I become disturbed by this and thrust my hand forward towards them in an attempt to stop them and they do, frozen in time right before me. I float up to one that is out away from the main group. I’m looking inside of it now and sense movement but it is hard to see. A voice says to me “it is pure energy at its center, a single molecule.” As the words are spoken I see it, it’s like I’m zooming in with a microscope. I feel compelled to touch it, the urge becomes too strong and I reach out and grab it. I feel an energy, a warmth in my hand. The voice says to me “it is a part of you now and ……………………….

    This is where I’m awaken to stories of big spiders, what timing!
    What is behind us and what is in before us are small matters compared to what is within us.

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    Re: spheres of life

    Your descriptions are so vivid! That must have been incredible....

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    Re: spheres of life


    Thanks for the comments, It was and many of them are.

    It's very difficult to explain to most people as they are not as open minded as this type of group. Although even within these groups there are people that doubt because they do not experience the same thing, but that is human nature and I understand that. On another site I was accused of being a writer and making these up. I only wish that in the conscious world I had that level of imagination and could write the way some people do, I wouldn't be working so hard for a living then.

    When I have these dreams they stay with me when I wake, that's why I'm able to put them into words the way I do. I can still see the images in my mind as if I was recalling something I did earlier in the day. That's how I know the difference between normal dreams and the vivid ones, I struggle just like everyone else with the normal ones.

    I try to pay attention to the details during these dreams too and then articulate them the best I can, paint a picture with words.
    What is behind us and what is in before us are small matters compared to what is within us.

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