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Thread: New Monroe Institute Open Forum

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    New Monroe Institute Open Forum

    Well, they've finally gone and done it. With their new Executive Director, after Laurie Monroe died (Robert's daughter), TMI seems to be making a lot of changes. They've developed a much cooler website, with a lot more information in it. There's now a forum that anybody can join. It's a bit of a ghost town right now, because it's so new, and there aren't many people on it. In the past, they've had Yahoo groups that band together after taking one of the programs at the TMI facility, and the groups are closed. It will be interesting to see how the new forum develops. If any of you decide to post there, would you consider using your same name so we can know you are a crossover from AD? Well, that's just me that's really interested in knowing who you are. The people there won't know you from Adam.

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    Re: New Monroe Institute Open Forum

    Seems the TMI Forum is gone?

    Anyone know what has happened?

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    Re: New Monroe Institute Open Forum

    Hi Pauli
    Yeah I just noticed this too. I'm not a member of their forum but do Lurk there from time to time and read some posts there just a week ago. If I see any explanation for what happened then it will get posted here.


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    Re: New Monroe Institute Open Forum

    Link is broken, redirects to
    I don't see forum link on that page??
    Sin nada (Nothing is impossible)

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