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Thread: Robert Bruce Questions & Answers -- Protocol

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    Robert Bruce Questions & Answers -- Protocol

    G'day Folks!

    This section has been created to make it easier for me to take part in this forum. I will check this regularly.

    First, please do 'not' use this forum to get in touch with me. If for some reason you wish to make contact, please contact one of the forum moderators. If necessary, this will be fwd'd to me.

    When you post a question, please use a 'descriptive' subject title.

    The idea is to post questions that are not answered in my books or online works.

    To make this more effective, I ask for limited discussion between forum members in this section.

    Please keep your question to the point, and make sure your questions are clearly stated.

    *However, I do not mind if an 'occasional' discussion happens, eg, the one on 'bell tones'. If it was moved I'd lost track of it.

    The important thing on this section is to keep the surface list clear, so I can find the questions.

    Robert Bruce

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    Do NOT Answer Questions if you're not Robert

    Dear Members:

    Due to Roberts Time Schedule we ask that you do NOT reply to individuals questions in this forum, instead you can make a seperate topic in another forum to address the issue. This will make it easy for Robert to find the questions and answer them promptly. '

    Thanks for your understanding.
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