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Thread: Why Drug Talk is Discouraged On

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    Why Drug Talk is Discouraged On

    G'day Folks!

    Here are some very clear reasons for not allowing discussions of drugs and drug use relating to spiritual experience on the forums.

    Please understand that this reasoning has *nothing* to do with respect issues for mature individuals or religious or shamanic type practices involving drugs and substances relating to spiritual experience, to all of which we have the utmost respect and consideration.

    The 4 key points of this issue:

    1: is available internationally to anyone

    2: Many impressionable young people and teens frequent this forum.

    3: Discussions on using drugs, illegal or legal, to achieve spiritual and OBE type experiences could legally be viewed as promoting drug use, and as promoting drug use to minors, in some countries.

    4: To allow adult drug related topics and discussions in such a public and international forum, that discusses spiritual matters, would force us at the very least to seek extensive legal opinions from multiple countries, to impose and enforce age limitations and proof of age of membership, plus extensive legal disclaimers in multiple languages, international litigation insurance, lawyers, etc, etc, etc. This would be a proverbial nightmare.

    This puts the discussion of drug use relating to spiritual experience in the 'too hard basket' of our forums.

    This decision is final.

    Robert Bruce

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    Re: Why Drug Talk is Discouraged On

    There is a topic in the AD Pedia (also written by Robert ) about the use of marijuana specifically. Just scroll down to "Drugs"
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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