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Thread: RV Test

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    RV Test

    I hope this topic is not out of order (please delete, mods, if so!) but there's a thread on a remote viewing test, on Open Minds Forum at under the heading PSI, Near Death & Spirituality, started by someone calling himself Fore. . . . .I signed up (too late) but since then have had some peculiar, & unpleasant sensations & experiences (& not in a good way!)

    I'm wondering whether this could be the result of something monitoring one ( as they all seem to feel) or whether it's possibly generated by the members influencing one another?

    If anyone has time to take a look I'd appreciate any opinions - & hope it's not too much of a cheek to bring it up here! If so, my humble apologies

    Namaste all

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    Re: RV Test

    It's fine as far as I'm concerned, but I'd prefer if you linked to the thread itself, for my innate laziness.
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    Re: RV Test

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