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Thread: Issues with tactile body awareness

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    Issues with tactile body awareness

    I'm 22, and I started practiceing NEW when I was 18. I have all the books and have read them thoroughly. Well, I just wanted to ask about how to get this working better. Perhaps it is a concentration issue, but the feeling of energy, or the recreated feeling of a hand sliding along my arm, or any such thing keeps breaking up and dissapating, or I can't seem to start it at all. Also, I still haven't been able to move energy past my elbows or knees into my upper arms/legs, and into my torso.

    It has been a few years of off an on energy work and meditation, and I figure it must be a mental block. I was curious if I could get some sort of "direct" help with tackling this.

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    Re: Issues with tactile body awareness

    The new version of Astral Dynamics which just came out this month is very good. It makes even the most familiar material seem interesting again. If you don't have it yet you may want to get a copy.

    Have you tried going back to the beginning, when you would physically use a paint brush or something similar to brush your hands? Or actual physical sponges? Or maybe even just lightly scratching the skin with your fingernails?

    Reiki tends to be hands-on. You can rub the palms of your hands together lightly to bring your awareness to the palms and then physically place them on your body, such as on your stomach, with the intent of giving yourself a self-treatment. Trust that it is working no matter how little you may feel. It can be tricky getting things going again once you start doubting the process because at that point you don't really expect to feel anything. If you can trust that it is working, though, you can get that turned around.

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    Re: Issues with tactile body awareness

    Mostly i've been letting the tips of my fingers brush in a back and forth motion on my finger, or on my hand.
    The build up of feeling starts to break down and dissapate rapidly, and almost seems to resist being created. Therefore I think I have a belief, or group of beliefs that may contribute to my difficulty.

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    Re: Issues with tactile body awareness

    Hi Star,

    I actual feel the dissipating too on my arms and legs, compared to my hands and feet. The sensations just arnt as noticeable on my arms and legs compared to my feet and hands. I figured it might be because there are less nerve endings in your arms and legs than on your hands and feet.I say this because in my case i don't feel like my concentration is all that much different when going from hand brushing to arm brushing so it might not be a concentration thing.There are a lot of nerves in the hands and feet so i figured that might be why they are more sensitive, but what do i know.

    Anyways, maybe just keep going and do the best you can, but just keep moving along with the practice.

    For me it's worked out ok so far by just keeping on moving along with the exercises and day by day the areas that aren't as sensitive are getting more sensitive, but still not nearly as sensitive as my hands and feet.
    You haveeyes each composed of 130 million photoreceptor cells. In each of those cells thereís 100 trillion atoms thatís more than all the stars in the Milky way galaxy.However each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of a star billions of years ago and yet here they are today being utilized to capture the energy released from that same process all to expand the consciousness of you. It's ironic in that you are the universe experiencing itself And all you are is a thought.

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    Re: Issues with tactile body awareness

    I was going to tell star this is normal, but I figured he'd already know this.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Issues with tactile body awareness

    Im impatient, I think that there are ways to make it faster.

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    Re: Issues with tactile body awareness

    Quote Originally Posted by star
    Im impatient, I think that there are ways to make it faster.
    If you try to imagine the brushing and the sponge movement, not actually doing the exercise but imagine doing it, you still should feel the movement of energy.
    In time large energy sensations may be caused just by you thinking of a NEW exercise.


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