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Thread: Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.

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    Re: Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.

    Noises and music in trance or as preprojection symptoms are a natural part of projection- here's a couple of links to direct you to the phenomenon, there should be more around the OBE R & D forums also.
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    Re: Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.

    Here are some answers regarding tinnitus:

    I am certainly surprised to learn that the condition can be disabling.
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  3. Re: Neurophone : More Info

    I didn't used to have tinnitus, I remember listening to silence, but once when I was trying to get to sleep when someone next door had his television on (he would fall asleep watching television in bed) I was wearing ear plugs but he was turning it up, so I was putting an ear plug further into my ear to try to block out more sound, and suddenly I heard a loud high-pitched ring. I didn't know you could reach the ear-drum that easily, because Spongebob Squarepants showed the anatomy of the ear as having a bend in it protecting the ear drum (oh maybe I'm getting autistic with the detail here).

    I quickly pulled the earplug out again, maybe that hurt because of the suction. In a lesson with the projector fan going I suddenly got another loud ring, so I left the class and stayed in bed trying to protect my hearing to let my ears heal, and I eventually another day went to lessons again, but my hearing was not saved and I got tinnitus. I ignore it but I can listen to it and hear that there are different pitches, I think the various tones are from my hearing being harmed by high-pitched sound, making it hard for me to hear them anymore, but I can hear them in silence because the structures within my ear that are meant to resonate with those frequencies have been broken and are permanently sending a signal. My tinnitus is not just in one ear.
    I used to be able to hear high-pitched sounds that others couldn't, but now my hearing is harmed.

    I often hear a tone on one hear suddenly and then it fades out.

    Tinnitus existed before modern technology that gives off the noises that I thought damaged my hearing though. Here are some things from Culpeper's Herbal:

    "The juice dropped into the ear doth wonderfully help the noise and singing of them, and helpeth the hearing which is decayed"

    Common Henbane
    "The oil of the seed is good for deafness, noise and worms in the ears, being dropped there"

    Common Wild Majoram
    "The juice dropped into the ears helps deafness, pain and noise in them"

    Summer Savory
    "The juice heated with Oil of Roses, dropped into the ears, eases them of the noises in them and deafness"

    Shepherd's purse
    "The juice dropped into the ears, heals that panes, noise and mutterings thereof"

    So people used to get tinnitus back then too, but they knew ways to help it.

    That neurophone looks interesting, but it looks like the person who invented it doesn't make them any more. There are some on ebay for about $650. Also it would be pretty cool to talk to dolphins, I remember reading in the New Scientist magazine or another one that people were having difficulty working out dolphin language.

  4. Re: Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.

    I actual think it is some what interesting. I have had noises in my ears for years, and i am slowly going deaf to this world. but the less i hear the more i hear everything else around me, due to the way i have been training my inner ear, or at least that is what the doctor says.
    the regular sound i hear is like a old telegraph sound or fax. along with the people within my network or people asking for help (don't know if the last one mean anything) I only piggybag to the sound if i hear a deep hum sound, then i know, someone needs help.
    Other sounds that you normal can't hear, i feel them as pressure in my ear.

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