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Thread: Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.

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    The Happy Scamp Guest

    Hearing Tones, Ears Ringing & related matters.

    Hi RB and first, thanks so much for returning to the Forums to answer questions.

    This one is sort of a shotgun question covering many things together, all involving tones, ear ringing and the like:

    In my experience there is definitely something to the old adage that "when your ears ring someone is talkking about you". For me this has been a definite onset of a discrete tone, usually "just beneath" one ear or the other, almost never both, and the sensation is that the tone occurs just inside the skull. On some occasions, I have been able to verify immedately or shortly after that someone was referring to me... sometimes in a "good" way, sometimes in a "bad" way, more often than not something of no obvious judgemental valence as far as I know.

    Since I have seen that there is at least some correlation, my working assumption is that whenever there is this sudden onset of tone, someone somewhere is directing attention toward me. I am wondering if there is a practical way to decode this; so that I might be able to reckon who it is and what do they want? So far, I have not been able to determine the significance of various level of tone, either high or low, louder or vague, wavering or steady, left ear or right.

    The tones do vary across all those dimensions, typically they are well above Middle C by at least an octave, generally much more, never below. Usual the onset is quite sudden, with the initial volume being the loudest, then it fases to a steady or wavering tone, coming in an out, though it does not always follow that pattern.... often these tones occur as a more gradually coming to maximum volume (over several seconds, say, as oposed to a fraction of a second). Very occasionally two such tones will occur at once.

    Do these tones have anything to do with the generally backround hiss (kind of like a pink noise) which is always (for me) there? I assume that this latter, which does change character over time (location, pitch, sometimes has two locations) is just operating noise, either in the nervous system or the etheric system. On some OBEs I have had, this hiss "dialates" into a sound like a raging wind.

    Also, in yet a different phenomena which seems very possible related, various "psychis" report that when they hear their guides or other spirits talking, it is "way up high on the register" and very fast, as though artificially speeded up on tape. I have read of that in widely different sources. Tom Harmer in his Native American book "What I Have Always Known", and Sylvia come immediately to mind; I think Ilene Garrett also said something to that effect as well.

    Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to answer these kinds of questions for us.

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    You are correct, the bell tones you hear are a part of the energy signature of a person or being that is thinking of or focusing on you.

    Other parts of an energy signature can include scent, taste, color, and psychic impression. Hearing a bell tone indicates one has some level of clairaudience, the ability to hear spiritually. The other parts of a signature require other abilities to perceive them.

    The only way I know to tell whom a tone comes from is by psychic impression, eg, you just 'know' who is connecting with you. However, one can learn to identify the pitch of a particular person, but this is not always accurate.

    The pitch of a bell tone does not tell much about the nature of the source. Some nasty entities have high pitched tones. However, low throbbing type tones are generally from seriously negative beings.

    Robert Bruce

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    Hegemony Guest
    I also heard that if the tone is heard in the right ear, the nature is positive, and the left ear vice versa.

    Is this true or is that just a result of my stimuli changing due to my beliefs?

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    Seems like I had heard that somewhere in the distant past also (Left=Bad; Right=Good). And while twice when I was inadvertantly cursed and both those rings landed on the left ear, I am not convinced that it always happens that way for at least 3 reasons. 1) It seems too arbritrary. It doesn't make any sense. 2) The vast majority of things that people might say or think about one another are neither particularly good or bad, or in other cases they maybe both. (a: "Interesting color they chose to paint their house.. I wonder if they know that their chimney cap has come loose?" B: "OMG there can't be a worse cook on this entire planet, but he DOES have a great butt!"). 3) If that were even generally the case the folk wisdom on the matter would be much much stronger and more definite than it is. It's not like left and right were invented in the last two years.

    My strategy for now is to keep a log of the events as they occur noting date, day of week, time of day, location, which ear, whether the tone seems inside or outside, whether iot is a multiple tone, how long it is, how loud it is, the approximate pitch, and the direction in which it seems to occur (NESW), whether I am sitting or standing or what I may be doing at the time and anything else that seems salient. Hopefully SOME pattern will appear, and if I can find one I will post it here.


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    stargazer Guest
    Happy Scamp, I am intrigued in your results. I have had a lot of bell tones happening in my right ear, and they have started getting more persistent and wavering in tone and pitch lately. They seem to always occur at night when I am doing energy work. In my case, one night a bell tone preceded a dream neg attack. I think it's been mentioned elsewhere that tones can also indicate that an entity, bad or good, is kinda "phasing" into your area and the resulting journey causes that ringing sound. Reminds me of that old saying, when you hear a bell ring, an angel's getting its wings.

    I know it's not just ears ringing.. I had surgery in that ear and was subject to lots of whines, rings, and buzzes... this phenomenon is a bit different.

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    Hi Star....

    It might be good if we got a moiderator to lift this discussion out of RB's QA section.

    I do KNOW that sometimes these tones are a direct result of anger and/or malicious intent. Many years ago I worked for a baker that had a REAL anger problem.. he wanted to be a nice guy, but at tiems he would just explode. He could not keep help, even when he hired in his own family. For a long time he did not blow up at me... but then one night he did... slamming boards and things around the shop. I told him that his behavior was not acceptable, and that if it did not change I would leave. He did not change and so I left. I was getting in my car in the parking lot when this massive ringing came down on my let ear, I looked back and and saw he was looking out the door and muttering at me. I assume then that it was a direct thing.

    As I wrote above I am keeping track and paying closer attention to these tones as they pipe off. No real patterns so far. THings I am recording at this time include time of day, day of week, date, right or left ear, inside outside the skull or seemingly right at the ear surface, duration, intensity of volume, pitch, direction in which the ear is aimed at at the time, notable mentation at the moment, any other impressions. Let us know if you come up with any patterns, means of reading meaning out of the sounds, ideas. THanks, HS

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    oath Guest
    There is a topic alrady on this here. The last page seems to be more in response to what you are now speaking on.

    Edit: sorry, I messed up on that link somehow, its this one: ... 6&start=30

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    travelerwithin Guest

    what about ...

    a continious ringing of the ears constant never stopping (it's got a name but not sure what it is Jonny Carson the Tonight show Host had it too)

    Does that mean its bad or I could use some clarification here if you dont mind

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    The Happy Scamp Guest
    This board needs to get transferred somewhere else.. hopefully a moderator will move it for us. I tried the link above but it didn't work.

    To answer your question, traveler, the medical term for this is "tinnitus". Tinnitus can have severalcauses... high blood pressure and aspririn cunsumption and hearing damage are typical. Over the years I have some to associate it with some secondary body for the above reason and also in that a couple of impromtu OBEs I have had involved this steady backround operating hiss.. it just would get louder and thn it would be as though I was entering into it, or that the sound itself expanded to become larger than myself (all this while in a semi-sleep state).

    In general, I regard this (constant, for me) backwound sound as akin to operating noise.. much like a stereo will, even when there is nothing coming over the speakers at the moment, when turned on, there will be a mild backround noise.

    If I had a sudden onset of 24/7 tinnitus I wuld start checking my blood pressure just to be sure that that wasn't what was going on though.


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    travelerwithin Guest


    I got mine when i was about 12 which was roughly about the same time i started experimenting with drugs (something i no longer do)...
    It is 24/7 and i was curious because the above post mentioned thigns about negative beings thanks for your reply

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