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Thread: Alcyone's Astral Journal

  1. Alcyone's Astral Journal

    Hey everyone,

    I am going to post here every time I have an OBE or Lucid Dream. Hopefully, I will be posting soon.

    - Alcyone
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  2. Re: Alcyone's Astral Journal

    Oct 13, 2009

    I woke up a couple hours early yesterday. I laid down on my bed and let my body become totally relaxed. I started raising some energy and my body started to vibrate. I started some body loosening exercises and then went into a projection technique. I eventually got frustrated cause I couldn't focus properly and gave up, rolled over and fell asleep. While dreaming though I did become lucid in my dream. In my dream I was laying in bed and a former girlfriend was walking around the room. She was getting ready for bed. She eventually laid next to me. While becoming lucid I tried to change her into a different girl, but something scary happened. Her eyes turned bright white and she died immediately in front of my eyes. As her eyes changed color a very frighting noise was made and I got nervous and I woke myself up immediately. This was the first time I had a lucid dream turn into a nightmare.
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    Oct 14, 2009

    I woke up a little early this morning around 5:30 A.M. I laid back down and I started clearing my mind. I then started to raise some energy. I then went into my projection technique. Lately, I have been losing my focus while using the rope technique. I'm a little rusty doing this exit technique. In the past couple months, I have just been letting my mind project to wherever(I think I've been projecting into astral tubes on accident). So while trying to use the rope technique, I eventually got a little bored and rolled over and fell asleep. While dreaming I became lucid. I felt and became aware of where my body was and I did the rope technique again. Within in seconds I projected into my room. While trying to go through a wall I got stuck and I lost control of my projection. This was the first time I got stuck in a wall. (It's been a while since I have projected into the real time zone.) My dreaming mind eventually took over and I almost forgot that I projected. One of my sticking points to this day is that I lose control of my OBEs and lucid dreams. I hope in my next OBE I can maintain control and find out about my past lives.


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    Re: Alcyone's Astral Journal

    Hi Alcyone
    Congrats on the OBE.
    It's easy to lose focus in an OBE unless you have a prior intention or goal. It happens to me quite a lot.
    Two tries with one OBE achieved is a Very good success rate. Is that success rate common with you or do your OBEs occur less frequently?

  5. Re: Alcyone's Astral Journal

    Hey Grey,

    I do have a good success rate if I wake up 2 hours before completing the standard 8 hour sleep cycle. Now that I work nights I can basically interupt my sleep cycle everyday. I have never been able to project from a full waking state via a long session of meditation or trance work though. I hope to be able too sometime soon. My goal tomorrow will be to find out about my past lives. Wish me luck man.

    - Alcyone
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  6. Re: Alcyone's Astral Journal

    Oct 15, 2009

    Lucid Dreaming VS OBES

    I woke myself up around 7:30 this morning. I turned off my " A Tribe Called Quest" alarm ringtone on my phone. I quickly laid in bed and closed my eyes. My body began to vibrate. The first go around I went for a "WILD". As my body was vibrating I kept saying I will become lucid over and over again. In my Wake Induced Lucid Dream I woke up in my room. My vision seemed a little blurry at first. I then started to concentrate on my hands and my vision got very clear. I noticed my room looked a little different (obvious reality fluctuations). I started walking around and some how I ended up in a shopping mall. I then started thinking about a certain girl. I tried to will her into my dream, but nothing happened.....yet. I walked outside the mall and from a distanced I saw the girl talking to some dude in a car. I kept saying to myself 'come over here, come over here". She then began running over to me. We began an intense make out session and I lost control of the dream and I woke up. That was a bummer.....

    Shortly after my lucid dream, I closed my eyes again. My body began to vibrate once again and I started the rope technique. I quickly started to float out of my body. Unlike my lucid dream there was no reality fluctuations. I stared at my ceiling fan for a little bit. I don't know why this happen, but I accidentally opened up my physical eyes. The OBE was quickly over and I could not get back into the vibrational state. During the OBE my room looked exactly how it should, while during the lucid dream there seemed be some differences or fluctuations.
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