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Thread: A meeting place

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    Re: A meeting place

    My dream last night.
    I'm not sure who it belongs to, but here it is.

    We were living in a new apartment. It was very attractive, but too modern for my taste (I don't like modern, post modern or art deco styles). It was done in all white marble, walls and floor, and furniture too. I had added some weird touches with red fabric all over the place, red rugs, and these weird half-pillowcovers I had made on the white pillows- all over the place. There was an obelisk that had some sort of protective spell on it, and it was transparent, and I had also placed some talismans all over the place also. (Red is not a color I use either, making me scratch my head at all this.)
    We were expecting a couple that was supposed to be the 'new bosses', or something important like that. We met them at the door, and then had to go outside in the night. (I usually don't dream in a nighttime environment, making me wonder if this was an AP) When we came back in they had removed all decor I had placed and were getting into out closets and drawers, going through our papers and laying everything bare. I felt violated and was mildly angry, but not too much. It's as if I expected this but didn't like to see it- like an audit, I suppose.
    Then the female got a phonecall, and got very upset. She said they were being fired, and ran outside as if she were upset. I went outside to console her, and we both ran, I after her.
    There was a river that looked dirty and she jumped in. I jumped in thinking she needed saving, but a loud voice (like from a loudspeaker) proclaimed that the water was very toxic and to get out immediately. I then turned around and got out, and saw as she swam into it, to a sort of island in the middle of this river (I say river because it had a churning current, and I could see both sides.
    As I stood on the banks I could see her swimming to this building that was on the island, and there I could see that she was going to some sort of store and was pulling money and jewels (probably stolen from me, but also from my husband and I, I suspected.) I saw her give them to an old man who was some sort of storekeeper, and he was trading some things and putting others in a box.
    I quietly watched as she stored the valuables and then acted as if she were upset.
    I then realized that the 'grief' act was just that, that her motivation was to get away from us so she could stash/invest what she had stolen.
    I turned to go back 'home' to report what I saw, and woke up soon after.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: A meeting place

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler
    We were living in a new apartment. It was very attractive, but too modern for my taste (I don't like modern, post modern or art deco styles). It was done in all white marble, walls and floor, and furniture too. I had added some weird touches with red fabric all over the place, red rugs, and these weird half-pillowcovers I had made on the white pillows- all over the place. There was an obelisk that had some sort of protective spell on it, and it was transparent, and I had also placed some talismans all over the place also. (Red is not a color I use either, making me scratch my head at all this.)
    Hmm interesting. In the dream I had about you, the road we (AD friends) were taking was red, like red obsidian. Red is not always a bad color. I once met 'aunt clair' in an intense red light. It was not 'angry' as is normally associated with red, it was a benevolent energy I cannot describe.
    In the dream the red road seemed to be a telepathic channel. It makes sense we would be concerned about ambush (the ambushed could also be the ambusher), how complex are the 'dimensions'? BTW sorry about the way your dream was posted CF, sometimes I do not spend the time to word things to sit harmoniously with all the minds involved, especially when my own is interfering.

    I apologise for disapearing. I stated early in this thread that I will help the world in response to the DHC for me. The universe has responded to that promise. This means Im a little distracted for now.
    Vitality, focus and clairity is returning to the task.

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    Re: A meeting place

    I wasn't going to deliberately dream for Oliver because I know him and Mishell fairly well. Last night one of my random thoughts was wondering if anyone had dreamt for Oliver. Anyway, this followed. I've cleared it with Oliver so I'll post it now and also some of the very interesting confirmations Oliver gave me:

    Looking after David
    15th January,2010.

    I am in an unfamiliar building. I’m not sure what it is. It’s possibly a hotel because I walk past a series of windows and see a series of gardens and ponds outside but they haven’t been maintained. The grass is overgrown and weedy in parts. It gets better as I walk along; perhaps a little maintenance has been carried out here.

    I am carrying David (Oliver and Mishell’s baby). He is very distinct in appearance and personality and immediately familiar. He is quite a heavy boy. I feel very affectionate towards him; he has such a unique, lively quality. Suddenly he sings quietly and in a sweet baby voice, “Jesus loves me.” He does it without the knowledge of what the words mean, it’s just something he’s heard and randomly reproduced. This impresses me. I smile and him and he beams back sweetly.

    Suddenly, I’m alarmed when, somehow, he bangs his head on the floor. It’s not a logical sequence since he’s safely in my arms when it happens but I accept the dream reality. Immediately, I assess the damage. He has a bruise on his forehead and I feel very certain it’s the only time his forehead has been bruised. I feel responsible. He doesn’t cry, instead he seems to be unconscious.

    The dream is out of sequence here. Now he’s perfectly all right and I’ve decided I need to feed him. I’m in a different part of the complex now. There is a group of high chairs and, initially, I think they all belong to David. Some are messy with food scraps. I talk to David, saying, “Now, which of these is yours?” I get a sense of a cheeky sense of humour from him as we pass the group of high chairs and instead start looking at these strange cubicles, like closets without doors. I say, “Is that yours?” and David nods but when I step forward there’s a sleeping baby there, all wrapped up. I pull back quickly so as not to wake him. I don't see his face.

    I return to the original dream sequence. I need to get David to a doctor. I find an unfamiliar blond woman and tell her I need her help transporting David. She agrees to help but I first insist we find a baby capsule to transport him safely. I find one that seems oddly shaped and small but he sits comfortably in it and I have no trouble using the seatbelt to hold it in place. I place him in the middle front seat of the lady’s large rig. I expect the lady to drive but she wants me to do it. I point out that it’s safer for her to drive the truck since I’m not used to driving trucks (though I have before in other dreams) and I hop into the passenger’s seat. She gets into the back seat and decides to drive from there. I’m not entirely happy about this, thinking it would be safer for her use the front seat. I wonder why I didn’t think of giving David some Panadol.

    Afterwards I have a series of unrelated (mostly) lucid dreams which I might post elsewhere later, though they're not that magnificent.

    Oliver's reply:

    Something that comes immediately to mind:

    David has developed a habit of bonking his head. This is usually harmless, as it only produces an interesting sound he wants to hear, but then he tried it on the ceramic-tile step and hurt his head. He was really surprised by that and needed consoling.

    It's one of the very surprising ways of exploring the world.

    More thoughts about this...

    Yes, David is a heavy boy! *uff*

    He has exactly the characteristics you describe - a bit cheeky, lively, distinct personality. He likes to make sounds and sing, and he even sometimes randomly and almost perfectly reproduces sentences without knowing. Rather funny, sometimes - Mishell said "Let's put some cream in your butt" and he just responded, in a baby voice, "Cream in your butt!"

    What do you think about the rest of the dream?



    I really feel David's energy through his photos and I knew it before he was born (remember the knitting dream?). The random bits of speech though... and it was the cutest of voices. He wasn't the least bit shy either. I just feel like I really know David, especially now.

    The cabinet part of the dream with the wrapped up baby that was out of sequence - I have a suspicion that it was a dream memory of a projection to physical David. I really pulled back so as not to wake him so I didn't see his face but the David in the dream identified the whatever it was (bed?) as his.

    I don't know about the truck bit. I'm usually happy to drive if I must but I felt it was better that she do it. It has echoes another dream I had a few months back where there was an unrestrained baby in the front of the car and I was in the back. I was very worried in that dream that it would be hurt. I particularly went through lengths to ensure the baby was in a safety capsule in this dream.

    It's confusing and then to be followed by so many little lucid dreams... I just don't know what was going on.

    Oliver again:
    Hehe, I just noticed something about your dream - the closet? David is sleeping in the closet! We are using a little room that used to be a food closet for the kitchen, a gallery. We let the landlord remove his shelves, and there's enough space for the changing table and his bed. That is where he sleeps! And about "no door" - we always leave the door open except when he's not in and we don't want him to play in there either at that time. So, it's as if, for most purposes, it has - no door! (Except now David likes to run in there and close the door and make me find him, the little mischievous imp! )

    As I said, you really hit home with all your descriptions about David.

    I think the truck has to do with energy body development. I would not have generally thoughts so until you started to point out that there was a discussion who should be the driver. And driving from the backseat. This sounds a lot like you are challenged now to become the more conscious (and it seems also lucid) driver in your mental body, and the whole flood of lucid episodes afterwards seems to confirm that.

    The baby capsule thing might be a way to represent to yourself issues of safety, comfort, and the whole driver/back seat thing sounds like a "training wheels" thing to me, too. Also, look at the vehicle - a truck. Representing the increased "power" of the mental body as compared to the astral body. I also think the baby capsule thing is a bit of layover from the other dream part. Also, you being concerned and then David fitting in perfectly - you're having worries in that regard, probably unconsciously, that are not "justified."

    All in all a most amazing dream.

    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

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    Re: A meeting place

    Every time I read this it makes smile a bit. The dream really reminds me of David - it triggers all kinds of fond memories.

    David was really announcing himself ahead. I remember having this feeling when he was still very little that he would be running everywhere if he could. Now he's living up to that feeling - one of the games he likes a lot is running around the living room with me following - he's got really fast.


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    Re: A meeting place

    Just giving this thread some love!!!
    Robert Van de Castle gave a talk at the Monroe Institute while I was there and he discussed this idea as well, so we tried it while there. We also did some color play wherein me, the "target dreamer" would broadcast a color (telepathically / mentally) before falling asleep, and then people would relate what colors they dreamed. Then we also did the problem solving group dream, wherein I the target dreamer asked a question (to myself, not related to the dreamers until after they dreamed) and then the group dreamers set the intention to go off and dream it. Very fun stuff, glad you guys have been doing it!

    He also talked about some neat experiments he did at a hospital where he'd try to dream the content of a photograph that someone was looking at in a separate enclosed room. He was pretty successful with it, though the experiment results kept getting contaminated... switching out of the target dreamer, black and white photographs vs. color in the replication at a different hospital, etc. etc.. so he wasn't able to publish the results as significant.

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    Re: A meeting place

    Perhaps you should try going to the 'Park' mentioned by Robert Monroe (and others).

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