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Thread: The discovery of self love and God's love in the core

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    The discovery of self love and God's love in the core

    At the point where "I" and "this" are the same, it's not yet the sense of love.

    In other words, even when we experience that "I" is "being", we don't necessarily experience "love" yet.

    But at the height of this point, it does feel like everything just dissolve away. We feel really great after a while.

    This is the time when you are left with your thoughts. Any thoughts that pop up can affect this state. If there is no thoughts, you can certainly go on like this for a long time. But thoughts, doubts, resistance, discomforts just pop up to interrupt. It goes like this: stillness---thoughts---doubts--stillness----resistance---stillness---thoughts---stillness.

    We go through these and repeat these over and over again.

    If we haven't quit, in a while, a part of us starts to see the uselessness of such activities. We start to feel that such repetition is not getting us anywhere, so why are we going around and around? We really deserve to be in that immense place.

    When we are in the empitness and stillness, our body and being are in its naturest state. We are in total relaxation. No need to pretend anything. No need to go anywhere. No need to resist anything. No need to do annything. We are just being ourselves. We really are totally being ourselves and just resting in our own being. That's like we finally find a resting place in the whole universe. We finally find our home.

    We realize all the thoughts, doubts, resistance, discomforts really just take us away from our resting place and get us edgy and uneasy. The one that is doing this is actually non other than ourselves. Although we say accept it, allow it, when we see it going around and around, we start to know we are not making a good choice for ourselves. We deserve to be in that resting place. But we somehow just engage in this nonstop going around.

    At some point it will occur to us that we are not taking care of ourselves. We are treating ourselves very badly with all these waves and waves of thoughts, emotions, memories.....taking us nowhere but drain our energy and taking us away from our resting place, our pure being.

    It is very important to point out that this is not an intellectual understanding. You need to really experience the whole thing with your being, with who you are. If there is any pretending, impatience, doubts, any trace outside of now, you will not experience it. You need to be in total focus and drive, with your inner energy and being.

    Once we reach this point, all of a sudden, we feel this overwhelming self love. It turns out that in the first time in our life, we truly understand and experience the purest self love that no one else can give to us, no one can teach us how to get here. We are totally free and there is no boundary.

    And at the hight of this understanding and experience, we will also truly know and experience that this self love is exactly what God's love is. At the core of our pure being is what God is.

    This realization will be the ultimate peak experience that you know you have achieve the oneness with yourself and with God. This is what the universe is about. This impact is so strong and life changing that it will follow you into life and everything is magical, powerful, and full of God's will and love.

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    Re: The discovery of self love and God's love in the core

    Good insights.

    You will be your divine when you let go of 'being' also.
    Sin nada (Nothing is impossible)

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