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Thread: question about pure negative energy

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    question about pure negative energy

    Ive had this a few times now. sometimes Ive just woken up in the morning and partially paralysed still, I keep having these intrusive negative thoughts that triggers an incredible amount of negative sensation throughout my mind. the best way to describe it, is a ball of negative energy exploding in me which meanders into different categories of negative energies: guilt, worthlessness, hatred, anger, shame... and I had to feel all that simultaneously. its extremely uncomfortable, makes me feel like complete rubble,, and impossible to cope and I feel like Ive been swallowed whole by this negative energy. its like being in a perpetual state of "hell" where no positive energy exists, only negative. but good thing I woke up from it

    it doesnt happen too often, only 3 times so far, and it doesnt affect my everyday life
    but Im just curious to know if anyone had similar experiences and what it means

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    Re: question about pure negative energy

    Can be a few things- from a 'dweller' manifestation to negs.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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