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Thread: WILD near miss

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    WILD near miss

    I'm not much of a drinker (maybe two beers a month on average) but did a lot of drinking last night, at my friend's birthday party. I drank some water before I went to bed, to avoid hangover, but was still hit this morning, but not too hard.

    I got up this morning to take kids to school, and when I went back to bed my stomach was a little queasy, my head was a little fuzzy. I realized that when I closed my eyes, I was seeing faint pictures of this and that, and it was a great opportunity to try and induce a WILD. I started to focus on the images, and describe them to myself in my mind (which is what I do) and then I focused on an image that was "in the back" of the rest of them. The moment I did, it jumped "forward" and got a little brighter. It was an image of a parking lot that I felt like was the parking lot by Brown Creek, where I've visited. The image was rectangular, roughly the shape of a wide-screen TV. I focused on this picture, and then my girlfriend rolled over in bed and grabbed my arm.

    And that was the end of that.

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    Re: WILD near miss

    Interesting experience. Hope you can have something similar soon but without a hangover.
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
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