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Thread: My Experiences (OOBEs, hypnopomics, etc.)

  1. Partial OOBE

    Feb 27, 2010

    I had a bunch of odd sensations before I went to sleep. It felt like static electricity and pressure against my upper back and against my lower legs. I also saw flickers of small, black spots out of the corner of my eye, but I figured they were probably just floaters. I have been sitting in front of the computer too much lately. I just brushed it off as vivid imagination.

    Last night, I saw something during which could have been a mini-OOBE. It just did not make much sense. I knew I was in bed, and the surroundings looked liked much like they do when I am awake. The difference was these two 'things' that were floating above me.

    These things looked like two dark-colored jackets, or some type of material, in the same color, that had been hung on two invisible pegs. Both were the same size and bulk, very much like two jackets or large towels. Both were stationary and about a foot above the body. Strange

    I have no idea what it was that I saw. I didn't get much of an opportunity to investigate, because I could not remain lucid for more than a few seconds. At least something is starting to happen. I would much prefer if all OOBEs were as "real" as possible. Other than the possibility of talking with other OOBErs, I don't much care for dream imagery.

    Later, this morning, I had a disturbing dream that was very similar to a dream I have had once before. I was standing near the front door. The door was open. A man suddenly walked right in and started going through some of my papers. I realized that he was probably out to steal my identity. I asked him to leave, but he was just frenetically peering around for something. Then, I woke up.

    The dream intruder could have been one of the two men I saw during an astral vision experience. During the astral vision, I hallucinated with my eyes closed, opened up my eyes and the vision was gone, closed my eyes and was back to at same scene. I was able to repeat this about 2-3 times and could move at the same time. I was wide awake. This type of experience has only happened once.

    The only thing unusual about the two men I saw in that vision, other than that they were creeping me out with some type of ritual that they were performing, was that both of them had odd eyes. The iris part consisted of 2 or 3 yellow concentrical rings. I didn't get a close look at the eyes or the face of this guy, though.

    The dream intruder also reminded me of someone I saw in a store a few weeks ago. This man suddenly looked straight at me and asked, "Are you happy?" I looked back, smiled and said, "Yes, I am." Then, I scurried the heck away from him. Some people just don't 'feel' right.

    That astral vision experience... if it were anything than just hallucination and the two men exist, I believe they just might be involved in some form of ritual magic. Shamans maybe. Witch doctors? I don't have a clue. One of them had painted something that looked a bit like huge glasses on his face with white paint.

    If I "hallucinate" about them again, I hope they speak English, because I have a few questions

  2. Sleep paralysis during OOBE (?)

    March 2, 2010

    I became aware I was in my room and in sleep paralysis. I struggled to move my gaze and noticed that the room looked the same, that something was hovering over me like a dark cloud, and that I was not perceiving the room from where my physical body was located (!) "I" was perceiving from about a foot above and a foot to the left of the physical body. Huh! I didn't know that it is possible to have sleep paralysis during an OOBE. Although, I am not entirely sure that it was not just a dream, and this is a first, since all other such similar experiences, I was fairly certain it was not a dream.

    As soon as I saw the blotch, the dream content or the state changed. In the dream that followed, I talked to a family member about what had just happened. For some reason, I told him that the episode made me think about a song by The Doors called Break on Through (how symbolic). I explained that the experience felt as yet another attempt to get through, but I don't know if "I" was trying to get through, out to somewhere else, or something/someone else was trying to get to where I was located.

    I used to listen to The Doors when I was in my teens, but have not listened to any of their songs in a while now. This experience-- the emphasis on a song--reminds me of the two OOBEs I had in September and October last year. Both of those experiences were preceded by waking up up to the song Hotel California by the Eagles playing in my head, which is a song that I don't care for at all. Hmph! Maybe the astral plane has been thorougly polluted by '70s music. Or maybe... perhaps I should check the radio stations the next time it happens (?)

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    Re: My Experiences (OOBEs, hypnopomics, etc.)

    Hallo Cielo
    What well may have happened to you is that you had a very short OBE. At that time you were just outside and above your physical body and saw an entity or an unconscious energy near you. Then your astral awareness faded and you entered into a dream. A short, confusing OBE that "morphs" into a dream is a very common phenomena that happens to a lot of people. In fact your astral/ethereal body may still have been outside and apart from your physical body. Yet you could no longer accurately perceive images in the astral realm and could only see dream imagery.


  4. Re: My Experiences (OOBEs, hypnopomics, etc.)

    Quote Originally Posted by greytraveller
    Hallo Cielo
    What well may have happened to you is that you had a very short OBE. At that time you were just outside and above your physical body and saw an entity or an unconscious energy near you. Then your astral awareness faded and you entered into a dream. A short, confusing OBE that "morphs" into a dream is a very common phenomena that happens to a lot of people. In fact your astral/ethereal body may still have been outside and apart from your physical body. Yet you could no longer accurately perceive images in the astral realm and could only see dream imagery.
    I suppose that's possible, that it was some sort of fading between the different states. Thanks greytraveller

  5. Yet another visit

    March 6, 2010

    Last night, I woke up because something was right next to the bed. I was very startled by it. It was almost as if the presence brought me out of sleep and quite abruptly at that. I was not in sleep paralysis, so I looked around, but I could not see anything unusual.

    What was a bit unusual, however, is that this time I could sense the shape of this presence. In the past, when I have sensed someone visiting during an OOBE (when they are having the OOBE, not me), I can make out approximate appearance, age, basic personality, and if someone is communicating, I can sense mannerisms and such. Whatever has been visiting lately does not really appear that way at all.

    I sensed somehow that "it" consisted of two shapes that were attached to one another. The two shapes were each rougly three feet tall and one to two feet wide. The section that connected them was maybe one foot by one foot. The whole thing was almost like a dumbbell or as if a cloud had been pinched a bit in the middle. One of the shapes was closer, less than an arm's length away, and the other shape a bit further away. How odd!

    Shape-wise, this cloud reminded me of those floating jacket-looking things I saw and wrote about on this thread not too long ago (See previous page, this happened Feb. 27, 2010). If a cloud had engulfed both of those things then it might have had the same shape of whatever it was that I sensed last night. The other difference is that this time, instead of being in some type of partial OOBE or in a dream state, I was awake.

    I was scared of it, so I did not try to communicate, and I definitely did not want it to show itself. I did not want to get up, because it was -right there-. I thought that if I did get up, that I might somehow accidentally brush against it. Since I did not know what else to do, I fell asleep (!). Sigh! Yet another lost opportunity to learn something new.

    The fear level was about the same as the time when something woke me up and moved in through my skull (See previous page, this happened Jan. 18, 2010), and I could feel it move inside of my chest, and along the inside of my limbs. I don't know if this "visitor" was the same one. That time I was awake too, but I managed to control the fear, and I agreed to go along with whatever it was trying to accomplish because I was curious. Last night, though, I chickened out.

    I wonder if these visits are actually my astral body returning and attempting to reintegrate.

  6. MAP - Day 1

    I picked up a copy of Mastering Astral Projection at the bookstore today and plan to keep a record of my progress on this thread.
    It's time to buckle down and get some results. I'm not so sure about the concept of shadow memories, but I will keep an open mind.

  7. MAP

    Wow. I'm already on the fourth day. I have been keeping up with the exercises so far, but should remember to listen to the affirmations.

    I'm having some problems with the tactile visualizations. I think it might be because I have been so focused, for so many years, to try and disconnect the mind from the body, that I have trouble sensing my body that way. For some reason, using the sponge is easier to sense than the brush. While using the brush, I have to keep my eyes open to feel anything. But, with a little bit of practice, I should be able to figure it out.

    March 11

    The first morning, I could not remember any of my dreams. I woke up with the a Bjork song (Scatterheart) playing in my head. It bothered me to no end that I could not remember anything, not a single trace. I kept trying to remember all through out the day, using every conceivable method. I even asked myself for the information. But, nothing.

    March 12

    The second morning, I had access to more dream memories. Most of the dreams were very symbolic. One of the dreams was very similar to a book chapter from Altered States of Consciousness that I read the previous night. The article was "Psychedelic experiences associated with a novel hypnotic procedure, mutual hypnosis," by Charles T. Tart. Very interesting stuff. But, should probably stick to reading OOBE related material right before I go to sleep. Or, maybe read something about flying or sky diving.

    March 13

    This morning, I had an interesting dream in which I was actively changing variables and watching how these influenced my dreams. It was one of those dreams where everything seemed to make so much sense, all the answers were right there. I struggled to wake up, and knew I just had to write it down. I even reached a point where I was convinced that I had written it down in my dream journal--and stated this to another part of me, just to make that part of me who was nagging about it let the other part continue sleeping Very interesting. LOL. I basically lied to myself, because I was too tired to wake up. When I finally woke up fully, the details of that dream was gone and there was nothing in the dream journal. The other dreams were about shopping, spring cleaning, and reorganizing furniture.

    March 14

    This morning, I remembered much more of my dreams. I had only a line or two to write down for the first couple of days.

    I woke up around 5:00 am and remembered a weird dream that was similar to that of the previous night. In the dream state, I was exploring the alien abduction phenomenon. I was going through three dreams that were related to states of consciousness. I explored the dreams and was surprised about the sensations and the level of lucidity. For some reason, it was important that I sleep on my right side for these dreams. I almost always sleep on my left side. Sadly, I can only remember a fragment of those three dreams, and it involved floating through a residential area.

    When I woke up the first time, I heard a car in the parking lot outside. Its engine sounded a bit strange, so I peaked through the blinds and saw an unfamiliar car with tinted windows. It was running the engine and giving off an awful amount of exhaust. I closed the windows. In the dream that followed, I dreamt that I lived in a place where the residents were working for a trucking company. There were trucks loading pesticide right outside the buildings and a green liquid was oozing out all over the place. People were walking through it and children were playing nearby. The rest of the dreams were pretty much ordinary dreams. Nothing unusual or interesting to note, except that I remembered them the next morning.

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