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Thread: My Experiences (OOBEs, hypnopomics, etc.)

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    OOBEs, false awakenings, and lucid dreams

    Possible OBE - (sometime between 1997 and 2003)

    I woke up and the TV in the bedroom was on with loud static. It was morning and bright in the room, unusually bright, to the point that everything was a bit fuzzy. I got a bit irritated that someone had turned on the TV, I got up, turned it off, and crashed back into bed. Later, when I woke up, I asked why someone had turned on the TV with static on such a loud volume. No one had heard the TV or turned it on.

    False Awakening: Early 2009

    I woke up and saw that I was sleeping in a bed and that someone was sleeping by my side. His shoulder was very white (think tripe) and there was a geometric pattern in the skin on the shoulder, it looked like it would have felt like a waffle (geometric indentations) had I touched the skin (!). I also had a feeling that he was not human. I thought about how much I loved him, and decided not to move, that I did not want for him to wake him. I woke up.

    Later, I thought that the pattern might have been a tattoo that I somehow misinterpreted to have a depth. Perhaps spider web?

    Lucid Dream: 2009 August

    In the middle of a typical dream, I suddenly saw a dust devil start forming below my feet and above my head. I started laughing and spinning clockwise with my arms out from my sides. The dust devil enveloped me like a bubble. I stopped the spinning and could see the walls whirl by. I started being able to see out through the wall. It looked like the sand was gold, light brown, tan. A window formed through the dust, and I could see out. I was in the desert in a rural area. Probably Mexico. I shouted "Viva Mexico" in the dream. I cannot speak Spanish and my outburst sounded completely idiotic. I laughed, I was happy, and chock-full of energy. I woke up.

    Lucid Dream, Possible OBE: 2009 August

    I was standing in an elevator. I saw my reflection in a mirror. I looked like I do when I am awake. I slammed both fists to the sides of the small mirror and screamed: "I want to remember". The elevator dropped, and when the doors opened, I tumbled out. I was in a basement. It was dark. I was floating and trying to move around in some coherent manner. I tried to reach the floor or the walls with my toes and fingers. I could not get anywhere and was just tumbling around. I lost lucidity.

    Dreaming Someone Else's Dream: 2009 September 4

    The goal I had set before falling asleep was to dream someone else's dream. I was curious if this would be possible. I dreamt that I was participating in a group exercise. I was in a big room with a group of people. There was an outline, a chessboard, on the floor. It might have been made with pieces of white tape. It seemed a temporary setup. There were four players. The four players represented the four elements. There was supposed to be something to this, that each of the players were supposed to approach the game with the element as a driving force behind their actions.

    I felt unusually slow and decided to switch with one of the observers and to watch instead. When I left the board, someone said to someone else that what he wished someone reliable, someone who enjoyed spending time with others, not a loner. I think someone was scolding whomever I was at the moment. This person thought "rules me out" and left. That person had a class to attend and was worried that s/he would not be able to remember the lines. (?)

    The next day, I found Israel Regardie's book about The Golden Dawn at the local library and found a description of Enochian Chess. I suspect this is what they were practicing during that group activity in the dream. I'm not into that stuff, though.

    Partial OBE: 2009 September

    I hurt my ankle (moderate inverted ankle sprain) last summer and was often stretching my legs in my sleep. I woke up because I heard myself making a horrible screeching sound in conjunction with the stretching. I opened my eyes and saw that my legs were straight up in the air. They were unusually pale. I got confused and woke up. My legs were under layers of blankets. I could not have moved them out of the blankets and back again without waking up.

    Astral Sight: 2009 September 4, 3:30am

    During the day, I was at the movies. Shortly after I sat down, I felt someone about to walk past, so I moved my legs to the side to let the person walk by. To my surprise there was no one there. The entire row was empty.

    That same night, I woke up/became conscious. I could move and there was no sleep paralysis. The black behind my closed eyelids changed into detailed black/gray/brown. Very intricate and intense contrast. I looked and saw the row of seats in the movie theatre, and a man walked up toward me. He was black and had yellow (concentric rings) eyes and was chanting in a foreign language. I opened my eyes and thought "how weird" closed my eyes and there he was again. I was able to open and close my eyes and the vision returned each time.

    I then received a message by another black man and was in the form of what I think Robert Monroe called NVC (non verbal communication, not the generic meaning, but a weird blend of concepts and images). What the other man did was to look at me and show me his face as he faced to my right, that is, at first, I only saw the right side of his face. He then slowly rotated his head so that I saw the back of his head. He rotated further until I gained eye contact with him again and I saw the left side of his face.

    The second man had white markings on his face. There was a finger-thick, white line that crossed his forehead right above the eye brows and dipped down a bit across the nose and near the sides of the face. There was also a line that crossed the face underneath the eyes that dipped up a bit across the nose and near the sides of the face. Almost like a set of drawn out glasses. Both of the men looked African. I later looked it up and the only images that I have been able to find on the Internet reminds me of images of shamans and sorcerers from Papau New Guinea. This came as a surprise, I have no cultural connections to that place. It was a sight that I least expected, it was completely outside of my frame of reference.

    When the vision faded, I got up, and as I stood up a hypnopomic imagery, a dark blotch, moved across the floor. I made sure not to step on it on my way to the bathroom.

    Partial OBE: 2009 September 5

    I was asleep on my left side. Then, I "saw" the outline of a hand (blue light), like a hand drawing, and then felt an arm move under back and a hand that grabbed a hold of my left breast. It hurt. I mean, it really hurt. I woke up and noticed that my husband was sound asleep beside me and that my left arm was under the pillow and the other arm in front of me. Who the heck did that! Then, I drifted back between sleep and wrestling with someone who was trying to drag me out of my body. At one point, I was half-way out.

    My upper body was located through my husband's physical body, and I was parallel to, and partially inside my physical body. I did not like the idea that I was partially inside my husband, and I did not want him to wake up. I was so tired, and tired of the struggle, and drifted into sleep.

    OBE: 2009 September 26, 6:20 am

    I was determined to have an OOBE that night. Sometime during the night I woke up and had the song, Hotel California, playing in my head.

    The song started with the line: "And still those voices are calling from far away. Wake [me] up in the middle of the night just to hear them say..." etc.

    In the early morning, I flopped over to my back, and went back to sleep/deep trance.

    I was dreaming that I was floating around in a dark world. I was happy. I looked like meatwad in ATHF and was very proud of my density and shine (!). I thought I was just drop-dead gorgeous and had the nicest spherical form.

    I had just heard a "news broadcast" about these entities that had just been discovered, and I was on my way to find out more. I found the entities hoovering over the surface of a dark, smooth rock surface. The entities were agitated. The entities appeared similar to one another. The one I observed, the one that was closest, looked like a big, black pancake, but with a more mass around the middle. The upper surface had thin brown, tan, and bone-colored streaks.

    I created a thought connection that looked a bit like a solid ♥♥♥♥♥et (no openings) and stretched it out to fit the entire upper surface of one of the entities. I intended to ask how it was doing and how I might help, but once the connection was established, I was back in bed and aware. There were flashes of light, and I heard a voice trying to come through loud static. I felt vibrations, and yet I did not feel them. It felt as if the whole turmoil (light, sound, etc.) was above my head and right behind me.

    I felt that my arms were stretched out right in front of me (perpendicular to my body, like a ghoul), and I was amazed that I did not feel the effect of gravity on the arms. At the same time, I knew that my "real" arms were placed to my sides under layers of blankets. I tried to focus on the voice, but when I could not make it out, I started to focus on my arms instead.

    I asked "could someone give me a hand?" but nothing happened. I came to realize that asking for a body part was not particularly useful (hehe, I'm glad there was no one around with a weird sense of humor). I could also feel that there was no one there who would help me out of my body.

    Despite feeling the lightning storm above and behind me, I could not sense a presence in the room. I stretched my arms out further and waited, but nothing happened. I decided to try to get out on my own. I remembered Monroe's mention of a rolling out method and thought that I might as well try that and see what would happen. Just the thought of rolling out was enough - it was easy. I started to spin very fast and I must have spun more than once. I was just right alongside my physical body. Then, I snapped back. The vibrations and sensations were fading, and I could feel that I was very close to being 100% reintegrated.

    I whispered "thank you, thank you" as best as I could. The last sensation I had before I regained full control of my physical body was that I felt something like a big blob glide down the side of my head like a big lougie. I had trouble getting back to sleep again. I had (not on or off, but solid) goosebumps from head to toe for about an hour afterwards.

    OBE: 2009 September 26, later the same morning.

    I had a dream where I tried to explain to someone that this horny, blond woman keeps following me around and that I was tired of her. I rarely dream about sex and don't care for women. The man that I talked to in the dream suddenly pounced on me and started licking my ear. He was very skilled at it, but I am ticklish, and I don't have a thing for my ears being licked. I said "quit it, quit it, arghh..." and decided to turn around to look at the person behind me.

    I assumed it was my husband. After all, who else could it have been? I saw my husband's face with his tongue in my ear and met his gaze. I started getting confused. I should not be able to see my own head. He looked like my husband and yet not really. His head was very white and he had a shaved head. His eyes were grey/white. I "snapped" out of it. I was alone in bed. I took my right index finger and stuck it into my right ear to find out if it was wet. My ear was dry. The experience felt 100% real.

    Duality: 2009 October 3

    I became aware of being in two places at once. I was in bed, and I was in the kitchen.

    OBE: 2009 October 8, 5:20am

    I was determined to get out that night.

    Sometime during the night I woke up and had the song, Hotel California, playing in my head (same as in previous OOBE).

    In the early morning, I flopped over to my back, and went back to sleep/deep trance.

    I became aware of my physical body and saw drop down menus overlapping the surroundings. I read the menu items and noticed that there was an option for the "roll out method." I thought it was an interesting interface and selected the "roll out" option since it was the only one I could see available related to OOBEs. I rolled out of my body immediately after the selection was made.

    Everything was quiet this time. There were no vibrations and no unusual sounds. This time the spinning out was not as uncontrollable as the first time. I expected to be sucked back in again, but nothing happened. Then, I realized that I must be partly inside my sleeping husband. He made some noises in his sleep, and I tried to wake him up. When that did not work I decided to continue into the kitchen to try an experiment.

    The experiment: I came across a description in one of the books about this topic (Astral Dynamics?) and decided to try it out. My husband picked out a card without looking at it and placed it on top of one of the kitchen cabinets. My goal was to find the card while out and then describe when I returned.

    I was less scared this time but still very skittish. I decided that I did not want to see anything, like a kid hiding under a blanket, refusing to check for monsters. I knew I was moving through the living room toward the kitchen. I knew where I was, but everything was dark. I wanted to see just the outlines of furniture and such, but could not perceive that way.

    When I knew I was in the kitchen I thought "OK, I want to see now" and I saw the kitchen. I was floating at an angle near the sink. My feet were about a foot off the ground and my upper body was leaning toward, and partially over, the sink. I saw my arm. It looked normal.

    Since my arm was under the faucet I tried to move the arm through the faucet. It worked. It felt cool to the skin, and felt cool as it slid through the arm. I smiled and thought, "I'm finally at the faucet, and I am not even thirsty" (I thought this was a reference to one of the books I once read about OOBEs, it might be, but it is also how my husband had his first OOBE - by trying to get a drink of water).

    I then decided to find that card. I floated upwards. I remember my husband saying something about a metal bowl on top of the cabinet, that I should not try to move the bowl around to cheat and determine the card that way (in the physical). Based on what he said I thought the card would be next to the metal bowl on the cabinet to the right and above the sink. I focused on the card and found it to the right of what I thought was the metal bowl.

    I had trouble interpreting the surface of the card. The vision was still fuzzy (I'm such a chicken. I knew I could sharpen my perceptions if I had wanted to). I saw that it was a red card right away. That was the easy part. Then I thought that it must be a seven, I counted seven symbols on the card. But I realized that was not right. I took another look and saw a red square followed by a red three. I thought that the red square could be some weird interpretation of a diamond and decided to hurry back to my body.

    I floated back from the kitchen and over to the bed. At the same time, I kept thinking "red card, red three, red diamond, three of diamonds..." I could see the curtains, the bookcases, and two bodies on the bed.

    I expected to pop back in again as I got closer; to feel a drag of some kind. But, nothing. I swooped into my body and nothing happened. I adjusted, but nothing. I could not even feel the body as I entered into it. This is the first time that I did not experience any duality/plurality. Perhaps that might have something to do with the difficulty in getting back in. My physical body must have been completely asleep.

    When I finally came to, after a lot of squirming, I got up and started writing it all down. The time was 5:20 am. I woke up my husband and said that the card on the cabinet is the three of diamonds. He got up and took down the card. (He had to use a chair to reach it). The card was the three of hearts. This was surprising. I should know a heart. When I observed the card I noticed that there were seven red symbols on it: two small hearts, two threes, three larger hearts. This might explain why my initial impression was a seven.

    When I described that I moved up by the metal bowl and found the card to the right of it, he pointed out that the card was not on top of that cabinet. It was on top of one of the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen. There are some coffee cans on top of the other cabinets and that might be what I interpreted to be the metal bowl.

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    Recent hypnopomic imagery

    2009 September (no date), 5:55am

    In the dream, I was in my bed (not here). I felt a presence come closer. It felt intense, and I got scared. It was right outside the door. I felt something grab a hold of my second body head and drag it out, it snapped back in, "it" dragged my head out again, and it snapped back in. Then I felt the blanket move toward my feet. It felt a bit like a kid tugging at a pant leg.

    I was in sleep paralysis. I could feel that something was near the foot of the bed but could not open my eyes or move my head. I thought "this is not necessary, the sleep paralysis is not necessary" and I could move my head. I looked in the direction of the foot of my bed and saw a hypnopompic pattern against the wall. It looked like a soccer ball with small spikes. I was less scared. I continued looking, closed my eyes, opened my eyes and it was still there. Then, I thought "OK, that's enough" and it melted/blended in with the wall and disappeared. Since then, occasionally, I feel that same sensation on my head.

    2009 September 10

    Before I went to sleep, I decided that I wanted to communicate with that hypnopompic sphere, to find out its purpose and function. During the night, I woke up and saw a weak, less organized pattern. It looked like a spider with no body and thin long legs.

    2009 September

    I wanted to contact the hypnopomic sphere/mechanical units and to find out if I could go further, to actually project while connected with one of them. I woke up and saw two smaller connected hypnopomic spheres. They were about the size of tennis balls. 'They' were giddy, expectant. Their mentality was childish, somehow. I was too tired to stay lucid and fell asleep.

    Deep Trance State/Spheres: 2009 October

    Before sleep, I asked my mind about the duality experiences during deep trance. Later, I experienced being four spheres (all the same size, about like a soccer ball) that floated above me, I perceived from those four areas, at the same time, while perceiving the spheres from my position in bed. It was very complicated to see from so many perspectives.

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    Lucid dream?

    Late December, 2009.

    I became aware and found someone connected to me, but when I asked 'who are you?', which I thought was a perfectly reasonable question, this man became very angry. I could not understand why he was so upset. During the time this went on, I remembered another episode (dream/trance state) that had happened the night before. During that occasion, I had felt something like a cord (astral cord, I guess) that was attached to me and attached to a man sleeping by my side. When I took a closer look, the same thing had happened: the man woke up very angry. Before this, I don't think I had ever remembered another dream from inside a dream.

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    Lucid dream

    December 29, 2009

    Last night, I was dreaming and decided I did not like that dream one bit, so I thought to heck with it, it is just a dream and regular rules do not apply. As I walked through a wall in the dream, I came to in a trance state in bed, and found myself pushing against the physical boundaries to get out of my body. Unfortunately, it didn't work. It was as if I was caught inside this hard shell. Very frustrating.

    I have been hoping to get out soon again. I have a few experiments I would like to try. I have these sticky notes on a door and some stuck to a whiteboard, and would like to see if I can tear them down.

    OOBE?, December, 2009.

    There were two pink fliers that I had taped to the inside of a door near the place where I was sleeping. These were notices from the management company that they were going to plow the parking lot and needed everyone to clear out their vehicles at a certain date and time. As I was waking up, I was located partially outside my body, about 1/2 meter above my body, and was stretching my right arm outwards, some 5 meters away. I was moving my hand through the door and tried to catch and move the fliers closer to me.

    The hand was translucent, but I could see an outline and see movement inside the outline. I don't know if the fliers came closer, or if I was moving closer to the door. I tried 2-3 times, but was not having much success at it. What I was doing was intentional. I have a few things on a to-do list, one of those tasks was to see if I could actually move physical objects while in this state. I assume that trying to tug at the fliers was part of such an attempt.

    When pulling on those fliers turned out to be a real flop, I got curious about what I might look like, which is yet another task on that to-do list. This curiosity was also caused by seeing what my arm looked like (translucent jello). As soon as I had that thought, I saw two blond women standing at the foot of the bed. They looked as if they overlapped. As if one was inside the other and one was about one inch outside of the other. Odd.

    I got the strong impression that they were also me. But, then I felt such disbelief and got so dismayed by what I thought was just dream symbolism that I thought "heck, this is just a dream" and decided to fall asleep. I should have tried to communicate, I should have tried so many different things, and have really kicked myself for not trying out more stuff when I had the chance. The blondes looked normal and average except they had those same black bug eyes that the greys have. I thought they were me to such an extent that I started being critical about their hair color. Much later, I realized that what I saw could have been a visual representation of the "double," or my "double"

    The next time I'm out, I plan to float over to a mirror and see if I can get a better look. I wonder if I can manipulate what I look like and transform back and fourth into a cloud, into a solid, and into something else. That would be useful stuff to know before I decide to venture out any further.

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    Spiritual blend?

    January 18, 2010

    Last night I had a nightmare. The dream was not important. What happened after it is that I woke up and something or someone was in the room. I wanted to see what it was and looked around the room. I have seen hypnopomic imagery in the past (not a new thing), but could not see anything, not even a tiny, dark blotch.

    Even though I could not see it, I could feel it, and whatever it was moved closer, until I could feel a tugging on my head (astral head, I guess, not actual head - again, also something that has happened before). I did my best to relax. I did not have sleep paralysis and that helped.

    Then, something was poured (!) into and through my head from the crown and flowed down inside my chest. I did my best to calm my nerves. This pouring was accompanied by a slow/dull vibration. For a moment I thought for sure I would not be able to take anymore, that I was just about to freak out and run screaming for the door. I could sense where it was inside of the body, and it felt different, but not unpleasant.

    I knew that if I tried to stop it that I would not get the chance to explore what this might have been. At least it didn't hurt. The only thing that is truly discomforting in this state/situation, whenever it has happened in the past, is that my thoughts feel different. It is like the normal internal dialogue is turned off, or feels weak somehow. The only thing that feels similar to it is to try to talk while feeling faint, where someone tries to say something and the only thing that comes out is a puff of air.

    I don't know how long the first round lasted. At first I tried to communicate "hello! I'm so and so, who are you?" but got no response. Then, I hoped for the best, that what I felt were the vibrations (Robert Monroe), and tried some experimentation of my own, with very little success.

    After some time, it stopped. I think I might have fallen asleep for awhile. Then, when I came to again, I was curious about what had happened, so I gathered up my nerves, and I asked this whatever it was to try it one more time. Less than a few seconds, it started up again. This time, it started much the same, but the 'whatever' that got poured in went as far down as to my knees (on the inside). Some moments passed, and I could feel a dull pain in my ankle, the ankle I hurt this summer. Strange. I have not felt that pain in about two months. It should have healed by now.

    Sigh! It was such a disappointment. I managed to deal with the fear, wanted to actually see what was visiting, tried to communicate, and then nothing.

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    Partial OOBE, lucid dream

    January 29, 2010.

    I woke up (OOBE?) and saw an object floating above me to my right. It looked like a rectangle that contained two rows of circles. I did not count them, but would guess there were fewer than 8 circles per row. Each of the circles had a slit in the center and the space in that opening was adjusting back and fourth, and not in unison. I thought, it must be doing a self-test (diagnostic). Why I would think that I don't have a clue.

    I saw a dark semi-transparent patch floating right above me. I said "Hi, are you going to let me know who you are this time?" but received no reply. I felt the same feeling on my scalp and arms that I did the first time I saw this "cloud." I relaxed and fell asleep. It was a bit like, "I trust you. Do what you gotta do."

    Later, I saw what looked like a meteor shower and thought, "those are ships, jumping and arriving together in clusters." I think I saw this from the surface of a planet. I did not get a fix on the ships themselves (shape, size, occupants, etc.). But I have seen this sight once before many years ago. The sky was gray (daytime?) and I saw some clouds. The ships showed up in what looked like clusters of five, one group after another. I don't know if the ships were arriving or departing.

    I became aware in a room and I was on top of what looked like a hospital bed/gurney. There were no other furniture in the room. [Section removed - saw an alien]. I assumed that I was seeing from someone else's eyes and got out of there. I just wish I would have taken the time to at least look at my hand or arm to find out if I was humanoid or something else.

    When I started to wake up, I saw something that looked like a short entity with big black eyes at the foot of the bed. Not like the typical gray alien but a something that looked like a black smurf. Immediately, sleep paralysis set in. It felt like someone was holding down my head and my arms. I struggled to look and saw my husband floating in the kitchen. I thought that what I saw was an illusion to lure me into going back to sleep again. I got ticked off and said, "so you want to fight with me, do ya?" After a brief mental struggle, I snapped out of it, and woke up.

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    Re: My Experiences (OOBEs, hypnopomics, etc.)

    Do you often wake up to see ET-looking figures?
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    A new start?

    OK. I am pretty much caught up now.

    Last night, I bought some new material about OOBEs. It's funny. This author mentions a mental trick that involves computer menus. It is one of those things that always strike me as amazing when I have had an experience in the past and then find material about just later on, almost as if I have talked with that person, or there is some sort of time loop that allows me to fetch the information from the future, when I need it.

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    Re: My Experiences (OOBEs, hypnopomics, etc.)

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler
    Do you often wake up to see ET-looking figures?
    Not really. Most of the few occasions are described in this thread. I much prefer to have OOBEs that are as close to the real world as possible.

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    Drained batteries


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