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Thread: Super Deep Meditation With Bliss Coded Sound

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    Re: Super Deep Meditation With Bliss Coded Sound

    I just listened to the five minute sample, and I felt like someone was making 8-shaped circles around my head, not in the brow like others report, but in the middle of my head, prob. where the pineal gland is (or pituitary, whereabouts). It was very nice and I wanted more.
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    Re: Super Deep Meditation With Bliss Coded Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusTraveler View Post
    Interesting! that explains why I havent got the same effects from this as from monroe products (and Im not saying this or that is better or worse )
    Actually cant believe I didnt try this more than once. Ill have to try it again today.

    Two questions to ThirdEye:
    1. Do you use this every time you meditate?
    2. Can I lengthen the track (to edit the mp3 so that it loops) without loss of effect in meditation? Im asking because perhaps the track ends with a certain frequency meant to be at the end.
    1. Nope I do it mostly when I feel there is some sort of energy block, usually having to do with emotional or mental stress.
    2, You can loop it as long as you loop the whole track from start to finnish.

    You could always visit my website and maybe contact me from there if there are any more questions. I am not sure if I am allowed to post any links in here so I wont do that
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