Dear folks,

I'm so curious that I asked Robert the same question.
I've been pondering about this for a while. I've just read an article that long term ear plug wearers actually develop a harsh dependance on them, getting incredibly annoyed by little sounds and sleep being impossible for them without the earplugs.
I do understand that it is best to be independant and I can sleep and meditate both in light and darkness, however I'm simply wondering if it is just more healthy to cover the eyes while resting. The eye even under closed lids apparently is more busy while light enters it. Is this a persistent strain throughout rest or does this reduce as one goes into trance?
I'm also wondering whether there are habitual dangers emerging from sleep masks such as a possibility of becoming increasingly sensitive to UV light.
I also fear that using a sleep mask may at some point cause me to not be able to sleep without it.

As I said I don't think it's necessary but I'm wondering if it does simply improve sleep.

Thank you very much

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