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Thread: Manifestation And Self-Healing

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    Manifestation And Self-Healing

    Has anyone else signed up for this online tutorial? It appears to be the first of at least six programs currently priced at $197 each (expected to significantly increase in price). I'm giving it a try and if it fulfills my expectations I plan to participate in others. I'd like to hear from anyone else who has enrolled and is taking the course.

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    Re: Manifestation And Self-Healing

    I'm taking the course and enjoying watching Robert speak.

    However, I've read all of Robert's books and so far have not heard anything new.

    But then I'm only on the third video.

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    Re: Manifestation And Self-Healing

    I know what you mean but for me it's easier to see it than to read about it.

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    I have not seen MASH but I have seen the second video program, APM (Astral Projection Mastery). I wrote a review/testimonial about here.

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