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Thread: Science Center / Research Center

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    Science Center / Research Center

    I got the impression that you (R Bruce) intend to start a Science & Research Center? My question is if you have any plan describing what you want to achieve?

    For example:

    * What professionals do you want to take help from, if any?
    * What kind of experiments do you want to do?
    * Who will participate in those experiments?
    * Is real-life verification of OBEs one goal?
    * Are you going to investigate functions of the astral body?
    * What physical measurements and equipment do you intend to use?
    * Is there a funding plan?
    * How will you go about to research astral "energies"?
    * How much work will be put into researching the RTZ?
    * Will there be any cooperation with other institutes and on what external research material will you build your Center?
    * How will you proceed with documenting the Center's findings?
    * What library function will you have?
    * Will the science Center be scientific in the sense that it will do observations and then draw conclusions, or will you go about through some other method like asking guides?
    * How will the Center be organized?

    I'm mainly asking because I hope that good work placed on a Center will become useful. I also am interested in knowing what outcome will be produced.

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    Re: Science Center / Research Center


    I will work most of this out as we proceed.

    It will be as scientific as it needs to be, and I will invite certain scientists and researchers to take part and or to share.

    There is a great deal of spiritual research needed in the world today, including real time zone stuff, and investigating spirits, materialization, nature spirits, healing, manifestation, farming, architecture, new ways of enhancing altered states and OBE with sound and light and other things, etc, etc.

    I would hope to be on friendly sharing terms with many of today's spiritual organizations.

    Information gained from this research will be released as needed.

    The planned center will also be a place for teaching and healing.


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