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Thread: 2012 events

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    2012 events

    In one of the posts on Ask Robert Bruce you mentioned that you believe there may be some dramatic events in 2012 that could be life-changing for many. What do you see as the most likely major dramatic events to occur?

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    Re: 2012 events

    The most likely is a nuclear attack on Iran. I had a major vision on this about 15 years ago. In the vision, it was not clear what country was the aggressor. I saw a TV news broadcast with a big map of Iran, covered with a dozen or so mushroom clouds, and very excited voices explaining what was happening. It looked a bit like how they do the weather show. Given the year, 2012, and the nature of 'the powers that be' to use significant dates in the collective consciousness, and the massive troop movements and other military and political maneuvering that has been occurring lately (mostly not revealed in the mass media), I think this is the year that this will happen. Again, I have no idea what country was attacking Iran, as this was not clear in the TV vision.

    I think the decision for this attack was made around the time I had this vision, so this will be the result of long term plans and not current events.


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    Re: 2012 events

    Dear Sir...

    ¿Why your answer is today and not 5 months ago?

    ¿Events are now inminent and unavoidable? ¿A prior knowledge could have been a factor leading to a worsening of incoming events?

    With sincere regards...

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    Re: 2012 events

    I try to get to questions quickly, but often a backlog develops when I am busy doing other things.

    I also occasionally miss a post and it gets scrolled out of sight.

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