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Thread: On astral parasites

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    Re: On astral parasites

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikpalj View Post
    Mr Bruce,

    I've managed to see one of the insect-like astral parasites that have infested my body by using a part of the human aura viewing excersize (looking to the sides, not directly). The world gradually lost it's colours, but the large parasite that's sitting on top of my head appeared, in gray and bluish tones of colour. I've seen that it's sucker is right on my third eye chakra, and that it's, well - sucking...

    Myself and a few other posters have been attacked and infested by these astral entities in massive numbers... so I know that i'm not alone in this. While browsing over the net, I found out about a strange new disease that appeared a few years ago.

    Almost all of it's symptoms can clearly be described as an attack by these same astral parasites and/or energy draining:

    sensation of "hair on top of head moving on it's own",
    invisible strands moving across theface,
    freezing cold hands and feet, extreme lack of energy,
    various neurological symptoms the most prominenet being attention disorder (from the huge astral squid/spider growing it's "body" into the frontal lobe area) and later on mild psychosis,
    sensation like the eyes and skin around the eyes was covered in invisible goo (I have a small squid-like parasite latched/grown into each of my eyes and it's the same kind of feeling),
    "visual hallucinations" (seeing half-visible things moving right in front of person's eyes or a part of vision space shimmering like the air in front of the viewer was extremely hot),
    stomach cramps/indegestion problems/diarrhea or constipation etc (I have a huge astral spider completely filling up my stomach cavity, with long leg-like tentacles extending into my legs and it's actually doing something to any food or liquid that I take, mixing trough it with various parts of it's body moving around my intestines like it was "eating" it - probably extracting prana from the atoms) and many more which I can't presently remember....

    I developed my energy awareness quite nicely and am using my "astral hands" to fight off the smaller astral parasites that are subjectivelly inside my head area. A day or so ago while I was trying to push one of them away from the unknown part of my e. body in the central part of my head area which they thump frantically with their bodies from time to time, one of them took completely over my left arm and (mockingly) made a perfect motion of pushing someone to the left side of me, the same kind of virtual puppetry that you've described in your Psy SD book...

    I've contacted Spectral Dragon here about half a year ago and he has been trying to heal me for all this time, largely unsuccessfully. I'm sure he has sent me insane ammounts of energy to replenish what the negs drain from my body daily, but from all of that I clearly felt my hands get warmed up and start buzzing with a kind of electric static only once (!) for all this time.

    They also seem to use some advanced astral imagery/ilusionary techniques to hide themselves from him, are jamming him.

    From the various ways in which they know how to interact with my brain (closer to what an experienced brain surgeon then simple "astral salad" would do) to start off various shizophrenia symptoms (mainly psychosis attacks by ramming their small half-corporeal bodies into one precise spot in the center of the brain on the lower side of it and staying "glued" to it, which creates a maddening pressure-like feeling) and many other things I'd say that these guys have been thought how to do all of this.

    They are working (co-operating with each other in generating symptoms by influencing various parts of the brain/glands/chakras) in a very organized and efficient, military-like way.

    One other poster on the heavy neg-abuse forum has pm-ed me, writing about how she has telepathicaly asked one of the astral spiders latching onto her body why she (the spider, felt female in energy) was doing this to her, and the critter responded: "I have to do it because they will destroy me if I don't".

    I managed to cut up one of the parasites inside of my head area badly a few days ago and while it floated lifelessly to the bottom of my throat it sent a telepathic message to me in a tired, sober voice, saying:

    "I was just doing my duty."

    Once, a few months ago, I've heard them saying that their "astral army is getting ready".

    So, what I would like to know is simply, have you ever noticed a guy on a street that had his head and most of his body completely covered in insectoid astral parasites? Why don't any of you advanced mystic guys know about this seeming parasite invasion going on?

    I would like to ask you if you could get in touch with a higher being (or your own Higher Self, if you're advanced enough to initiate contact) and ask it what exactly is going on with these parasites?

    Also, could some of the so-called "morgellon's disease" suferrers be viewed psychically by yourself or anyone advanced that you know of, in order to confirm that what in fact is going on is that they have been overrun with astral parasites... from my own half-year experince of having to put up with an infestation, I'd say that they are. The difference between myself and all the others being that I have mystic knowledge and they do not, so are writing all of the symptoms to various classical diseases...

    I have a nasty feeling also that the various mental health institutions are full of these same kind of critters - that the "invisible bugs" that the thousands of presumed shizophreniacs have been complaining about for centuries are infact, a ver real & present danger.

    One of the smallish snail like critters that I've caught crawling up my face when I've woken up a few nights ago, when I've tried to pick it up and throw it away with my energy said to me telepathicaly, quote: " F### off, imbecille! We'll give you cerebral paralysis!"

    I know it's just a threat in order to make it easier to attach to my e body by using my fear, but - my god! - what a peculiar disease choice for a tiny astral critter! I've never before heared about this disease, had to look it up in a medical book. I wonder how many cer. paralysis cases have actually been engineered artificially by the negs... which we know nothing about.

    The smaller and smarter types of these negs that are garrisoning my e body are calling the big, moronic astral spider/squidd types the "disease spreaders" or "plague carriers" and as I have understood, they consider common viruses to also be of astral origin. That may well explain why the viruses adapt so wonderfuly well to ever new medication, in a seemingly intelligent way - because they are intelligent.

    Or maybe a neg uses a bunch of them as a kind of modular (many-part, but one, neg consciousness "driving" them) astral vehicle/body?

    The big, dumb spider parasite in my stomach has threatened me when he penetrated my e body in his moronic, bass voice that he can give me collera, anthrax and that he can screw up my biorythm. I have no reason to suspect this, because this is such a peculiar thing for a neg to boast - in fact I think that the negs and not rats may be responsible for medieval plague infestations (just a theory).

    All the while I was writing this post the negs inside of my subc. mind have sent to me messages about how you'll think that I'm a shizophreniac... Well, I think that many of the shizophrenia cases are also in fact neg attacks, that they destroy the person in question's mind and then massively obsess/attach to him in order to feed, staying attached for decades while the person spends the rest of his/hers life staring off into empty space, fighting off dozens of "voices in his head" or trying to shake off (or throw off the larger ones) "invisible bugs" from his body... completely unable to make anyone believe him, because he's obviously a goner, a nutcase - sees, hears and can feel what's not there for the rest of the normal folks...

    If this parasite thing is starting to go off/spread as I think that it is, then somebody should do something about it, if nothing else, then to confirm the reality of the attacks.

    Somebody gifted with "astral sight" should try viewing a few disco clubs, large cinemas or shopping malls, in search of astral parasites. I've had one of the smallish critters crawl up on one of my feet about 30 meters from where live, in the middle of a street in my town, and another time even further away, about 50m...

    But most importantly I think that it's about time we start helping those poor, poor people in mental health institutions suffering so horribly and needlessly in some way, any way... Maybe try applying the Kirillian's photography to a number of morgellon's disease sufferers? - don't know, just thoughts...

    I think that you have encountered this kind of case before, the post "Robert Bruce please help" in the psy sd part of the Astral Pulse forum (2nd page) is the same kind of thing (the guy complained about a heavyish, bag or pillow-like critter sitting down on top of his head, running a kind of "wires" - tentacles - into his head and across his face, giving him severe attention disorder etc).

    I mean, I am aware that many neg attaks are in fact karma based, pre-determined by our higher selves, but you should see my head area - it looks rediculous, like it's covered in freezed chicken bodies and sea-food salad... how many people are like this, but not aware of it? I've read a few posts of severe, long term morgellons disease sufferers on various forums, how they describe that they almost have to walk an all fours from the attention disorder, are slowly going crazy from the severe pressure like some kind of a plant was penetrating their frontal lobes and from the weird type of a hallucination - the hair on top of their heads starting to crawl with "illusionary" movement as soon as they turn off the lights in order to sleep.

    I'll repeat, some of these negs know exactly what part of the human brain "does" what, are able to simulate various neurological disorders perfectly from my exprience, god only know what else.

    I wonder just how long have they been doing this, and where exactly have they acquired such advanced knowledge, it couldn't just have fallen off an (astral) tree...

    I am sorry for the length of the post and my grammar, english is not my native language.

    With respect for you and your work,
    I have been infected for the past 4 years. I can feel them moving inside of me and on my astral field. They have caused many medical issues one of which is fibromyalgia. I believe they are the source of most infections including cancer and mental health issues. I would be eager to hear if you have made any progress in eliminating these infections.

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    Re: On astral parasites

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    I have been infected for the past 4 years. I can feel them moving inside of me and on my astral field. They have caused many medical issues one of which is fibromyalgia. I believe they are the source of most infections including cancer and mental health issues. I would be eager to hear if you have made any progress in eliminating these infections.

    Hi Pamela,
    I wanted to share with you my process. I've been dealing with these astral spiders/ squids for 7 years now. And the number 7 is the year of completion. This is what I've learned and applied these techniques to get a handle on this. First off eat as clean as you can! Organic when possible, no parasitic meat such as pork products, shrimp and so on. As for meditation that really works is the Awakening the Illuminated Heart meditation by Drunvallo Melchizedek. His book Living in the Heart has the meditation and a C.D. with it. It will take practice. Everything you do to confront them is going to require many times over. Due not give up! Continue to do these techniques, the Lesser Banishing Spell using the Kabalistic cross is effective, as long as you do it on the fullest part of the moon, and know the moon cycles. For example super full moons and blood moons are more effective than a harvest full moon and so on.
    Cardio exercise allows your body to process these parasites out, that is when the larger ones are nesting with in us, they need our bodies to survive this shift that Drunvallo speaks about. This is why they are here invading our bodies and trying to use us as incubators. The shift I'm referring to, is that Mother Earth does a pole shift every 13,000 years. This is her natural cycle. It was recorded in Ancient Sumerian records. This time when she does this, she is raising her vibration from our current 3rd dimension existence to a 4th dimension existence. (3rd dimension is all selfishness and all about me, where 4th dimension is peaceful coexistence) A.K.A. she is traveling from the Piscean age (Polarity consciousness) to the age of Aquarius. What this means to us and our current state of affairs is that mother earth is raising her vibration. These parasites are low vibrating frequencies (hence the reason they are angry and try to manipulate using fear tactics) When you practice this meditation you will ground yourself with Mother Earth and connect with Father Sky and that raises your vibration because their energy flows through you. Eating fresh vegetables and fruit, they are high frequency foods, that help you to keep your vibration up. Using things in your surroundings such as Crystals that have a high vibration (Known as the "Ites" Kyanite, Amazonite, and so on) Also using incense such as Frankincense and Myrrh or Dragons' Blood, and Sage it is really your preference. When dealing with these energies, you don't want to feed them any unnecessary energy, such as dropping into fear or anger, and just so you know, having sex feeds them too. So instead of confronting them directly, live your life through raising your vibration. Just like using a tuning fork to tune a piano, when your vibration comes up, it pushes lower vibrating frequencies out and away. Do not give them any power, such as believing that they can cause illness or disease or even death. Even if long term infestation would cause that, you putting your faith in it will manifest illness quicker than they can. And as a final note, go onto Drunvalo's School of Remembering, as soon as you can attend an Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop, in that workshop you will activate what is known as your MerKaBa. This raises your vibration extremely high. This is something they don't have, and none of the other E.T. neg energies on this planet have it. This is why they fear us, and try to control us. This shift is about to happen, and much like what happened 13,000 years ago, they will not survive. They will be sucked into the 2nd dimension to re-learn everything over again. We will rise to the occasion. Also if you are dealing with an excessively violent one, or more, then do this, Call on Thor to help you or Loki. They are our defenders of this realm, and they really do kick some A$$! I've had very difficult nights and when I called on them they really handled it! When they came back their touch was extremely weakened! If you believe in the Arch Angels, then say this one! It Rocks! "Arch Angel Michael to my Right, Arch Angel Michael to my left, Arch Angel Michael above me, Arch Angel Michael below me, Arch Angel Michael within me, Arch Angel Michael all around me. Arch Angel Michael with your flaming sword of Cobalt Blue, cut all inappropriate cords from me that no longer serve my greatest good! Cut down my front! Cut down my back! Cut down my right side! Cut down my left side! Cut all inappropriate cords from my chakras, begin at my root chakra and go up. Arch Angel Michael gather them and their offspring and take them back from whence they came, harming none, so mote it be!"
    I promise this is how I have made it through this last 7 years. These energies do serve a purpose, they teach us about how powerful we really are, and how to use that power because we live in a realm of forgetfulness. They are required to remind us before we complete this transition into the 4th dimension!
    I'll see you on the other side of this shift!
    Onward and Upward!
    C. Farley

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