I would not recommend a total fast with no water.

Water is needed for the body to break down fat molecules for energy...and you need a lot of water. This makes fasting far less uncomfortable.

This is also extremely dangerous. In very hot weather, with no water, one could be dead in a few hours. This happens every year here in Australia, where a few people get lost in very hot weather.

And fasting in cold weather is no fun, as you really feel the cold.

I have heard of people dying attempting to do this...trying to live on nothing but light and air...breatharians, etc.


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I fasted four times a month for over 8 years. The fast was a dry fast, ie no food or water for 36 hours, and I did it 3 days before the full and new moon and on the full and new moon. It was fun and I long to get back to this regimen. I also plan to do water fast or juice fast.