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Thread: Dream Invasion Access

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    Dream Invasion Access

    Hello Robert...

    I am a victim of psychic attack by a group of black magicians who have used every form of black magic against me and my family for well over twenty years. They have been living off of our energies for that time, as well as placing literally hundreds of hexes and curses to keep us from freeing ourselves from their grasp. I began to educate myself about seven years ago, and with some help along the way, I and others have done a lot of work to break hexes and curses, clear out implants and access points, place protective shields, etc..., a LOT of work.

    The problem is that the attackers, and one in particular, keep attacking, during the day, but especially at night in our dreams. They present elaborate masquerades wherein they appear as other people, places, and things in any or all time zones, and they gain pseudo-permission, via ruse, to regain access.

    I have been unable to find any assistance with dream invasion of this type. Do you know of any help available?

    Thank you,

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    A complex problem.

    I suggest regular mega salt baths, as per my website tutorial, to remove toxic energy buildup. And other countermeasures as per my book, Practical Psychic Self-Defense.

    I would research what started the whole thing and try to defuse this situation somehow.

    I would try to program my dreams using affirmations, and sleep learning audio (playing CD's of affirmations and dream instructions during sleep).

    I would learn how to induce lucid dreams, to take control over your dream state.

    I would learn how to astral project, as this would be a big help in overcoming such a problem.

    I would also undertake Initiate Hermetic training. See Franz Bardon's book, 'Initiation Into Hermetics' for instructions on this. If you undergo this training, at some point it will solve most of your problems. For example, if you learn how to do the 'invisibility' ritual, you will become astrally invisible, so your attackers cannot find you.


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