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Thread: Last night...

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    thehammer Guest

    Last night...

    I woke up to a strange sound that was like cars driving in the distance over ice. Maybe my ears were sensitive? But I'm not sure... Anyway, I immediately thought "hmmm, negative entity?" possibly because I was reading from this forum last night .

    I was wide awake for quite a while, then I began to get more and more tired. Eventually, I fell asleep - well, part of me did I think: my body. I felt the most amazing energy rushes through my body, that I really enjoyed, despite the fact that they startled me quite a bit. However, I also heard a sinister sounding moaning noise that made me abort this experience.

    Is this possibly just a normal exit experience or is it something more serious?

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    thehammer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex
    I've never heard a car driving over ice before,

    If it was a kind of crackly static white noise sound, then I would say the sensations were quite normal.
    Ahhh, I did hear white noise, but I also heard what sounded like a being groaning .

    As for the car: gravel would probably be a better analogy.

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    Normal exit noise. AKA astral noise. It's completely normal, and something you actually can get used to.
    No worries.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    thehammer Guest
    Thanks for the link , I feel reassured now, haha.

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