• Part 6 - Foot and Leg Development

    The preliminary stimulation and development work on the feet and toes in this section is vital to the NEW Energy Ways system. Like roots are to a tree, toes are important parts of the powerful energy structures within the feet. Each joint in each toe contains a secondary energy centre, with four poles flowering on the skin's surface. These are connected to the heavy concentration of energy exchange ports which exist on the underside of the feet and toes. As energy raising structures the feet are bases for the largest and strongest energy conduits into the energy body. They are therefore the most important energy structures to stimulate, condition and develop; especially in the early stages.

    The following exercises must be done thoroughly if energy flow is to be significantly increased. One foot will normally activate easier than the other, usually the left foot. It may take several sessions before the less active side begins to respond in the same way. If you feel no sensation in either big toe with the first exercise below, this simply means both these areas are currently inactive. It does not mean that other toes will not respond, or that the NEW system will not work for you...it will. These sluggish areas will progressively clear as the individual parts of larger energy structures are cleared. If nothing is felt after spending several minutes working on each big toe, continue on with the next step in these exercises regardless. In the very beginning, spend at least two or three minutes on each big toe joint centre, or until they begin to respond well. Once a toe centre begins to respond, immediately move onto the next joint centre exercise.

    Toe Work

    Toe Exercise 1

    Awareness target the top of the joint of your left big toe where it joins your foot. This is the second joint in from the toenail. Press your finger into this area, and the slight bony lump you feel there is the top of the joint. This is the site of the first energy centre to be worked on. Give this area a light scratch or rub with your fingernail to highlight it, until it tingles slightly. Use a clockwise stirring action, approximately one inch (2cm) in diameter; depending upon the size of your big toe of course. Slowly scratch or trace this circle on your skin and follow this action with your point of awareness, until you can recreate the exact feel of the stirring action needed there. If you have trouble reaching and touching this area, use a pencil, ruler or artist's paintbrush for this purpose, or have someone else do it for you.

    Concentrate on feeling this stirring action inside your skin. Keep stirring with your point of awareness until you feel a slight buzzing, fuzzy sensation and/or localized pressure in the joint and around that area. When this centre is successfully activated, the sensations caused by it can be quite noticeable. Repeat this process on top of the next big joint out towards the toenail, on the same big toe.

    • Repeat the above exercise on both joints of the right big toe.

    • Use the brushing action on both big toes, one at a time. Feel this action as if you were brushing a one inch paint brush back and forth through the top of each big toe: from the tip of each toenail to a couple of inches (4cm) past the big joint where it joins the foot.

    • Use the wrapping action and wrap both big toes thoroughly, one at a time.

    • Use the sponging action through the whole of each big toe, one at a time.

    • Try splitting your awareness and brushing or sponging both big toes simultaneously.

    Toe Exercise 2

    Use deep brushing and sponging actions only on every other lesser toe, starting with the toe next to the big toe on your best foot (best foot = most responsive foot). Spend slightly more time on the least unresponsive foot, and on any unresponsive toes to help free them up.

    Note:* The deep brushing and sponging actions are the only actions normally used on all the lesser toes, along their entire length from the tip of the toenail, to a couple of inches past where they join the main foot. The stirring and wrapping actions are not normally used on these. The reason for this being that most people have difficulty awareness targeting small parts of their lesser toes, and the brushing and sponging actions usually provide adequate stimulation.

    Toe Exercise 3

    Using a slightly wider brushing action (width = from tips of toes to just past where they join the main foot) and starting with your best foot again, brush your awareness across the entire tops of all your toes at the same time, from side to side, from big toe to small toe, back and forth. Feel this wide brushing action penetrating deeply into all your toes. This will stimulate all the toes of each foot with a single awareness action.

    • Repeat this action on your other foot.

    • Try splitting your awareness at this point, and repeating the side to side brushing action across all the tops of all toes of both feet at the same time, in whatever way or direction is felt as being the easiest. Opposing directions are fine, with the split awareness actions meeting in the middle if your feet are resting together.

    Sole Work

    The entire underside of the feet and toes are covered with a high concentration of energy exchange ports. These form the outer layer of the complex exchange energy structures within the feet. The soles are thus extremely important to energy flow, and these exercises should be done as thoroughly as possible.

    Sole Exercise 1

    Awareness target the middle of the sole of your left foot. Scratch or rub this area if you need help targeting it. Use a small clockwise stirring action, about one-and-a-half inches in diameter (3cm) and circle your point of awareness there continually. Next, move this continuing stirring action slowly over the under-surface of your foot and all toes. Keep this stirring action going at all times, covering that entire area thoroughly. Continue this mobile stirring action until you have covered the entire underside of your foot several times, including the underside of all toes and the heel. This awareness action is a little like you are using a small rotating electric massager. Spend at least five minutes on each sole with this rotary action, (early exercises only) or until the surface of each sole begins to respond well.

    Sole Exercise 2

    Using a wide brushing action, as if painting the soles with a large paint brush. Brush awareness back and forth, from heels to toes, covering the entire underside of each foot deeply with the brushing action, one foot at a time.

    Try splitting awareness and repeating wide brushing action on soles of both feet at same time.

    Feet & Sensations

    Working on the undersides of the feet will usually cause some pretty major energy movement sensations therein. These can be uncomfortable, even a little painful, especially in the very early stages of these development exercises. Unfortunately this cannot be helped. They must be tolerated and accepted as the price for development. Intense buzzing, tingling and bone-deep, vibrating energy movement sensations will often be felt. These may continue for some time, even after the awareness actions which caused them have been discontinued. This will sometimes be accompanied by nervous twitching and spasming in the feet and legs; and this can also be quite intense. Occasional hot or cold burning spots and heavy, fuzzy patches inside the feet and legs can also be felt, indicating blocked and damaged areas.

    All the above sensations are quite common and should be considered as being perfectly normal for this type of energy development work. The degree of sensations felt indicates the degree of resistance to the energy being raised. Energy movement resistance sensations are caused by larger than normal amounts of energy being forced through narrowed energy pathways and conduits. This causes over-stimulation of the physical body's nerves, in the skin and surrounding tissue related to affected energy pathways.

    Strong energy movement sensations (energy flow resistance sensations), should be ignored as much as possible, and the exercises continued with unless it becomes unbearable. If sensations become too strong for comfort, try and move on to the next exercise and ignore the strong sensations until they settle down. If these sensations go way beyond acceptable comfort levels, however, immediately discontinue all awareness exercises and wait until they completely settle down before continuing. If this is the case, I suggest you wait until at least the next day before continuing, to give them a chance to settle down and adapt. These sensations will usually be significantly reduced the next time you work on the affected area. Strong sensations are, however, a very good energetic symptom. They indicate a strong energetic flow potential through the affected area.

    Sensations will normally ease off gradually, usually over five or ten minutes, sometimes a little longer, and walking will usually help ease them. On the other hand, if only very mild sensations are felt, this can also indicate a naturally strong pre-existing energetic flow. If this is the case, there may be significantly less energy resistance and thus reduced energy movement sensations will be felt. If no sensations are felt at all, however, then severe bioenergetic inactivity and widespread blockages should be suspected. Extra work will be required to clear these. Actual physical pain is fairly rare, but intense hot or cold or painful aching spots, plus occasional sharp needle-like pains, are not uncommon. These indicate particular types of energy blockages, which will usually reduce in severity only gradually, as they are progressively cleared.

    It is a good idea to take extra good care of your feet and hands, at least while doing these exercises. I recommend this become a habit for anyone doing serious, long-term energetic development. If you have difficulty getting foot energy moving, try soaking them in warm to hot water, and then scrubbing them with a nail-brush, paying particular attention to soles and heels. Scrub feet until they tingle slightly, then dry and rub some light body oil or cream into them. This extra attention will make you more aware of your feet, as the tingling sensation caused by this kind of attention will last for some time. This also helps with awareness targeting during further feet and toe stimulation exercises.

    The application of essential oils, plus massage and reflexology techniques, can also be a great help with activating or clearing energy blockages in the feet. If there is a buildup of hard skin on the feet, it should be removed, or a podiatrist consulted for same.

    Heel Work

    Heels contain large energy structures and it helps if you do some extra work on these, separately and more deeply with a large stirring action, on top of the stimulation work done on them during the rotary sole work.

    Use a large stirring action that covers the whole of each heel, for at least two minutes (early exercises only).
    Try splitting your awareness and stimulating both heels together with stirring action.

    Whole Foot Work

    Using a deep sponging action, draw awareness from tips of toes to heel, back and forth through the whole of each foot, one foot at a time. Feel this action as filling the inside of the whole of each foot as you do this.
    Try splitting your awareness and sponging awareness through the whole of both feet at same time.

    Ankle Work

    Spend approximately 20 seconds on each part of this exercise:

    • Use stirring action on inner and outer left ankle centres, on bony lumps of ankle joint, one at a time.

    • Use wrapping action around whole of left ankle.

    • Repeat all above exercises on whole of right ankle.

    • Try splitting awareness and wrapping both ankles at the same time.

    Knee Work

    Spend approximately 20 seconds on each part of this exercise:

    • Use a large stirring action, then brushing action, on left kneecap.

    • Repeat both above actions on back of left knee joint.

    • Use wrapping action around entire left knee joint.

    • Repeat all the above exercises on right knee joint.

    • Try splitting awareness and wrapping both knee joints together.

    Leg Work

    While the legs are extraordinarily complex energetic structures, for development purposes it is easier to consider there are only five main energy pathways in each leg. As a part of the awareness sensitizing and energy blockage clearing process, we will be working on each of the four outer pathways, until the entire leg begins to respond as a single energy conduit. When this happens, the inner bone marrow core conduit will automatically begin joining in with the flow of energy. After they have become more awareness sensitive, both legs will be used together with a single split-awareness sponging awareness action, to draw energy into the body, with energy raising techniques later in this book.

    Five main leg pathways:

    1. Front

    2. Rear

    3. Inner

    4. Outer

    5. Internal bone marrow core

    Leg Exercise

    Use a wide brushing action on the front of each leg, one at a time. Scratch, rub or stroke the whole leg pathway being worked upon if required to help awareness target it. Move awareness from the tips of toes, over top of foot and ankle, up shin to knee, and on up to top of hip joint on each leg, one leg at a time. Stroke awareness steadily back and forth, up and down, a dozen times each way. Each leg sweep should take approximately three seconds for each pass, up or down. This exercise is designed to stimulate that energy pathway there and not to raise energy up through it. This is why awareness is brushed in both directions. Follow this basic procedure for each of the following leg exercises:

    • Repeat the above procedure on the back of each leg, one at a time, from heel to back of knee joint, to rear of hip joint (top of buttock) and then back down again to heel.

    • Repeat this on outer side of each leg, one at a time. Especially pay attention to taking energy from the smallest toe, through the outer side of foot to heel, to side of ankle, up to side of knee, to top of outer hip joint, and then back down to ankle again.

    • Repeat this on inner side of each leg, one at a time, from big toe through inner side of foot to inner side of ankle, to inner knee, to inner groin crease at the top of each leg, and then back down again.

    • Raise energy with large sponging action, through the whole of each leg, feeling all of the leg as you go. Draw awareness from whole of foot, through ankle, and on up through knee joint to hip, and then back down through whole of leg to foot again.

    • Try splitting awareness and doing this last (whole leg) exercise on both legs at once.

    Hip Centres

    There are four very large secondary energy centre vortexes flowering near the surface in each hip joint. The inner two of these are connected to some particularly sensitive energy structures within the groin, including the genital primary energy centre and its sex organs. These centres are situated at the top of each inner thigh, in the creases where the large tendons in the thighs enter the groin on each side. These centres must be handled with care. Please follow the groin crease stimulation exercises exactly as I have outlined them, and heed the cautions given for working on these centres at end of this section.

    Hip Center Exercise

    • On one hip joint at a time, first use a wide stirring action, three or four inches (6 - 8cm) in diameter, then a wide brushing action up and down, and then from side to side, on the front part of the hip joint, then on the outer part of the hip joint, and then on the rear part of the hip joint. These three centres are not overly sensitive like the inner thigh crease centres, and thus no cautions apply. Cease stimulation once any noticeable energy sensations are felt. With these centres, heavy throbbing and pulsing sensations are commonly felt, as well as buzzing and tingling when active.

    • On each inner groin crease centre, first use a stirring action an inch or two in diameter. You do not have to spread your legs for this (optional) as awareness will easily move through the flesh on either side of the groin crease centres. Next, use a narrow brushing action and move awareness back and forth over the centre, stroking through the groin crease as if you were sliding an artist's brush back and forth through it. Cease stimulation as soon as this centre shows any sign of becoming active.

    • Finally, use a wrapping action around each entire hip joint, one at a time, taking in all four centres of each. This particular awareness action must be done at a slight angle to cover all four centres, because of the way the hip joint is shaped, and may feel a little awkward at first. Just do the best you can with this exercise.

    • Try splitting awareness and wrapping both hips at once, in whatever direction is felt as being easiest. Often, split awareness actions, each moving in opposing directions, works better for this.

    • Try using a figure eight awareness action and stimulating all eight hip centres with a single action.

    A Caution about Groin Crease Centers

    The groin crease centres are the largest, most powerful and sensitive secondary energy centres in the entire body. I do not recommend experimenting with or playing around with these centres just to see what might happen. These can cause some extremely heavy throbbing and pulsing energetic sensations, which can all too easily spread into the genitals themselves if care is not taken. Do not overdo the stimulation of the inner centres. Once you feel a slight pulsing, throbbing, tingling or buzzing in them, leave them alone and proceed on to the next exercise.

    It is quite normal to feel some fairly strong throbbing sensations in the groin crease centres, and even to feel some slight sexual arousal; especially when you first begin working on them. This does not normally cause any problems so please do not become alarmed, unless these sensations become intense or overly distracting. If sexual arousal is felt as starting, immediately move onto the next exercise, as this is a sure sign the groin crease centres have become active.

    Be aware that over stimulation and overly strong energy movement sensations within the groin crease centres will tend to lock body awareness into the genital area, and into the genital primary energy centre. If this is allowed to continue, it can cause unusually strong, urgent and continuing sexual arousal; making further development exercises very difficult at that time.

    If energy movement sensations do spread into your groin and genitals and appear to be taking hold there, stop what you are doing and force your awareness strongly away from that area. Focus your awareness in your hands instead. Clap your hands several times, hard, and use the tingling this creates in your palms to help lock body awareness there. Hold awareness strongly in your hands until your point of awareness stops trying to slide back to your genital centre.

    If the above problem continues, get up and go for a short walk, and take your mind and awareness off the problem. Walking, jumping, running, clapping hands and slapping arms and face, or any other vigorous exercise, will help. If none of these do the trick, take a cold shower or two; and/or soak your feet and hands in iced water; which will normally fix the problem fairly quickly. Return to the groin centre exercises during future development session, but be a little more careful next time. However, if over-stimulation and genital awareness locking continues to reoccur at each session, discontinue inner groin crease centre work entirely, and skip these in all future development sessions.

    Feet & Legs - Quick Reference Guide

    Big toes

    • Stir both main joints, then brush and wrap whole of each big toe.

    Lesser toes

    • Brushing and sponging actions only used on each of these.

    All toes

    • Wide brushing action across all toes on each foot.


    • Mobile rotary stirring action over entire surface of each sole.

    • Wide brushing action on each sole.


    • Deep, wide stirring action on each heel.


    • Sponging action through whole of each foot.


    • Stirring action on inner and outer bony sides of both ankle joint.

    • Wrapping action around each ankle.


    • Stirring, brushing, wrapping knees.


    • Brush each leg (4 pathways), from foot to hip, both directions.


    • Stir, then brush, each hip centre (see cautions).

    • Wrapping action around whole of each hip joint.