• Simply NEW Introduction

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways

    by Donni Hackenson

    Copyright 2001

    (Edited, Revised, Rewritten and Generally Defaced and mucked about with, by Donni).

    Eight Easy Lessons

    A revised and simplified version of Robert Bruce's NEW Energy Ways - by Donni Hakanson. Based on the original NEW Energy Ways Tutorial, (C)Copyright 1995, by Robert Bruce.


    Why Do Energy Work?

    NEW Energy Ways trains better body awareness for skills such as martial arts, yoga, athletics (control energy levels when required)

    NEW enhances the immune system and so aids in healing. Appears to influence weight control, appetite, improves recovery from colds, flu, etc., increases overall vitality levels

    NEW increases personal energy levels (charisma) and well-being

    NEW can be used with other systems – martial arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, Aerobics, athletics, etc.

    NEW can also be used to enhance any form of spiritual or psychic healing, and to empower any type of psychic ability, including out-of-body experiences.


    • NEW energy work does not need a deep level of relaxation

    • Wear loose comfortable clothes

    • NEW is easy to learn and to use

    • NEW gives quick results

    Before we go any further, try this exercise: (Time: 3 - 5 minutes)

    Read each part, one at a time, closing your eyes and following the instructions in between each section.

    Please note: this exercise is great done with a partner – one reads while the other follows. Because it doesn’t take long to do, it should be easy to find someone who can at least read it to you, if they are not interested in trying it out for themselves.

    You might find that just reading it provides enough stimulation to trigger some noticeable energy reactions in some people (although reduced in intensity compared to going through it step by step experientially.)

    Demonstration Exercise:

    First of all, clap your hands and vigorously rub them together. Pause, and feel the tingling sensation in your hands, really feel, experience, sense it fully, totally. See if you can recreate this feeling with your mind, when the feeling begins to fade. See if you can build it up again by imagining you are clapping and rubbing your hands.

    In the following exercise, remember this feeling whenever the word ‘energy’ comes up.

    With your tongue pressed gently against lips, or protruding slightly, centre your awareness on your lips and you imagine you have a soft brush which is gently moving back and forth across whole of your lips, on the inside and outside, radiating energy. Pretend you can feel this movement as it sweeps back and forth. (Time: 20 seconds for this and each action that follows.)

    Open your mouth slightly and stick your tongue out a little.* Focus on the tip of tongue, and imagine you are gift-wrapping it with tiny strips of sparkling energy.* Feel these ‘energy bandages’ wrapping around and around your tongue. As you apply more layers, the feeling becomes stronger. Feel the tip of your tongue being soaked by the energy as it sinks beneath the skin.

    Close your mouth and relax it. Imagine you are making tiny, circular actions, like a miniature blender, across the top of your tongue. This ‘blender’ stirs up the energy around your tongue, as you imagine and feel it tingling. The vibrations from this miniature blender are so strong, they go beneath the skin, covering the entire top surface of your tongue.

    Use a wide brushing action along your tongue, brushing back and forth, covering the whole length of tongue from base to tip. Feel as if this brush of energy is traveling through your tongue; and that your tongue is a sponge and sucks up all of the energy.

    Roll your tongue back and press it gently against roof of your mouth; without straining it.* Focusing on the inside of mouth and not on tongue, brush the whole inside lining of mouth:* top, bottom, sides, inside of lips, and around the base of your teeth in whatever way feels easiest, covering the whole inner lining surface of your mouth with tingling sparkling energy.

    With mouth closed, tongue flat, imagine you are holding a wet sponge, and your mouth and throat are like sponges, drawing in the energy. Feel the energy dripping from the sponge soaking into your lips, mouth, tongue and throat, and sinking down to the base of throat. Move this action up and down.* Bend this action as it passes down your throat, then back up to your lips.* Imagine you have a thick, bent tube inserted in your mouth and that this tube extends deep into your throat.* Not a comfortable picture, but this is just to give you the general idea of the awareness action, or feeling, required.* Feel your awareness moving back and forth through this tube; taking in your lips; the whole of the inside lining of mouth and tongue; and then moving it deep into your throat to its base where it joins your chest, in and out repeatedly.

    Write down what you felt. Was it easy to do? What did you feel?

    Mouth Area Sensations:

    Awareness actions on the lips and tongue can cause some very peculiar energy movement sensations indeed.* Strong tingling and buzzing feelings in the lips and tongue, plus a noticeably salty, metallic kind of taste like you get if you touch the terminals of a small nine-volt torch battery to your tongue, are quite normal.* This energy taste sensation is probably the easiest way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NEW system to other people.

    This proves how direct energy stimulation can be caused by awareness actions and felt as physical sensations.

    Some terms used to describe the three levels of energy used in NEW:

    Physical – the body, what you feel or sense

    Bioenergy and* Bioenergetic - energy that relates to the physical body and its energy body

    Energetic - an energy process or sensation relating more to the energy body than the physical body.

    The Energy Body:

    The energy body is like a mirror of the physical body, but it is made up of etheric matter. Etheric matter is not scientifically recognized, although Kirlian photography captures it. It is the binding stuff that joins matter (your body) with non-matter (your astral body), or the substance that joins physical with non-physical.

    Later on, you will learn the different pathways that energy passes through your body. For now, we will focus on learning how to sense this energy in your body. NEW focuses on working upon the supporting structures of your energy body, building a strong foundation for more advanced energy work.

    Early energy development work causes some changes to occur in your energy body. New circuits are formed, and old or blocked ones are reshaped and cleared. This happens because you are working on them and developing them consciously. Most people are unaware of how the energy in their body moves. Until these circuits ‘balance out’ and get used to energy work, most of the energy you use will come from your storage centres.

    Don’t Work On The Main Chakras First:

    The primary, or main, energy centres usually cannot be developed or used properly until the energy system that supports them has been developed. If you try to work on the higher centres first, they can become unbalanced, plus a lot of time must be spent waiting for the supporting structures to develop in response to the new energy demands placed upon them. This often takes many years of waiting time. This sounds like a drag, but in the long run, it is a shortcut, especially because most people can experience things straight away with the NEW process, and energy levels become stronger more quickly.
    Notes on Energy Flow:

    The average person normally absorbs only a small quantity of the energy available each day. Energy is absorbed during sleep, as well as through other means like digestion, breathing and sunlight.

    Now let us say, for example, that the average person absorbs 100 units of raw energy per day, and that this is enough for his/her average daily needs. But when this same person undertakes energy work, their energy usage increases, so he/she begins using 200 or more units of raw energy (vitality) per day.

    This deficit of 100 units will usually be made up for through the energy body's storage areas, like a battery with reserve energy. The physical symptoms of bioenergetic depletion, as discussed in the text box, can be the result if the storage areas become depleted.

    With a little time and attention, the energy body can be trained to handle anything fairly quickly, but only if the development process is managed intelligently. If left to develop under its own steam, as a natural response to the increased energy demands (or focusing too much on the major chakras), overall energy body development can take even longer to achieve, or become unbalanced, or even ‘burn-out.’


    If you use up too much of your energy storage, (or ‘battery power’,) it might cause tiredness. This only seems to affect some people in the early stages.

    It does not happen with everyone, but you might experience: fatigue, dizziness, headaches, digestive problems, depression, cramps, aches and pains, and a variety of emotional disorders can become temporary problems, in varying combinations and degrees of severity.

    These effects can be especially pronounced if the recommended procedures and cautions given within these lessons are not followed.

    Lesson One:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 1

    The preceding information presented you with background information, or basic theory, on the energy body. Now you will learn how to feel, or sense, the energy body. Different energy centres are activated so you can get a good hands-on experience of what it feels like to work with energy. You will learn how to tell if an area is blocked, and how energy work affects your physical body. Plus, you also learn energy breathing, a simple exercise you can use anytime to increase your vitality.

    As the lessons progress, you will be able to draw energy into and through your body, in two easy circuits. For now, we learn how to sense and direct our personal energy flows. Your energy body, in some ways, is like a map – energy flows along pathways, as well as having ‘main roads’ or conduits. By doing lesson 1, the sensations this cause can be quite marked. This system is so simple and effective, you will quickly see just how practical NEW is by the sensations it generates. Even in the early stages of development, you will see just how effectively it enhances or boosts any other form of bodywork you may practice.

    Mobile Body Awareness:

    Your body awareness is normally centred in eyes.

    It doesn’t have to stay there.

    Learning mobile body awareness and following skills, enables you to sense, stimulate and work with the energy body

    The main techniques are targeting and highlighting (or tactile imagining)

    In the beginning, the NEW system works with the minor chakras or energy centres. This lays the foundation for an increase in energy levels, efficiency, strength and confidence in the energy support system. It is also a safe way of development, reducing or eliminating many of the negative side effects of energy work.

    Mobile Body Awareness* Exercise:

    NOTE: try to do this with your eyes closed, if you can. Also, try to do it without targeting, although this is useful in early stages. Do your best to not look towards the area you are focusing on, behind your closed eyes.

    Lightly scratch skin of left knee – just hard enough to leave tingling sensation

    Close eyes and feel this with your body awareness. Become really aware of the feeling until it stands out. You can easily feel your knee tingling. Focus – forget the rest of your body… Now gently move your knee and feel more of the same knee… become aware of it as a whole joint. Feel its outline and shape and really get the feel of it with your body awareness

    Your centre of body awareness is now in your left knee. Write down what you felt. Was it easy to do? What did you feel? Do the exercise on your right knee now, without scratching to target

    Sensations – Get the Buzz on It:

    * no results indicates blockages – keep trying, but do not focus just on these areas (working around them helps)

    1. Tingling, tickling, buzzing and vibrating, in soles and palms, fingers and toes
    2. Rushing water sensation, up legs and arms
    3. Bone-deep tingling inside hands, feet, legs and arms
    4. Heaviness and fuzziness, especially in hands and feet
    5. Tingling, energetic body-rush feelings, up arms, legs and spine
    6. Localized fluttering and pulsing in flesh and on skin
    7. Muscular spasms and twitching limbs
    8. Cobweb like tickling, like ants crawling all over you
    9. Localized stinging and prickling sensations
    10. Aching or burning hot or cold patches, especially in soles and palms
    11. Needle-like pricking pains
    12. Muscular cramps

    Note: The energy body is usually bi-lateral in nature – one side will respond more easily than the other. Please remember that while you are beginning your work, you may experience some physical tiredness

    Question of the day: How could an increased awareness of body and energy be useful to have?

    Handy tip! Practice MBA in real life – eating, brushing teeth or hair, dressing, in shower, shaving, cooking, exercising, etc. Can you think of other times you could practice MBA?

    Tactile Imagining:

    When you are asked to use a stirring or brushing motion, pretend you have imaginary hands in the following exercise.

    Hands on lap, fingers slightly spread. Shift your point of body awareness to the top of the large joint where your thumb joins your right hand. If you have trouble locating this joint, flex your thumb and press until you feel it.

    Lightly scratch a circular area clockwise on top of thumb joint, about half an inch, or 1 ½ cm across, to highlight it with your awareness. Continue following this action until you can remember the exact feel of this circular movement, and can recreate it with your mind alone…

    Feel the tingling target area on top of your thumb joint. Recreate this and feel this circular motion inside the skin of your thumb. Imagine you are stirring the area with a pencil, with one or two cycling actions per second. After a short while, this movement will gain its own momentum. It will become almost automatic and take little effort to continue. After a while, you will start feeling a localized heaviness or pressure, buzzing or bone-deep tickling or fuzzy sensation in your thumb joint and thumb – this indicates you have successfully activated the energy centre there. Don’t worry if you feel nothing.

    Now change your action to a straight brushing movement, up and down along the top of your right thumb, as if someone were actually brushing it with a soft brush. Feel this imaginary brush, moving from just below the joint to just above the fingertip. Move your point of awareness through the entire thumb joint, back and forth through the area.

    (“Help! I can’t feel a thing!” “Try using a paintbrush, or even a hairbrush, gently across the skin to help you become familiar with the sensations.”)

    Repeat with your left thumb:

    Which side of your body seemed to respond more? Were the sensations on one side stronger than the other?

    Now do the above exercise on your left and right big toes, then split awareness and do both of these toes at the same time, together.

    (“Man, this is one big con! Scratching to highlight an area is causing the feelings, it’s nuffin’ to do with NRG!” “Try focusing behind your knee, without scratching. The try a spot in the middle of your forearm, or bicep. Notice the difference between these two areas!”)

    Tactile imaging is an effective way of learning to navigate your energy body.* This new way of feeling, or sensing, allows you to quickly identify your energy flows. Practise, when you can, this skill – you will find there are many opportunities, i.e. dressing, eating, and so on.

    Awareness Hands:

    The most natural way to stimulate your energy body is to feel you have an imaginary pair of hands. These are extensions of active body awareness. The arms are not important, but the hands should be felt as if extending from an imaginary pair of arms. Using awareness hands is progressive, the more you use them, the stronger they get.

    Quick exercise:

    Scratch or rub top of left foot to highlight it. Now take your awareness hands down to your left foot, as if grabbing it. Draw your hands through your left foot, to your ankle, then slowly thru your leg. Feel your whole leg, inside and out, as you move your awareness hands thru it. Feel your awareness hands moving through your calves, through your knee, thigh and hip. When you get to your hip, flick our awareness back down to your feet.

    Move again up your leg. Imagine now, your leg is a sponge, and your awareness hands are pushing water through the whole of your leg. Feel this water moving up through your leg, in it and outside of it.

    Split awareness. If you have trouble with this, just focus for now on the right leg.

    Notes: Practice drawing energy up through the legs, using split awareness, until you are comfortable doing each sweep in just 2 or 3 seconds. If you are not able to do them both at the side time, do them individually until your confidence increases.

    Energy Breathing:

    This simple exercise can be used with minimal concentration in just about any situation. It has the effect of increasing and purifying personal energy levels, and encourages positive development of the energy body. You cannot do this exercise too much, and is recommended becoming a daily habit.

    It also has a calming effect on the mind and can enhance your ability to concentrate. You can use this exercise for releasing negative feelings, such as worry, anger, tensions, nervousness, depression, etc. Just replace the colour with the feeling.

    To the IN breath, imagine the air you are breathing in is made of a bright, sparkling colour.* Any colour can be used, but never a dull, murky, gray or black colour.

    Feel the leading edge of this brightly coloured energy moving into you with each IN breath and filling you with life giving energy.* Feel this energy being absorbed into your whole body as your lungs fill.

    With each OUT breath, imagine the air is dirty yellow-brown like cigarette smoke, murky gray, or even black, and feel this as being dirty used-up energy and disease leaving your body.

    Can you think of different ways and situations you can use energy breathing?

    A suggestion: it can be used for releasing any negative habit or conditioning. Whenever you feel that urge to eat, drink, smoke, or behave in a way that doesn’t benefit you (i.e. being angry, critical, depressive, nervous, various emotional patterns and behaviours,) practise energy breathing.

    Both words – energy and breathing – can remind us of life and that each moment is a chance to be the best we can be. Energy breathing can be done in any situation where you need to be clear headed and calm. Try breathing in a positive statement – I am calm, I am at peace, I am energy…

    If your focus is projection, it would help a lot to start doing reality checks. Put up notices to remind you, and make a point of looking at them. And any habits - drinking, eating, toilet, brushing teeth, washing, on the phone, putting car key in ignition, etc start asking yourself* "am I awake?"

    This helps a lot in remembering your projection. The biggest problem with OBE is 'downloading' the memory of it. By doing reality checks, making them a habit, you will do it out of body, greatly increasing your chances of remembering what has happened, and of having control.

    Look at your hands too, when asking yourself, if you can. Out of body, your hands can change in appearance, thus reminding you, you are out of body.

    Final notes: Practice tactile imagining until you no longer need to use it as a tool to highlight the area you are focusing on. Mobile body awareness is an important skill to develop in these early stages, and spending time with this will greatly assist you in the following exercises. You might wish to practise the mouth exercise presented in the introduction to the lessons as well.

    Working with energy is progressive – the more you learn how to sense it within yourself, the easier it gets. An analogy is an visual illusion – it’s learning the right way of perceiving before something is seen or recognized.

    And remember, Energy Breathing will decrease any of the effects of tiredness that early development may cause. It is a technique you can use virtually anywhere, anytime.

    Lesson Two:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 2

    By the time you begin this lesson, after practising what you have learnt until you feel confident, you may have already noticed an increase in the number and memory of your dreams. If you are progressing to this part immediately after Part A, then you will begin to notice this effect in the next few days or weeks, depending upon how much you practise, your health and the state of your energy body. This is quite normal, as your energy body develops; it becomes stronger, increasing your recall of its activities whilst out of body. Once you begin to learn to store energy, this ‘side effect’ will become quite marked.

    This lesson is divided into two parts that may be done separately, or consecutively. Follow your comfort levels here. You might prefer spending a few days practicing skills in the first section, before moving onto the second part.

    In this lesson you will learn how to stimulate the energy through your feet and legs, hands and arms. These limbs hold very important energetic pathways, and are vital in energy work.* Working on them now lays a strong and stable foundation. It is through these areas, you can increase your energy levels and sensitivity.

    Remember to keep up your energy breathing, as much as you can. By doing this, you can lesson the effects of tiredness and energy depletion that this type of work can initially cause.

    5 Awareness Actions used in NEW energy work:

    1.***** stirring
    2.***** brushing
    3.***** wrapping
    4.***** tearing action
    5.***** sponging

    Feet** First things first – Fancy Footwork:

    It may be tempting to develop major chakras, or primary energy centres first but in long run, the energy system supporting these structures become weakened, stressed and unbalanced. The NEW system builds a solid and strong foundation for more advanced energy work.

    Because the feet, with the palms of the hands, contain the highest proportions of energy points, they are developed first.

    Use tactile imaging/targeting (by scratching or rubbing) only if you need to.

    Energy Centre Spin: How to spin out in the right direction

    Primary energy centres are non-physical vortexes of energy that look, clairvoyantly, like spinning wheels of multicoloured light.* Although secondary energy centres cannot so easily be observed, it is logical to suggest they would also have similar attributes.* The natural direction an energy centre is spinning in can often be felt with the stirring awareness action, especially with the larger skeletal joint centres.* If you feel resistance while using the stirring action, try reversing the direction of that action.* If the new direction feels easier and more natural, or has a more positive effect, then use it.
    Toe work:

    Target top of the joint of big toe, where it joins the foot. Give this area a slight scratch or rub until tingles slightly; following the movement with your point of awareness. Now, imagine you are stirring a pencil there, in your mind and with all your awareness centred in this circle.

    Keep stirring until you feel something happening. Now do the same with the next joint out on the big toe, the one beneath your toenail.

    Do the big toe on your other foot.

    Split awareness – brush both big toes, up and down. Really feel it.

    Wrap each big toe, one at a time.* (Cartoon of a big toe and ribbon/bow)

    Sponge each big toe, one at a time

    Try splitting your awareness, and brush or sponge both toes simultaneously

    On your best foot (the most responsive one) deeply brush and sponge the toes next to the big toe, individually. There is no need for greater stimulation of these energy centres.

    Now do the other foot, spending more time on it.

    Now “paint your toenails” with an imaginary brush, on both feet together, up and down, or from one foot to the other. Change the direction, and go from side to side, in a big sweep. Really feel each movement as it travels through your toes.*
    Sole Work:

    You can do each sole individually, or use your split awareness and do both at once.

    Target the sole of your foot and use a small clockwise stirring action. Now slowly move this circle of movement over the entire underside of your foot and all the toes – cover the entire area.

    Now brush the soles of your feet, deeply. Continue for at least five minutes, or until your foot responds.

    Heel Work

    Use a large stirring action for extra stimulation. Heels contain large energy structures, so it’s beneficial to give it some extra attention. Remember to really feel what you are doing!

    Whole Foot Work:

    Deeply sponge from tips of toes to heels. Feel this action filling the inside of the whole of each foot as you do this.

    Ankle Work:

    Spend approximately 20 seconds on each part of this exercise.

    Use stirring action on inner and outer left ankle centres, on bony lumps of ankle joint, one at a time.

    Use wrapping action around whole of left ankle.

    Repeat all above exercises on whole of right ankle.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both ankles at the same time.

    Knee Work:

    Spend approximately 20 seconds on each part of this exercise.

    Use a tearing movement, large stirring action, then brushing action, on left kneecap.

    Repeat above actions on back of left knee joint.

    Use wrapping action around entire left knee joint.

    Repeat all the above exercises on right knee joint.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both knee joints together.

    Leg Work:

    Five main leg pathways:

    1. Front
    2. Rear
    3. Inner
    4. Outer
    6. Internal bone marrow core* (deep sponging)

    Hip Centres:

    There are four hip centres, one on each hip joint, and one on the inner thighs, where your leg joins your groin area. These last two are connected with the chakra that deals with sexual energy, so it is important that once you feel any sensations, you stop. Following the hip work will be some suggestions should you find the energy in these centres too distracting, or to be frank, sexual.

    On one hip joint at a time, use a wide stirring action as per size of the joint. Then wide brushing up and down, side to side on front part of hip joint, then side, followed by back area. These centres aren’t as sensitive as the groin ones, but it is still important to stop working once any sensations are felt.

    On inner groin centres, first use a stirring action, about an inch or two in diameter. You do not have to move your legs to do this. Next, use a narrow brushing action, and move awareness back and forth over the centre. Cease stimulation as soon as this centre shows any sign of becoming active.

    Finally, use a wrapping action around each entire hip joint, one at a time, and taking in all four centres of each. Because of the shape of the hip joint, this exercise needs to be done at a slight angle, which might feel awkward at first. Just do your best.

    Try splitting awareness, and cover two hip joints at once, in whichever direction is easiest. Moving in opposing directions might work well for you.

    Try a figure of eight awareness action, stimulating all eight hip centres with a single action.

    Caution – Groin Crease Centres:

    The groin crease centres are the largest, most powerful and sensitive secondary energy centres in the entire body.* It is not recommended experimenting with these centres just to see what might happen.* These can cause some extremely heavy throbbing and pulsing energetic sensations, which can all too easily spread into the genitals themselves.* Do not overdo the stimulation of the inner centres.* Once you feel a slight pulsing, throbbing, tingling or buzzing in them, leave them alone and proceed on to the next exercise.

    It is quite normal to feel some fairly strong throbbing sensations in the groin crease centres, and even to feel some slight sexual arousal; especially when you first begin working on them.* This does not normally cause any problems so please do not become alarmed, unless these sensations become intense or overly distracting.* If sexual arousal is felt as starting, immediately move onto the next exercise, as this is a sure sign the groin crease centres have become active.

    Be aware that over stimulation and overly strong energy movement sensations within the groin crease centres will tend to lock body awareness into the genital area, and into the genital primary energy centre.* If this is allowed to continue, it can cause unusually strong, urgent and continuing sexual arousal; making further development exercises very difficult at that time.

    If you do find yourself becoming sexually aroused, or unable to focus on further energy work, stop what you are doing and force your awareness away from that area. Clap your hands, yes, applaud yourself – it happens to lots of people. Focus on the tingling in your hands that clapping creates, until you are no longer diverted.

    If that doesn’t work, go for a short walk. Even slapping yourself round a bit in the face, an icy cold shower, all the typical things one uses for unwanted sexual arousal, might work. Other ideas: soaking hands and feet in icy cold water, vigorous exercise.

    Next time you work in the groin centres, be a little more careful. However, if over-stimulation and genital awareness locking continues to reoccur at each session, discontinue inner groin crease centre work entirely, and skip these in all future development sessions.

    Feet & Legs – Quick Reference Guide: (Using split awareness, or individually, as per comfort levels)

    1. Big toes – Stir both main joints; brush and wrap whole of each big toe.
    2. Lesser toes – Brushing and sponging only on each of these.
    3. All toes – Wide brushing action across all toes on each foot.
    4. Soles – Mobile rotary stirring action over entire surface of each sole.
    5.* Wide brushing action on each sole.
    6. Heels – Deep, wide stirring action on each heel.
    7. Whole Foot – Sponging action through whole of each foot.
    8. Ankles - Stirring action on inner and outer bony sides of both ankle joint.
    9. Wrapping action around each ankle.
    10. Knees – Tearing, stirring, brushing, wrapping knees.
    11. Legs – Brush each leg (4 pathways), from foot to hip, both directions.
    12. Hips – Stir, then brush, each hip centre (see cautions).
    13. – Wrapping action around whole of each hip joint. Figure eights.

    Lesson Three:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 3

    Hand and Arms:

    The chakra points in the hands receive and transmit energy, to put it simply. Both the hands and feet have many minor chakras; as they both also draw atmospheric subtle energies, with the feet and legs drawing more earthy energies.

    As with the feet and legs, many small areas and individual energy centres in the hands and arms need to be worked through in order to clear blockages, redefine pathways and generally loosen them up.* This early work progressively increases their energetic potential, which increases the amount of energy that it is possible to draw through them.* Again, please keep in mind that much of this early work is only done while the NEW system is being learned.* This work is very progressive and large areas will quickly come ‘online’.* Activation then becomes a simpler matter, with large brushing and sponging awareness actions being used to stimulate whole hands and arms in pairs. And in time, these become rapid, whole of limb energy sweeping actions.


    Work on each finger, starting with your thumbs, in the same way and in the same order as you did with your toes, on both hands, one at a time.* Unlike the toes though, all the finger joints can be worked on with the stirring action (if necessary or desired), because they are easier to target the smaller toe joints.* Using the stirring action on each finger joint should be considered optional, however, and only done if energy blockages are present, i.e., if the fingers and hands cannot be made to respond with brushing and sponging actions.* It is easy to tell if any area is not responding, as no energy movement sensations at all will be felt coming from the areas being worked on.

    Note: If you are having trouble doing these exercises, try looking at each finger as you work on it. Once you have done the exercise a few times, stop using your eyes. The main thing here is getting your fingers and hands responding.

    Work through every joint and knuckle in each hand with the stirring action, starting with the thumb joints where they join your hands, one at a time.* Use the stirring action on top of the joints only, and not on the sides or underneath.* If you are having trouble getting your hands working, however, you may like to do both sides and undersides as well.* Use the stirring action on all thumb joints, but using it on the finger joints is to be considered optional.

    Use a narrow brushing action to stimulate the entire length of each finger, one at a time, on top of both hands until they respond.* Try and feel this action inside the whole of each finger as you do it.* Turn hand over and repeat this with each finger and thumb on its underside, in the same way.

    Use wrapping action around the whole length of each finger, one at a time.* The position the hand is held in can be varied to suit what is easiest for you to feel, palm up or down.* Use a narrow, overlapping wrapping action, slowly spiraling up each finger length as you wrap it.* Continue this for thirty seconds per finger, or until they respond, and for longer if desired.

    Use a wide brushing action, as if you were using a large paintbrush, and stimulate the back of each hand, covering all fingers from fingertips to a few inches above wrists, one hand at a time, for thirty seconds or more, even if they respond well earlier.* Feel this action as if you were drawing your awareness through the whole of each hand.

    Use wide brushing action across all fingers, from side to side, covering all fingers.

    Try splitting awareness and repeating the above actions on both hands at the same time.

    (Remember to try out different stirring directions!)

    Hand and Palm:

    Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these exercises.

    As with the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands and undersides of the fingers all contain a high concentration of energy exchange ports.* These overlay and feed the complex energy structures within the hands and wrists.

    This is the same process as with the soles of your feet. Do on the palm of each hand, one at a time.* First use a tight, mobile stirring action, moving this action about until you have covered the whole of the palm of each hand, including the underside of all fingers.

    Next, use a wide brushing action, back and forth, from a few inches above the heel of palm to fingertips, covering the entire surface of palms and undersides of all fingers.

    Using a large sponging action, move awareness through whole of hand, back and forth, feeling whole of hand.

    Do the other hand, then try splitting awareness and brushing and sponging both palms together, from above wrists to fingertips.

    Palm work, as with sole work, can also cause intense energy movement sensations in the palms and fingers.* These sensations will usually reduce more quickly than those in the feet.


    Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these exercises.

    Use a large stirring action, then a wide brushing action, on top of left wrist.

    Repeat both above actions on underside of left wrist.

    Use wrapping action around entire left wrist.

    Repeat all above actions on right wrist.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both wrists together.


    Spend at least 20 seconds on each of these exercises.

    Use wide stirring action, tearing, then brushing action, on outer left elbow.

    Repeat above actions on inner left elbow.

    Use wrapping action around entire left elbow joint.

    Repeat all above actions on right elbow.

    Try splitting awareness and using wrapping action on both elbows together.


    Each shoulder carries several large secondary centres, similar to the groin area, but work on these does not carry any cautions.* Spend at least 20 seconds on each shoulder exercise.* You may find it easier to hold your arms akimbo while working on armpits and wrapping shoulder joints.

    Use a fairly large stirring action, then tearing followed by brushing action, on each of these joint centres.

    1.** Outer shoulder joint (point of shoulder).
    2.** Armpit.
    3.** Rear of shoulder joint.
    4.** Front of shoulder joint.

    Use wrapping action around entire shoulder joint, with arm held akimbo.

    Repeat all above exercises with right shoulder.

    Try splitting awareness and wrapping both shoulders at the same time, arms akimbo.


    Move awareness back and forth, from fingertips to shoulder, a dozen times in each direction for the following exercises.* Take approximately three seconds over each upward arm sweep and the same down.

    Along outer left arm, use wide brushing action from fingertips to wrist, to elbow, to outer shoulder.

    Repeat above on inner left arm, from fingertips, inner wrist, and inner elbow to armpit.

    Repeat on whole of left arm, using sponging action, feeling all of arm, inside and out.

    Repeat all above exercises on right arm.

    Try splitting awareness and repeating sponging action with whole of both arms at once.

    Hands &* Arms – Quick Reference Guide:

    1. Fingers – Stir each thumb joint, then brush and wrap each finger and thumb joint.
    2. Use wide brushing action across all fingers, side to side.
    3. Hands – Wide brushing action along back of each hand, fingertips to wrists.
    4. Palms – Rotary stirring action, then wide brushing action on each.
    5. Hands – Use whole of hand sponging action, through both hands.
    6. Wrists – Stir inner and outer, then use brushing and wrapping action.
    7. Elbows – Stir inner and outer, then use tearing, brushing and wrapping action.
    8. Shoulders – Stir inner, outer, front, back, then use tearing, brushing and wrapping action.
    9. Arms – Wide brushing action along outer, then inner, pathways.
    10. Sponging action through whole of each arm.

    Again, please keep in mind here, after working so laboriously and painstakingly through your energy body, that most of the above exercises are only used during early training.* The NEW system is very progressive and large parts of your energy body will soon begin responding to single, larger awareness energy sweeping actions.* This will become apparent when you start working with some of the more advanced energy raising practices and full body circuits ahead.

    Practice working on stimulating the energy centres and pathways in both of the arms and legs, until you feel confident with their sensations, before moving on with the lessons.

    Lesson Four:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 4

    This lesson will teach you how to make use of the energy resistance factor that occurs when awareness is drawn rapidly through the energy body. This helps to clear, redefine and strengthen all the energy pathways. It’s time to bounce into action!

    You may have noticed that if you speed up the flow of energy through your body, there is a sensation of dragging, as if your energy field cannot quite keep up with your mind. This resistance actually allows you to feel the substance of your own energy body. Awareness bounce actions cause a ripple in the energy body, and a side effect of this is it actually forces the energy body to move. By ‘getting things moving,’ the energy body is much quicker at clearing and developing internal pathways and structures.*

    Try it out: Using a sponging action, bounce your awareness from one foot to hip, up and down, feeling it move in both directions. Do this rapidly and repeatedly. You are capable of moving your awareness instantly from one part of your body to the next; however, this is not the case when you are moving energy through your body.

    Increase the speed of the leg bounce until you can feel the resistance factor. You will find there is a natural speed limit of about half a second each way. If you move faster than this, your awareness will lose contact with the substance of your energy body, and you will find yourself flicking from foot to hip and back, skipping the leg in between. Once this is happening, you are no longer driving your point of awareness through your energy body, and are therefore no longer stimulating it.

    Bounce Testing:

    Before bouncing energy, test first to determine the best speed. Experiment until resistance is felt, then slow the speed a little until you are quickly and comfortably bouncing energy through your body while still retaining the feeling of body awareness contact. This is the correct speed for your body. Do not time it; just get the feel of what seems to be the best speed for you.

    Bounce Actions (Or how to replicate a kangaroo on a trampoline)

    Legs and Arms:

    Bounce through legs and arms, after gauging the best speed for you, for at least a minute. Do each leg and arm individually, then split awareness and do both arms, or both legs, together. Remember to cover your feet to your hip, and your hands and fingers, to your shoulder, in these bounce actions. Try holding your arms horizontally outright, and bounce from one hand to the other!

    Spinal Bounce:

    This is a wonderful technique if you suffer from back tension or spinal injuries. Once mastered, you can set it into motion and then use your mind for other things (reading this book, meditation, watching television, reading, daily activities, etc.) Only a small part of your awareness is needed to keep the bounce action moving in the background.

    One benefit of the spinal bounce is that has a stimulating effect on the roots of all the primary energy centres (major chakras) without directly focusing on their sensitive vortex-like structures on the front of the body. This exercise is excellent for serious energy workers to practice a few minutes on a daily basis.** Before sleep is a good time, however it is suitable any time.

    Awareness target the coccyx (tail bone) at the base of the spine, scratching or rubbing if needed. Use a brushing action to stimulate this area. Cease if any erotic symptoms or strong energy movement sensations are felt. Move straight into the bounce action, if this happens, and be more careful brushing the coccyx next time by reducing the amount of time spent there. If the problem reoccurs, avoiding the brushing is best.

    Move your awareness along the full length of the spine to just above the top of the head. Bounce awareness back and forth, from coccyx to head, feeling this up and down the middle of your back, in your spine, all the way. Try and keep this action narrowed to the spine itself. Increase the speed, until you encounter resistance, then back off to a more comfortable rhythm, about half a second or so in each direction. Breathe naturally while doing this.

    If you have spinal injuries, use a blade-like awareness action and slice from side to side, starting at the base of your spine and working your way slowly up your spine. Pay more attention and spend more time using this slicing action on damaged areas.

    Full Body Bounce:

    This action takes awareness up and down through the entire body. This can be done in any position, but is best learned while lying down with your arms raised straight above your head. When you are familiar with feeling the full body bounce, you can place your arms at your side, or do this action whilst sitting or standing.

    Take your awareness from both your feet, up through legs, hips, torso and spine, head, arms, and all the way to just above your fingertips. Bounce your awareness back and forth until resistance is felt, then move to a comfortable rhythm (usually one or two seconds each way.) The main focus is getting the general feel of energy moving through your body.

    Lesson Five:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 5

    The energy body contains several energy circuits. The circuits you have been working on developing in
    the previous lessons are the storage circuits which travel through the feet-legs and hands-arms to one of the main storage centres. In this lesson, you will learn how to raise and store energy, which will counteract any physical tiredness (energy depletion) you may have been experiencing.

    This lesson aims to provide a solid foundation for future energy work through increasing personal storage levels. Initially, the NEW system focuses mainly on numbers 2, 4 and 5 in the following definition of the energy body.

    Five Main Energy Circuits:

    1. Master Circuit – Kundalini Circuit
    2. Storage Circuit - 3 Main Energy Storage Centres
    3. Major Chakras or Primary Circuit - Seven Primary Centres
    4. Minor Chakras* or Secondary Circuit - Supporting Secondary Centres
    5. Tertiary Circuit - Energy Exchange Ports

    All of these circuits have different jobs, on all the three levels. They all work together supporting each other’s needs and functions. All are important parts of the bioenergetic structure of the physical body.

    Energy Storage Centres

    The human energy body has three main ‘batteries’, or energy storage centres, where different kinds of energies are stored.

    #1 - The Sub-Navel:

    Position - midway between belly button and pubic line, two inches inside average sized body.

    Job - raw physical vitality energy storage

    #2 - The Sub-Heart:

    Position - centre of chest at base of sternum, two inches inside average sized body.

    Job - raw emotional energy storage

    #3 - The Sub-Brow:

    Position - between eye socket ridges in centre of brow, two inches inside average sized body.

    Job - raw mental and psychic energy storage

    Note: The Sub-Navel storage centre is the most important and safest to actively fill. The three storage centres are interconnected. As the Sub-Navel centre is being filled, it automatically overflows into the Sub-Heart storage centre, which overflows into the Sub-Brow storage centre. So when energy is directed solely into the Sub-Navel centres, the two higher centres above it are automatically filled at the same time.

    If the procedures given in this book are followed, the three storage centres will fill and develop together, naturally and in a well-balanced way. And when it comes to long-term energy body development, balance is extremely important. Directly filling any of the two higher storage centres can have many adverse effects, similar to working predominantly on the major chakras, including: unbalancing the energy body
    significantly lowering overall energy levels slowing or hindering energy development work in the long run,
    affecting emotional, mental and psychic stability. There are no safe short cuts with the NEW system, although it is a short cut when you look at its results – progress is much quicker.

    If you long for psychic abilities, then practice regular trance meditation and work daily at filling your Sub-Navel centre; as well as doing other parts of the NEW system. Make trance meditation and energy raising a part of your daily life, and your energy body will safely and progressively develop in a natural, balanced and healthy way. Any dormant psychic abilities will begin to manifest when they are ready, when the energetic conditions which allows them are created.

    In theory it might sound like a good idea to work solely on the higher centres (or major chakras) if psychic abilities are being developed, but a lot of potential problems can come up doing it this way. These can all be avoided by preparing the secondary centres first, and overall progress will always be much faster and safer if this rule is followed.

    Secondary Energy Centres – The Minor Chakras

    The minor chakras are very similar to the major chakras, but are smaller, simpler and have fewer functions. Their main purpose is to refine, transform and condition energies received through the tertiary system (energy exchange ports) into energy with specific qualities, as required. The minor chakras in the hands and feet, elbow, knees and groin area were activated and stimulated in lessons 1 and 2.

    Energy Exchange Ports:

    Energy exchange ports (tertiary system) are tiny pore-like energy centres with very simple functions. These are much like the millions of tiny pores and hairs covering the skin of the human body. Their basic function is to absorb and discharge energies; and on a higher level to detect energy. The whole surface of the skin is lightly covered with these, but they are heavily concentrated in several main areas.

    1.*** Soles of the feet
    2.*** Palms of the hands
    3.*** Nasal passages and lungs
    4.*** Lips, mouth and tongue
    5.*** Genitals

    The first two lessons focused on activating and stimulating the energy exchange ports in the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. This approach significantly increases the amount of energy you can work with, as well as familiarising you with energy sensations. The bounce techniques in Lesson 3 will also contribute towards your overall energy body development through removing blockages more quickly.

    The next step is learning how to raise and store energy.

    Energy Raising:

    There are two ways to raise energy in your body: with awareness alone, or aided by breathing.

    Basic procedures for Leg Raising:

    Awareness Energy Raising:

    Pre-stimulating feet: Single wide brushing action back and forth across all the toes of one foot for about thirty seconds. Next, a wide brushing action on the sole, also for about thirty seconds. Now a deep sponging action through the whole foot, again for about thirty seconds. Repeat on other foot. Now split your awareness, and repeat sponging action on both feet (if possible) until some activity is felt in one or both feet. If this is easy for you, in future, pre-stimulate both feet together just using the deep sponging.

    Splitting awareness (optional) reach down and grab the energy of both feet with your awareness hands, and pull energy upwards. Sponge it up through your body, feeling the whole of your legs as it moves up towards your hips. By moving your awareness up through your legs like this forces the energy to flow upward.

    Take energy up over front of hips (avoiding genitals) and flow this directly into your Sub-Navel energy storage centre – midway between belly button and pubic line and two inches (five centimeters) inside body depending upon the size of your body, of course. This area does not have to be exact, as long as the energy is made to flow roughly in the middle of the lower navel area.

    Feel the energy flowing deep into your belly for a moment, feeling your sub-navel centre sucking it all in like a vacuum cleaner, or whirlpool (or whatever imagery works best for you.) The flick your awareness back to your feet, ready for the next upwards energy raising sweep.

    Develop a rhythmic drawing action, sweeping and sponging energy upwards through your legs, over and through the front of your hips, and deep into your Sub-Navel storage centre before flicking back to the feet again.

    Alternate legs, if you are doing them one at a time.

    When you get a good flow of energy going, you might feel a slight pulsing, bubbling sensation in your
    lower navel area. This feels a little like localized stomach wind. This sensation indicates leg energy is successfully stimulating the Sub-Navel centre and being stored therein.

    Practice energy raising through your feet and legs up to the Sub-Navel storage centre.

    Basic Procedure for Arm Energy Raising

    Position – Whatever is comfortable for you, as long as you can sense your entire arms without any restriction or discomfort.

    Pre-stimulating hands -* Stimulate all fingers with a wide brushing action across them, followed by the length of the palms and then a deep sponging action through whole of hands, wrists and fingers. Work on one hand at a time, or split awareness and do both. Stop when energy sensations are felt.

    Split awareness (optional) and draw energy through both hands with a large sponging action.

    Continue this up through the whole of both arms to shoulders, and take the energy to the back of your neck. Here is where it will join with the energy stream being raised through your spine, as part of the full body energy raising circuit (coming up.)

    If this technique is used on its own, take energy through shoulders, down over chest and stomach, and then take it directly into the Sub-Navel storage centre with a single, sweeping, sponging awareness action.

    Feel the energy flowing into your Sub-Navel centre for a moment, and then flick your awareness back to your hands ready for the next energy-raising sweep up through your arms.

    Use two to three second upward energy sweeps; flicking awareness back to hands at the end of each upward sweep, ready to start on the next.

    Practice energy raising through your hands and arms to the Sub-Navel storage centre.

    Before proceeding to the next lesson, it is best to become familiar with this method of energy raising. Once you have experienced the different ways, you may then choose what bests suits you overall, or at any given time.

    Lesson Six:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 6

    Raising Energy with Breathing:

    This is where you start putting everything you have learnt into practice and begin raising and storing energy with a full-body circuit. This circuit will stimulate the entire energy body, using the above two energy raising techniques. This steadily increases energetic flow and vitality levels while causing widespread bio-energetic development in a safe and progressive way.

    Breathing creates a natural motion within the energy body: that of something flowing into it, and out of it – a natural upwards and downwards, inwards and outwards motion. Breathing combined with energy raising gives a natural rhythm, creating regular pulses throughout the entire energy body. The natural momentum created by this also makes the exercises easier to do.

    Arms & Legs:

    If you are just starting out with these exercises, the first step is to loosen up and stimulate your feet, legs, hands and arms.* Repeat the above two sections on basic arm and leg energy raising* (referring to earlier sections as needed) until you get some energy movement sensations.* If nothing is felt, however, continue with the following exercises anyway.* Energy will still be drawn into your energy body and stored, even if nothing is actually felt.* This process also helps stimulate inactive areas into greater activity.

    Full Body Storage Circuits:

    The two part storage circuit and the full body storage circuit are described here. You might prefer to practice one before moving onto the next. For this reason, this lesson is divided into two parts.

    Two Part Storage Circuit:

    The Two Part storage circuit is a simple procedure designed to take arm and leg energy directly into the Sub-Navel storage centre.* This soon develops a natural rhythm, making it easier to continue for lengthy periods of time.* Feel free to vary the positions of your arms and legs to whatever feels most natural to you.* This circuit can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or even while walking and running, but is best learned while lying down with arms spread wide or extended above your head.

    I like to use this circuit when I am raising energy outside, e.g., while watching a sunrise or sunset.* I find there are larger than normal amounts of available energy at these times, as well as in other beautiful natural settings; although this observation may be entirely subjective.* If I am alone, I usually stand with legs and arms wide, eyes closed, and feel for the wind with my hands, and then for the Earth under my feet, as I raise energy into myself.* The only caution here is that large amounts of energy can make you a little dizzy while standing in this position, especially if your eyes are closed.* I have staggered and almost fallen over several times while doing this, so please be careful.

    Use The Basic Leg & Arm Energy Raising Techniques, as given above, for the below circuit.

    1. Before IN breath, centre awareness in feet.
    2. During the whole IN breath, raise energy up legs, and flow it into Sub-Navel.
    3. Continue flowing energy into Sub-Navel until IN breath is completely finished.
    4. When the IN breath finishes flick awareness instantly into hands
    5. As OUT breath starts draw energy through arms, down chest, and into Sub-Navel.
    6. Continue flowing energy into Sub-Navel until OUT breath is finished.
    7. At the end of the OUT breath flick awareness back to feet again.
    8. Repeat above steps 1 - 7 continually, settling into a relaxed, natural rhythm.
    9. IN and OUT can be reversed for the above sequence, if preferred.
    10.** If you cannot split awareness, alternate legs and arms, using one limbs at a time.

    Lesson Seven:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 7

    Full Body Storage Circuit:

    The full body circuit is the end result of all you have learned here so far.* This combines awareness energy raising with breathing, as with the above technique, but covers the entire body with a continual flow of energy, rather than having two separate flows.* This stimulates the majority of energy conduits, pathways and energy centres in the entire energy body.* It also gently and safely stimulates all primary energy centres, as well as their roots in the spine and brain.* The full body circuit is the ultimate energy development tool.* No matter what part of the energy body being developed for whatever purpose, it will require development of whole-body energy circuitry to allow, support and power it; which the full body circuit provides.

    The full body circuit should be done, if possible, for a minimum of fifteen minutes per day to gain significant long term benefits.* Thirty minutes or more is even more beneficial.* This exercise can be split into many shorter sessions, if more convenient.* Even a ten second session is valuable.* Better use can thus be made of waiting and traveling time, as the full body circuit can be done anywhere, anytime and in any position.

    There is NO limit to the length of time this can or should be done for, and the more often the better, provided all relevant cautions given herein this tutorial are heeded.* With a little practice the full body circuit will become virtually automatic.* It can then be combined with other types of meditation and trance work.* Try and make this a part of your daily life and raise energy as often as possible.* If you raise a little energy, even if just one or two breaths worth every time you think about energy, raising energy will slowly become habitual.

    If a full body circuit is done for just a few minutes prior to falling asleep, the extra energy raised will increase the vividness and power of your dreams and lucid dreaming.* It can also cause more frequent spontaneous Out of Body Experiences and make these easier to remember.* The extra energy provided by these techniques empowers all subtle and dream bodies alike.

    The awareness actions used in the full body circuit can be fairly wide and do not have to be narrowed to just the spine.* Allow the action to spread out as energy is raised up through your back.* Hold awareness close, feeling the movement as you take your awareness down the front of your body.* This part of the action can, again, be quite wide and should be allowed to spread out as it descends, then narrowing again slightly as it starts to flow into the Sub-Navel.

    Use slow, reasonably-deep, natural breathing and hold awareness firmly in your body at all times.* Pre-stimulate feet and hands and bounce awareness through your whole body a few times before starting, as necessary.* The full body circuit can be done in any position, but is best learned while lying on your back with arms resting comfortably at your sides.* All preliminary stimulation exercises can be skipped if many short sessions are being done during the day.

    1. Before the IN breath, centre awareness firmly in feet.

    2. During the whole IN breath, raise energy up legs, through hips and spine to back of neck and on up to top of head.

    3. Hold awareness firmly in whole top of head and feel energy flowing into and accumulating in the crown centre, until the IN breath is completed.

    * Note: the crown centre is quite large and covers the whole top of head above hairline.

    4. As the OUT breath starts, sweep awareness down over face; into mouth; down throat and out over chest; then down over stomach; flowing energy deep into Sub-Navel for remainder of OUT breath.

    5. At the end of OUT breath, flick awareness back into feet ready for beginning next IN breath.

    6. Repeat the above process continually, settling into a natural rhythm.

    IN and OUT can be reversed if preferred.

    If awareness cannot easily be split, again, alternate arms and legs, drawing up one side of body at a time.* IE, first draw up left leg and left arm to top of head on the IN breath, then down front of body on OUT breath.* Next draw up right leg and right arm on IN breath, then down front of body on OUT breath.* Alternate sides with each new breath.

    Joining Arms Into Full Body Circuit:

    Once you are comfortable with the above full body circuit, try and join your arms into the energy flow as well.* This increases overall energy flow, as well as drawing in different types of energies through your hands.* But including your arms in this way should also be considered optional.* It can be omitted if you have difficulty with it, or find this addition makes the process too complicated.* It is far more important to have some kind of a full body circuit that you can use and do well, rather than to literally follow every step of these techniques.

    During the above full body circuit, as body awareness passes where hands are resting, on its way upwards, draw energy in through hands and up arms as well.* Raise arm energy in line with the rest of the energy flow from this point onwards, in one fluid, upwards, whole-body energy raising sweep.* Feel your arm energy joining into the spinal energy flow at the back of your neck; or just feel it as generally rising with the flow and joining in.* This does not have to be exact.* Smoothly continue the awareness action upwards into the crown centre.

    Continue the full body circuit, as given above, from here on.* The only change is the addition of arm energy into the flow with each upward sweep on the IN breath; and everything else stays exactly the same.

    The continual awareness motion around the body used with the full body circuit does not have to follow an exact path.* It does not matter if it wavers slightly this way or that, or if it spreads out or narrows as it moves around your body.* As long as you are feeling your energy raising action moving roughly in-line with the procedure given above, this will have a good overall effect on your energy body.

    If the full body circuit given above does not suit you for some reason, or if you find it too difficult, please feel free to stick with the Two Part storage circuit, as given earlier.* This is a much simpler and easier circuit to do and will have the same general result, i.e., causing whole energy body development. It’s more important to have some type of energy circuit that works for you than it is to follow directions to the letter.

    Lesson Eight:

    Simplified NEW Energy Ways
    Donni Hackenson

    Lesson 8

    Direct Sub-Navel Energy Raising:

    When your body becomes more energy sensitive, after practicing energy raising for a few weeks, you will find yourself becoming more aware of many other types of subtle energy.* You will also become more aware of your Sub-Navel storage centre.* Once this begins to happen you will be able to draw energy directly into it through both arms and both legs, all at the same time.* When you first start do this though its best to start with only the legs, drawing energy up through them as a pair.* The arms can also be used on their own, as a pair, drawing energy in and down to the Sub-Navel.* Once each of these methods has been practiced on its own for a while, an attempt can then be made to combine them and draw energy through both arms and both legs simultaneously.

    This technique is very versatile and can be done anywhere and anytime, to take advantage of high-energy areas and situations.* But this should not be used to replace the full body circuit.* Direct energy raising, while effective as an energy raising method, does not cover the entire energy body.* This is simply a useful alternative energy raising method.

    Legs: Pre-stimulate and bounce feet and legs, as necessary.* Centre awareness in Sub-Navel centre.* While holding this, reach out with more of your awareness and become aware of the whole of both legs and feet.* Feel your legs as being attached to your Sub-Navel centre, imagining they are part of a large upside-down V, with the Sub-Navel at its tip.* Feel a vacuum-like emptiness in your Sub-Navel centre, or a magnet that draws energy (whatever works best for you).* Feel energy flowing and being drawn up through the whole of both legs simultaneously.* Do not brush or sponge your awareness up your legs, just feel the energy flowing up through them like water under pressure, in a continual stream.* Feel the energy/water flowing deep into your Sub-Navel and being stored therein.

    Arms: Pre-stimulate and bounce hands and arms, as necessary.* Centre awareness in Sub-Navel.* While holding this, reach out with more of your awareness and feel of the whole of both arms and their hands.* If your arms are resting at your sides, feel them as being attached to your Sub-Navel, like they are part of a large M.* If arms are resting in a raised or other position, imagine another figure; say a V or a T.* Feel a vacuum-like emptiness in your Sub-Navel, or an energy drawing magnet (whichever works best for you).* Feel energy flowing and being drawn into and through the whole of both arms simultaneously.* Do not brush or sponge up your arms, just feel the energy flowing up them.* Feel this energy flowing up both arms to the shoulders, and then feel each of these energy streams flowing down over the front of your chest, before flowing down into the Sub-Navel.* Feel the energy flowing into Sub-Navel and being stored therein.

    Arms & Legs Together:

    Pre-stimulate limbs, as necessary.* As above, centre awareness strongly in Sub-Navel centre.* While holding this, reach out with more of your awareness and feel the whole of both arms and both legs simultaneously.* Create a feeling of emptiness in your Sub-Navel, a feeling of vacuum and suction/magnetism, drawing energy in through both arms and both legs, all at the same time.* Feel the energy flowing into your Sub-Navel and being stored therein.

    All the above actions create a strong energy demand in the Sub-Navel.* Energy will be drawn into the body through the hands and feet in response to this energy demand.* Again, this should not be used to replace the full body circuit, but can be very useful under certain circumstances.*******

    A simple litany can be used each time you do the above, to help program your energy body to respond to this Sub-Navel vacuum-type energy raising action.* For example, "I…am…Energy…" can be repeated slowly and with deep feeling several times, silently, as you centre awareness deep within your Sub-Navel and reach out through all your limbs, feeling your Sub-Navel sucking energy into itself from all directions at once.



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