• Jenny's Tale

    I want tell you a very special, sad little story; about a lovely, gentle lady I once knew called Jenny.

    Jenny was a young mother with three happy children and a loving husband. One day Jenny slipped in the shower and fell onto the raised brick side of the shower basin. This fall resulted in deep bruising right next to her anus. Several months later she developed cancer of the bowel. The first tumour appeared, partially protruding from her anus, right next to where the bruising from her fall had been. She fought this terrible disease for five long years with many operations, plus chemical and radiation treatments. But at the end of this time, her body ravaged by disease, drugs and radiation, she finally had enough. Jenny had suffered so terribly she just wanted to die in peace -- but she was terrified of death.

    I was introduced to Jenny a few months before her death, by a healer friend of mine that had been seeing her for some time. I saw Jenny many times before her eventual death. When I first met her my heart went out to her: she was incredibly brave. One look at her aura and I knew her time was very close; and unfortunately inevitable.

    Her aura was very large, almost four times normal size, and the palest of blues, virtually undetectable as an aura. It was full of sparkling silver and white sparks that had an effervescent look and feel to it. This is not to be mistaken for the large pale-blue often seen around healthy people: there is a subtle difference found only through experience.

    All her hair had fallen out and she was bloated and sick from chemotherapy and the merciful, pain killing drugs she was taking. But, within her ravaged body I saw only her bright spirit looking out at me. When I first looked into Jenny's eyes her spirit reached out and touched my soul, pleading for me to ease her fear and suffering.

    This communication was beyond the threshold of normal understanding. Her spirit spoke directly to mine and I realize I knew her well. I had been led back to Jenny to help her through this crisis. I instantly loved Jenny as a father loves his daughter. When I left her after that first visit, I drove my battered old VW Microbus down a dirt track and parked among a grove of ancient Gum trees atop a hill. This high place was special to me, as apart from its secluded beauty, it had an indefinable quiet energy about it that soothed my soul. I came here whenever I was troubled and wanted to meditate or think profoundly. It overlooked the ocean a few miles away. The Sun bounced off whitecapped waves glimmering like scattered pearls rolling over a deep-blue carpet of ocean.

    I sat there all through the late afternoon, thinking and meditating on Jenny's dilemma and what I could do to help; and the why of it all. I opened myself up to what had just happened and looked at it with deeper eyes. I desperately needed to know how I could heal Jenny's inner pain....that had become my pain. The deep healing I had given Jenny had stopped her physical pain; which was a blessing in itself. But oh my God the pain within that gentle lady. It ate away at her heart and my soul felt bruised with this sharing.

    At sunset my eyes flickered open lonely awe as a spectacular peach sunset filled the skyline, blasting away the last of the day ready for the cool of approaching night. At the height of this splendour I got out of my car and knelt in the long grass, facing the setting sun. Here I silently worshipped the great presence that creates all things, which I sense most strongly flooding from the Sun at dawn and sunset. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself totally to it and reached out for help. I ceased my own poor effort to understand Jenny's dilemma as the light filled and opened me.

    When the answer came, my eyes gushed silent tears of thankfulness and relief: as that great presence found me again and silenced the world around me. A thick, tangible, loving hush descend. The birds and insects singing and chirping nearby stopped as one, sensing His presence just as I was. In utter silence, and in His presence, I suddenly knew what I had to do. This was just like remembering something long forgotten. It just popped into my head like it had been there all along. My mission was not to heal Jenny and make her well. It was to find her joy and trust again, and help her die in peace.

    I spent many hours with Jenny over the next few weeks, talking and explaining and healing. Her pain stopped completely after the first healing session, and she was able to stop taking the morphine which was depressing and clouding her mind. She was amazed and uplifted and actually forgot, on many occasions, that she was mortally ill and dying. She used to laugh and joke about the "phantom illness" that was "sort of" killing her.

    In this short time, I worked steadily at preparing Jenny for death. Normally as a healer I am always hopeful and try to pass on a feeling of confidence and optimism to my patient. I try and get them to face one day at a time and rarely mention death -- but I don't avoid the subject if it comes up in conversation. I was honest with Jenny and told her she was dying, and began teaching Jenny everything I knew about life and death and the death process -- and a lot more I didn't know I knew which was given to me as I spoke.

    I told Jenny all my stories and experiences. And I told these so well and so vividly that Jenny lived and shared them with me on a soul deep level. We began to remember more about other times we had known each other, long, long ago. Jenny drank deeply of my life and energy. Her soul thrived on my mystical experience and her spirit grew steadily stronger.

    I explained the death process to Jenny in minute detail, and what would happen to her during and after her passing. She listened carefully and was very brave. During this time I also used my mystical abilities with great effect, to soothe her fears and implant seeds within her that would burst into life, as realizations, in the coming days. These were designed to hammer home the truth and reality of the wonderful experience she was about to have. Jenny's death was very special. I cannot begin to explain this. It is far beyond my humble understanding of reality and the poor tools I have of words. All I know is that this death was very special and important to Jenny's higher self. One could call this a major Soul-Clan mystical event, but even that does not do it justice.

    We laughed a lot and cried a lot together during the few precious hours we managed to spend together - mostly tears of joy shared. But my work was soon done and done well. When last I saw Jenny, the day before her collapse, she was radient and full of quiet mystical fire and joy. All I had taught her surfaced and was made tangible and real. Her faith became a shining, effervescent fountain that showed as a stunningly beautiful violet mist suffused her aura on that last day. I knew then that Jenny was truly ready for the next part of her long journey. So close to spirit Jenny was seeing some of the wonderful things I had talked about. Her much loved grandmother was with her constantly those last few days. They talked a lot -- when no one could hear them! Her grandmother had been dead for over ten years, but she had come back to help with Jenny's passing; as did many others. Jenny had missed her so and was absolutely thrilled to see her again.

    The last thing Jenny said to me was that if she could be with her beloved grandmother again, dying was well worth it. And, that if she had the power to change anything about her life and the present -- she would now not do so now. She totally accepted her life and coming death. She seemed to understand it better than I did. Although she could not put it into words, it just felt so right to her.

    Jenny was laughing quietly under her hand and had a knowing twinkle in her eyes that only I understood, when we said our last goodbye. We had a huge goodbye cuddle that day. She was so happy and looking forward to her coming experience. Jenny knew she was going to die very, and very soon at that, but was not scared anymore. She knew her family would survive and get along just fine without her. She was content and ready to surrender her body when the time came. Jenny had finally got her smile back.

    Jenny collapsed with respiratory failure and was rushed to hospital later that day. She never recovered consciousness again and passed peacefully away a few days later. I did not go to her funeral.

    But wait, the story does not end here, nor so sadly...

    Two weeks later I was meditating late in the evening, as was my practise then. I had just reached the trance state and was starting some energy work, when I had a premonition that something major was about to happen. Shortly after came an enormous flood of pure, source energy into the room; more like an explosion of light. This is unmistakable for what it is, pure silver energy from a very high level -- from the spirit world.

    I looked up, opening my physical eyes wide, as a large rent appeared in the dimensional veil -- of the nicer variety -- across the room from from me. Jenny skipped through the rift hanging onto her grandmother's arm, waving and yelling and laughing and jumping up and down and blowing me kisses and hugs. She looked radiant and happy and beautiful. All her lovely, long black hair was back and she was at her most magnificent and radient.

    The joy coming through the ether, directed at me, was incredibly powerful and oh so very moving. I waved back and blew her kisses, wiping away tears with my other hand. Then Jenny stopped waving and moved closer. She smiled such a beautiful smile at me. I saw in Jenny's eyes the same happy, knowing look I'd seen in them when we'd said goodbye. She blew me one last kiss and with a final wave the veil closed around them and the room returned to normal.

    Who said being a poor mystic has no rewards eh? For that sweet loving smile my friends, was a priceless jewel. I would not trade that memory for anything. And unlike most people today, I will take all my treasures with me when I leave this world, tucked away in my heart...forever.

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