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    Simplified NEW Energy Ways

    by Donni Hackenson

    Copyright 2001

    (Edited, Revised, Rewritten and Generally Defaced and mucked about with, by Donni).

    Eight Easy Lessons

    A revised and simplified version of Robert Bruce's NEW Energy Ways - by Donni Hakanson. Based on the original NEW Energy Ways Tutorial, (C)Copyright 1995, by Robert Bruce.


    Why Do Energy Work?

    NEW Energy Ways trains better body awareness for skills such as martial arts, yoga, athletics (control energy levels when required)

    NEW enhances the immune system and so aids in healing. Appears to influence weight control, appetite, improves recovery from colds, flu, etc., increases overall vitality levels

    NEW increases personal energy levels (charisma) and well-being

    NEW can be used with other systems – martial arts (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, Aerobics, athletics, etc.

    NEW can also be used to enhance any form of spiritual or psychic healing, and to empower any type of psychic ability, including out-of-body experiences.


    • NEW energy work does not need a deep level of relaxation

    • Wear loose comfortable clothes

    • NEW is easy to learn and to use

    • NEW gives quick results

    Before we go any further, try this exercise: (Time: 3 - 5 minutes)

    Read each part, one at a time, closing your eyes and following the instructions in between each section.

    Please note: this exercise is great done with a partner – one reads while the other follows. Because it doesn’t take long to do, it should be easy to find someone who can at least read it to you, if they are not interested in trying it out for themselves.

    You might find that just reading it provides enough stimulation to trigger some noticeable energy reactions in some people (although reduced in intensity compared to going through it step by step experientially.)

    Demonstration Exercise:

    First of all, clap your hands and vigorously rub them together. Pause, and feel the tingling sensation in your hands, really feel, experience, sense it fully, totally. See if you can recreate this feeling with your mind, when the feeling begins to fade. See if you can build it up again by imagining you are clapping and rubbing your hands.

    In the following exercise, remember this feeling whenever the word ‘energy’ comes up.

    With your tongue pressed gently against lips, or protruding slightly, centre your awareness on your lips and you imagine you have a soft brush which is gently moving back and forth across whole of your lips, on the inside and outside, radiating energy. Pretend you can feel this movement as it sweeps back and forth. (Time: 20 seconds for this and each action that follows.)

    Open your mouth slightly and stick your tongue out a little.* Focus on the tip of tongue, and imagine you are gift-wrapping it with tiny strips of sparkling energy.* Feel these ‘energy bandages’ wrapping around and around your tongue. As you apply more layers, the feeling becomes stronger. Feel the tip of your tongue being soaked by the energy as it sinks beneath the skin.

    Close your mouth and relax it. Imagine you are making tiny, circular actions, like a miniature blender, across the top of your tongue. This ‘blender’ stirs up the energy around your tongue, as you imagine and feel it tingling. The vibrations from this miniature blender are so strong, they go beneath the skin, covering the entire top surface of your tongue.

    Use a wide brushing action along your tongue, brushing back and forth, covering the whole length of tongue from base to tip. Feel as if this brush of energy is traveling through your tongue; and that your tongue is a sponge and sucks up all of the energy.

    Roll your tongue back and press it gently against roof of your mouth; without straining it.* Focusing on the inside of mouth and not on tongue, brush the whole inside lining of mouth:* top, bottom, sides, inside of lips, and around the base of your teeth in whatever way feels easiest, covering the whole inner lining surface of your mouth with tingling sparkling energy.

    With mouth closed, tongue flat, imagine you are holding a wet sponge, and your mouth and throat are like sponges, drawing in the energy. Feel the energy dripping from the sponge soaking into your lips, mouth, tongue and throat, and sinking down to the base of throat. Move this action up and down.* Bend this action as it passes down your throat, then back up to your lips.* Imagine you have a thick, bent tube inserted in your mouth and that this tube extends deep into your throat.* Not a comfortable picture, but this is just to give you the general idea of the awareness action, or feeling, required.* Feel your awareness moving back and forth through this tube; taking in your lips; the whole of the inside lining of mouth and tongue; and then moving it deep into your throat to its base where it joins your chest, in and out repeatedly.

    Write down what you felt. Was it easy to do? What did you feel?

    Mouth Area Sensations:

    Awareness actions on the lips and tongue can cause some very peculiar energy movement sensations indeed.* Strong tingling and buzzing feelings in the lips and tongue, plus a noticeably salty, metallic kind of taste like you get if you touch the terminals of a small nine-volt torch battery to your tongue, are quite normal.* This energy taste sensation is probably the easiest way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the NEW system to other people.

    This proves how direct energy stimulation can be caused by awareness actions and felt as physical sensations.

    Some terms used to describe the three levels of energy used in NEW:

    Physical – the body, what you feel or sense

    Bioenergy and* Bioenergetic - energy that relates to the physical body and its energy body

    Energetic - an energy process or sensation relating more to the energy body than the physical body.

    The Energy Body:

    The energy body is like a mirror of the physical body, but it is made up of etheric matter. ...

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    The preceding information presented you with background information, or basic theory, on the energy body. Now you will learn how to feel, or sense, the energy body. Different energy centres are activated so you can get a good hands-on experience of what it feels like to work with energy. You will learn how to tell if an area is blocked, and how energy work affects your physical body. Plus, you also learn energy breathing, a simple exercise you can use anytime to increase your vitality.

    As the lessons progress, you will be able to draw energy into and through your body, in two easy circuits. For now, we learn how to sense and direct our personal energy flows. Your energy body, in some ways, is like a map – energy flows along pathways, as well as having ‘main roads’ or conduits. By doing lesson 1, the sensations this cause can be quite marked. This system is so simple and effective, you will quickly see just how practical NEW is by the sensations it generates. Even in the early stages of development, you will see just how effectively it enhances or boosts any other form of bodywork you may practice.

    Mobile Body Awareness

    Your body awareness is normally centred in eyes.

    It doesn’t have to stay there.

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    By the time you begin this lesson, after practising what you have learnt until you feel confident, you may have already noticed an increase in the number and memory of your dreams. If you are progressing to this part immediately after Part A, then you will begin to notice this effect in the next few days or weeks, depending upon how much you practise, your health and the state of your energy body. This is quite normal, as your energy body develops; it becomes stronger, increasing your recall of its activities whilst out of body. Once you begin to learn to store energy, this ‘side effect’ will become quite marked.

    This lesson is divided into two parts that may be done separately, or consecutively. Follow your comfort levels here. You might prefer spending a few days practicing skills in the first section, before moving onto the second part.

    In this lesson you will learn how to stimulate the energy through your feet and legs, hands and arms. These limbs hold very important energetic pathways, and are vital in energy work. Working on them now lays a strong and stable foundation. It is through these areas, you can increase your energy levels and sensitivity.

    Remember to keep up your energy breathing, as much as you can. By doing this, you can lesson the effects of tiredness and energy depletion that this type of work can initially cause.

    5 Awareness Actions used in NEW energy work:

    1. stirring

    2. brushing

    3. wrapping

    4. tearing action

    5. sponging

    First things first – Fancy Footwork

    It may be tempting to develop major chakras, or primary ...

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    Hands and Arms

    The chakra points in the hands receive and transmit energy, to put it simply. Both the hands and feet have many minor chakras; as they both also draw atmospheric subtle energies, with the feet and legs drawing more earthy energies.

    As with the feet and legs, many small areas and individual energy centres in the hands and arms need to be worked through in order to clear blockages, redefine pathways and generally loosen them up. This early work progressively increases their energetic potential, which increases the amount of energy that it is possible to draw through them. Again, please keep in mind that much of this early work is only done while the NEW system is being learned. This work is very progressive and large areas will quickly come ‘online’. Activation then becomes a simpler matter, with large brushing and sponging awareness actions being used to stimulate whole hands and arms in pairs. And in time, these become rapid, whole of limb energy sweeping actions.


    Work on each finger, starting with your thumbs, in the same way and in the same order as you did with your toes, on both hands, one at a time. Unlike the toes though, all the finger joints can be worked on with the stirring action (if necessary or desired), because ...

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    This lesson will teach you how to make use of the energy resistance factor that occurs when awareness is drawn rapidly through the energy body. This helps to clear, redefine and strengthen all the energy pathways. It’s time to bounce into action!

    You may have noticed that if you speed up the flow of energy through your body, there is a sensation of dragging, as if your energy field cannot quite keep up with your mind. This resistance actually allows you to feel the substance of your own ...

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    The energy body contains several energy circuits. The circuits you have been working on developing in the previous lessons are the storage circuits which travel through the feet-legs and hands-arms to one of the main storage centres. In this lesson, you will learn how to raise and store energy, which will counteract any physical tiredness (energy depletion) you may have been experiencing.

    This lesson aims to provide a solid foundation for future energy work through increasing personal storage levels. Initially, the NEW system focuses mainly on numbers 2, 4 and 5 in the following definition of the energy body.

    Five Main Energy Circuits

    1. Master Circuit – Kundalini Circuit

    2. Storage Circuit - 3 Main Energy Storage Centres

    3. Major Chakras or Primary Circuit - Seven Primary Centres

    4. Minor Chakras or Secondary Circuit - Supporting ...
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    Breathing creates a natural motion within the energy body: that of something flowing into it, and out of it – a natural upwards and downwards, inwards and outwards motion. Breathing combined with energy raising gives a natural rhythm, creating regular pulses throughout the entire energy body. The natural momentum created by this also makes the exercises easier to do.

    Arms & Legs

    If you are just starting out with these exercises, the first ...

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    Full Body Storage Circuit

    The full body circuit is the end result of all you have learned here so far. This combines awareness energy raising with breathing, as with the above technique, but covers the entire body with a continual flow of energy, rather than having two separate flows. This stimulates the majority of energy conduits, pathways and energy centres in the entire energy body. It also gently and safely stimulates all primary energy centres, as well as their roots in the spine and brain. The full body circuit ...
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    This technique is very versatile and can be done anywhere and anytime, to take advantage of high-energy areas and situations. But this should not be used to replace the full body circuit. Direct energy raising, while effective as an energy raising method, does not cover the entire energy body. This is simply a useful alternative energy raising method.


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