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Thread: OBE re-entry (or post-wake-up) electric chills all over body

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    OBE re-entry (or post-wake-up) electric chills all over body

    Hi Robert,

    I asked this already here in the OBE forum a while ago, but almost no one seems to have ever experienced it. So I would like to read your view and possible theory about 'my' phenomenon.

    I have these "chills" all over body only a few seconds up to minute after re-entry/wake-up (from AP or Lucid Dream or whatever it is in-between).

    It is not like vibrations or swaying-sensations. It is not "just goose-bumps" either (possibly a bit similar).

    Still it feels energetic and really a bit 'electric' to me. It's all over the body for a few seconds. It is not comparable to anything pre-OBE/LD.

    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: OBE re-entry (or post-wake-up) electric chills all over body


    I suggest that this phenomenon may be related to the reentry of your projected subtle aspects.

    This could be an energy phenomena related to reintegration, or it may involve the actual return of your projected astral double.


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