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Thread: Focus 26 and "Aliens"

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    Focus 26 and "Aliens"


    Since the first meeting with Alien Edvin, I re-visited Vicky's Garden and saw
    various species of aliens, over a sequence of maybe 10 different sessions.
    Most of these encounters I haven't put on any forum as they were too short
    to be of much interest.

    But now something has happened so I'll start with an event on 2012-09-17:

    I saw several non-albino aliens at Vicky's Garden, they were all located
    in the part to the right on the map (see thread on PE-Alien6), inside the
    thick, high, dark green hedge, the so called inner Garden.

    About four of these aliens had round, "gasmask" eyes, kind of hollow eyes and
    hollow round mouth openings, similar to the poor person in the famous Norwegian
    painting Skriet, so I'll call these beings; Skriet aliens.

    While standing in the inner Garden, with the House to my left and the hedge
    to my right, looking at those Skriet aliens, I felt someone tap me at my
    right shoulder.

    I turned around and in front of me an Alien alien (like the one Ellen
    Ripley had to deal with) was standing. I got a little scared and told the Alien
    alien that it scared me. I then hugged the Alien alien and sent it PUL.
    I got lots of physically felt goose bump energy waves feelings.

    I just assumed that the Alien alien was there to monitor what was happening
    in the Garden. I then did some other things which eventually lead up to the

    What I didn't know at that time, was that I probably was part of a retrieval
    of that being looking like an Alien alien, all black and drooling with its
    long tail and huge elongated bald head. Besides, it probably wasn't an


    Now, fast forward.

    We had all finished PE-Alien6 and I went back to the Garden on two occasions
    the week after. I still saw some aliens, who where _not_ albino aliens, in
    the Garden.

    I wondered what they were looking for. I just assumed they were aliens and
    that they waited for more action to happen. But I was also a little puzzled
    as I've read somewhere that aliens can't normally go closer on the nonphysical
    level than to Focus 34/35, or they will otherwise be in the risk of getting
    sucked into the circle of re-births on Earth.

    But perhaps these non-albino aliens were so highly developed that they safely
    could stay in the Garden?

    Anyway, I wondered what they were doing there, and decided that I should try
    to ask them more exactly about their business. When I got this thought into
    my head I was actually at the toilet in physical reality, perhaps not the best
    place to start a session, but there I was.

    The date was 2012-10-19, early Friday morning.

    It amazed me at what ease I managed to get impressions from the inner Garden
    area. I could move around and sense things in the nonphysical inner Garden,
    while I at the same time managed to keep my eyes open in the physical world.

    To be so aware of to worlds at the same time is something which very seldom
    has happened to me. I'm either in a session, eyes closed, or I'm fully awake
    in the physical.


    Green alien.

    I saw the green kind of alien, which I decided to call the Mars Attacks alien,
    because it looked quite like the small green martians from the movie.

    The green Mars Attacks alien was inside a sort of hover vehicle, which moved
    close over the lawn. It looked like a sort of car, but had no wheels. The
    green alien was sitting inside a rounded large glass bulb.

    I took a good look of it from different angels. The green alien moved its
    hover vehicle around a little, but stayed at the right corner of the Garden
    at all times.

    I also was able to sense some of the Skriet aliens, but I could only partly
    observe both the green Mars Attack alien and the Skriet aliens at the same
    time. It was like these two species of aliens were in slightly different
    energy worlds, so I could only observe one alien species clearly at a time.


    It puzzled me that none of these non-albino aliens had moved to other parts
    of the Garden. I hadn't seen them outside the right corner of the inner Garden.

    I turned to the green Mars Attacks alien and said, hello. He greeted me back,
    having no problems understanding me. I asked him what he was doing.

    Green Mars Attacks alien: "I'm looking for friends."

    Pause. (by me)

    Big surprise. (by me)

    The green alien was not doing research? It was looking for friends? Could
    this be an alien in need of a retrieval? The green alien just seemed to
    aimlessly drive around on the lawn. The place we were at now seemed a
    little bigger than just being part of the inner Garden. What had changed?

    The green Mars Attacks alien seemed restless. He moved around his vehicle
    in a way which didn't seem really purposeful.

    I was puzzled to say the least, but if it was a retrieval which had started,
    that also explained why I had got so high quality impressions on the toilet.
    This meant that I was helped by my guides and they fed me with nonphysical
    impression to the maximum.

    And surely, I had seen this green alien several times before without ever
    trying any retrieval attempt, as I just assumed it was an alien who was
    able to take care of itself.

    Also, this green Mars Attacks alien gave off a much higher radiation of
    being present, almost like a guide, so this was not one of those low
    level Focus 23 retrievals I often get.

    Problem was now, how do you retrieve an alien?

    Do aliens have their own I-Theres?

    Of course, the green alien had been drawn to the inner Garden, because there
    was alien activity, and as this green alien was looking for its own kind,
    beings different from humans, would certainly catch the green alien's

    Would I be able to call for its friends to move the green alien to a higher
    Focus Level? I was very unsure about the alien-friends issue. I just said:

    "Maybe there are some of your friends close by? Perhaps if you look around,
    you may see them?"

    The green Mars Attacks alien answered: "You think so?"

    The green alien drove its hover vehicle around in circles and to my surprise
    I suddenly saw 5 or more new Mars Attacks aliens, all waving hello to my
    original retrieval green alien.

    The thick hedge seemed to have disappeared, at least for the moment.

    My green-hover-vehicle-alien spotted those 5 other green aliens. They looked
    almost the same, with glass bulb helmets. They stood shoulder to shoulder,
    the only difference between them was that they had different body heights.

    My green-hover-vehicle-alien rode his vehicle towards them and was happy to
    meet them. They exchange a few words. Then my green-hover-vehicle-alien turned
    to me and said:

    "Thanks and bye-bye"

    This was a very surprising change of events to me.


    I realized that the tall, robed Skriet aliens may be in need of retrievals,
    too. I switch focus to get impressions of any Skriet alien nearby in the
    inner Garden.

    I find one of the Skriet aliens, its hollow eyes seem to stare at me.

    I was close up to it, face to face. I sent the Skriet alien PUL and then
    urged it to try to move on. I didn't get any impressions of any helpers
    stepping in and taking on the role of friends to the Skriet alien. But I
    got the impression that it slowly moved in some kind of direction, more
    on an emotional level than by actually walking around.

    I then proceed by sending PUL over a larger area, hoping to reach more
    Skriet aliens that way. I'm a little unsure how many I managed to help,
    but I guess 2-3 Skriet aliens may have been reached on in one way or another.

    I'm very puzzled, because I've been starting to wonder what Focus Level they
    are in. As the Skriet aliens didn't go into the Park & Garden, I just assume
    that they are unable to reach Focus 27. But as these aliens still were close by,
    they have been drawn to this region because of the albino alien activity.

    It's not likely that these stuck aliens were located in Focus 23. So I begin
    to wonder if they could be in Focus 26. I ask my guides and I see a fairly
    clear response sign with the text:

    "F 26"

    Ok, they were in F 26, somewhere close to F 27. That's still kind of odd,
    because that means that Vicky's Garden was divided between Focus 27 and
    Focus 26. I haven't heard of anything like that before.

    I get the bright idea to ask my guide: "Do these aliens have human I-Theres?"

    Clear sign shows: "YES"

    Surprise. I ask, with the green and Skriet aliens in mind: "Are they aliens?"

    Clear sign shows again: "NO"


    No? These aliens, the green Mars Attack alien and the tall Skriet aliens,
    they are _not_ aliens? I have to think about this response from my guide
    for a moment, then I ask:

    "Are these aliens in fact humans, who only think they are aliens?"

    I get response by seeing very clear, very big signs: "YES"



    My guides must believe I'm hopeless. I should have figured this out much
    earlier. There exists of course humans who end up in BSTs where they find
    others who also think humans in fact are aliens, and that they one day,
    after death will be picked up by aliens. They may not be many, but they
    may have had their own physical life experiences of real aliens which have
    resulted in these humans making their own (perhaps home-made?) beliefs that
    they are a kind of aliens (or hybrids?).

    I decide to go back to the inner Garden, to the right upper corner and pretend
    to be a tall robed alien myself. I'll tell those humans in that F 26 area
    that I've come there to take them with me, that we, the "aliens" will now
    join with each other.

    As I knew that these "Skriet aliens" actually were humans, my self confidence
    to act in this way was much greater.

    Next I did my best to get more tall, robed Skriet aliens into my view. They
    gave me the impression of being a kind of priests, alien priests. Some of
    them ignored me and some of them even seemed to dislike me, perhaps
    rejecting me as a fellow Skriet alien being?

    In total they didn't seem to be a lot of people, perhaps somewhere around
    10 - 20 humans, who believed they were "Skriet aliens".

    I sent PUL, but am unsure if anyone was directly helped. I could sense that
    some of them slowly began a move, a kind of mental inner motion, which could
    take months to complete, but a move which would help them get out of F 26
    at some point in time.

    Some of these humans who looked like "Skriet aliens" had some inner pain and
    also some kind of pride. Maybe they had begun to suspect that they were in
    fact _not_ aliens at all, but they had too much pride to admit it? I still
    wonder why they gave of the feeling of being priests? Could they have been
    part of an Earthly religion?


    Having finished the retrievals I felt stupid, stoo-peed. I should
    have figured out that these "aliens" were not aliens at all...

    I must have seen them like 10 times on different sessions.

    Whatever these "aliens" looked like to me in F 26, I think my Interpreter
    presented their appearance to me, slightly from what they thought they looked
    like themselves. For example, I don't think the green alien wanted to look
    like a cartoonish Mars Attacks alien. That appearance was probably created
    by myself. I think his own impression of himself was much cooler, if he'd
    had to describe himself from a view in a mirror.

    What is also a little funny, is that I've specifically requested to do a
    retrieval of an alien, and I finish with doing fake-aliens retrievals.

    Humans are strange. :)

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    Re: Focus 26 and "Aliens"

    (Note in this post, alien is = human who think she/he is an alien.)

    This post is an update on the alien retrievals which I've been doing
    from time to time the last days, originating from the right side of
    the inner Garden.

    I've retrieved a few more aliens. One or two Skriet aliens and
    two or three Alien aliens.

    This time the Skriet aliens didn't look as tormented as the ones previously
    retrieved by me. These later Skriet aliens looked more surprised, with their
    open round mouths expressing wonder rather than despair.

    I had to do almost nothing more than appear as a fellow alien and exchange
    a few words, while sending PUL. Soon I could feel a change in that person.

    Strangely enough, it seemed to me that the Alien aliens by
    some reason were closer to F 27 than the Skriet aliens were. I
    wonder what belief makes humans think that they become aliens
    in the afterlife?

    It almost seemed that the Skriet aliens were prevented from moving
    further in the nonphysical, because of their "higher" thoughts about
    the afterlife issues. The Alien aliens had it easier, but at the same
    time, they seemed to be fewer in numbers.

    The Alien aliens also sought me up by themselves, to a greater degree, almost
    like they were looking for someone/anyone who could help them, while I
    had to take the initiative on the Skriet aliens and approach the Skriet aliens
    to get their attention.

    The Skriet aliens also don't seem to move in a physical way when they
    go to F 27, they more kind of makes a nonphysical "transition".

    Here is what I think the Garden look today. The only changes are the opening
    in the thick hedge, to the outer Garden & Park area and I've also marked
    the region in light blue/lilac, where I think the F 26 area is located.

    One Alien alien I even could take by its hand and lead it into the
    outer Garden & Park area. It made small "tripping" steps behind me, its
    feet were not completely suitable for walking on flat ground.

    The Alien aliens also seem to appear more between the House and hedge,
    where the hedge is at its lowest point on the "map", while the Skriet aliens
    appear almost always to the right of the House (inside the hedge).

    Yes, I know, there is probably a lot of Interpreter overlay, and the Helpers
    probably put me in surroundings which both I and the aliens perceive as

    I also asked my guide, if everyone of the "aliens" were stuck in F 26. To
    my surprise I got to see signs with F 26 mixed in overlay with F 23, so
    apparently some "aliens" get stuck already in F 23.

    At the same time, one Alien alien retrieval puzzled me, as I could not
    sense the Garden House, so maybe that was made in F 23 or some other area in
    F 26? At that occasion there were two Alien aliens facing me, and I
    did my best to appear just as alien as they were.

    I asked why some people managed to make it to F 26 (skipping F 23) and I got
    to see a very strange sign, with a message I'm unsure about. The sign read:

    "BE LOVED"

    Or was it BELOVED? I still don't know what that meant. I got the feeling that
    the Alien aliens may have felt more loved by some higher source than the
    Skriet aliens, but I might be wrong on this. Or perhaps the Alien aliens
    expected Love or to Love someone beside themselves?

    Also, so far I've only met one Mars Attacks alien (see other post above).

    These people who think they are "alien" and get stuck in F 26, they probably
    think their "saviour" is a kind of alien.

    There still are some "alien" people in F 26, but I think they can easier be
    retrieved now. I revisit that place from time to time, and at occasions have
    someone who believe she/he is an "alien", follow me to the Park area in F 27.

    And to be clear. All those "aliens" were humans who have passed away, who
    only believe they were aliens. I should have put more quote around the
    word "aliens", to point this out, but quotes also litter my text, so
    I didn't.

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